Companies controlled by the deputies and senators owe 4.6 billion rubles to Sberbank

Senators Evgeny Samoylov and Ralif Safin, deputies Alexander Chetverikov and Sergey Doronin owe Sberbank hundreds of millions of rubles each, and are not going to pay.

In March, the Savings Bank in various regions of the companies filed lawsuits two senators - Ralif Safin and Yevgeny Samoilov for the recovery of a total of 3.3 billion rubles.

Controlled Senator Samoilov family investment company "Tauride" in 2011 won the Savings Bank 3.7 billion rubles., Follows from the materials of the Moscow district court of St. Petersburg. On loan vouched several legal entities controlled by the family of the senator himself. Size Samoilova personal guarantee for two loans was limited to 400 million rubles.

Established in 2010 IC "Tauride" has been a permanent supplier "Oboronservis" companies (in the three years it has entered into with the Ministry of Defense and the sole supplier of thermal energy for military facilities, "daughter" of "Oboronservis" JSC "RG", contracts for more than 15 billion rubles without competition -. other suppliers are not allowed to be traded, according to "Novaya Gazeta"), but after revealed the embezzlement in "Oboronservis" new defense Minister Sergei Shoigu revised coal procurement system.

Senator family company had to pay a state bank in July 2013But by October 2013 it has a debt of 2.5 billion rubles. In February 2014 the court granted the petition of the Savings Bank at 2.5 billion rubles. to IR "Tauride" and companies - the guarantors of the loan, as well as jointly and severally to Samoilov 400 million rubles. Debt Savings Bank company still has not returned. Senator's assistant was not able to answer questions related to the debt, saying that there is no connection with him.

With Safin Marat and his son, and they control of "Onego Palace" and "Marr capital" Savings Bank, according to the Kuntsevo court in Moscow, trying to recover about 400 mln., Obtained on the construction of the hotel. Source Sberbank confirmed the amount of the claims.

Agreement between Ralif Safin and city hall of Petrozavodsk on the construction of a 4-star hotel "Onego Palace" on the shores of Lake Onega, was signed in 2005, the hotel opened in 2010, stated on its website. The crisis has suspended work on the site, and the project cost has increased from $ 26.5 million to $ 48 million. In 2008, Safin said about the construction of office and residential complex area of ​​75 000 sq. m near the "Onego Palace", was planned to complete the project in 2010, it reported administratsiya Karelia. But construction has not started. After Safin became a senator, the project involved his son Ruslan: According to "SPARK-Interfax", it is the general director of "Marr capital."

"I do not know how other [a status] debtors, but we are in a comfortable situation", - assured Marat Safin.

"In 2007, we took out a loan for the construction of the hotel complex" Onego Palace ": 2/3 lent ourselves, 1/3 - Sberbank, - says Safin. - The hotel did not come out on the return, like many at the time. We're a little overdue, but six months ago began the process of debt settlement. Sberbank has assessed the property and its value exceeds the debt, and we are working on the issue of tenders. There is a constructive dialogue, we were loyal: they explained to us that can not conduct trials in their internal rules for our part we are planning to address this issue before the end of the year. "

One of the oldest disputes the State Bank - with a deputy from the "Fair Russia" Alexander Chetverikov. Companies that were included in its controlled group "Mriya"Owed to Sberbank since 2009. The group included poultry farms, feed mills, pig and retail network of" Magick "- a total of about 50 companies in the Kursk, Orel, Volgograd, Tula regions and Chuvashia. According to the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs (FSSP) Chetverikov must pay under the executive production of 653 million rubles. From the decision of the district court of Kursk, it follows that it acts as a guarantor for several loans in the Savings Bank.

In addition to the State Bank group has not paid off with the holders of bonds. In 2006 SPV-company "Agro-Finance" released three-year bonds worth 1 billion rubles., And in July 2009 reported that, due to the difficult financial situation it is impossible to repay release. Chetverikov passed through an assistant that he refused to comment.

Another large debtor of the State Bank - the group of companies "Absolut-Agro" (in liquidation), which until 2012 was under the control of different SRs, Sergey Doronin. His experience of a businessman from agriculture recently he realizes the post of deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues.

Kirovoepetsky district court ruled to collect from it 643 million rubles. debt to Sberbank, it should be out of court materials. Holding Company, which at the time controlled the lending Doronin, not pay on loans from July 2013

"I signed a contract surety, when he was the head of the agricultural holding in 2009, this debt is not in its pure form," - said "Vedomosti" Doronin. "Now with the bank negotiations on debt restructuring before the end of the year the problem should be solved positively", - said the deputy. A month ago, the Kirov police officers transferred debt Doronin in metropolitan management for particularly important enforcement proceedings, and documents among FSSP debtors on loans to agricultural holdings listed companies is not only the Doronin, but Taisiya Doronin (cm. Incision).

Director on work with problem assets of Sberbank Maxim Degtyarev through the press service confirmed "the existence of the debt of these individuals," but noted that "do not want to disclose the details of the relationship with them." With some of these debtors may enter into an amicableof the agreement, he said: "And for those who are trying to evade repayment of their debts, the Savings Bank will use all the measures provided by the law, regardless of the social status of the debtor and his position."