Companies from the list of Andrey Belousov will be offered to build a loss-making VSM and a bridge to Sakhalin

RZD picked up crazy projects worth 3.2 trillion rubles. It is still a matter of seizing hundreds of billions of rubles from metallurgical and chemical companies.
In the plan for the development of the main infrastructure in the Russian Federation, Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod for the sum of 706 billion rubles can contribute. and a bridge to Sakhalin along with a port on the island. In total, OJSC RZD proposed projects for 3.2 trillion rubles, but it is these two companies that should invest in the Belousov list. Although officials promised them financially attractive projects, the SCM and the bridge to such precisely do not apply. According to experts, as a result, either it will be a question of actual withdrawal of funds, or JSC Russian Railways will not receive it. However, from one of the most questionable projects from the point of view of economics, investors managed to dodge: VSM did not enter Makhachkala's list.

In the draft comprehensive plan for the development of the main infrastructure in the Russian Federation until 2024, it is proposed to make the high-speed Moscow-Gorokhovets highway (Moscow-Kazan section) and the bridge to Sakhalin along with the port on the island, said Deputy Minister of Transport Alan Lushnikov: projects are proposed for co-financing companies from the "Belousov list". Presidential Assistant Andrei Belousov in July announced the seizure of super profits by metallurgists, coal miners and chemists (see "Kommersant" on August 10), then the idea was transformed into a call to co-finance infrastructure and social projects (see "Kommersant" on August 25). The first deputy general director of JSC Russian Railways Alexander Misharin mentioned the possibility of including the bridge and bridge in the list (see "Kommersant" on September 12).

The Ministry of Transport specified that the VSM before Gorokhovets will follow new routes, and then connects to the existing railway to Nizhny Novgorod. At this stage, a capital grant of 200 billion rubles. from the budget, 200 billion rubles. from the funds of OJSC RZD, the rest - private capital. The total cost of the project at the site Zheleznodorozhny-Gorokhovets is about 621.5 billion rubles, that is, the volume of off-budget investments is 221.5 billion rubles. "There are another 148 billion rubles., Which you need to invest in the depot and on the road in Moscow and on approaches to it," the Ministry of Transport adds.

The Selikhin-Nysh crossing with the bridge to Sakhalin appears in the draft of the trunk plan together with the port on Sakhalin, said Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich. "There is no state support in terms of the bridge: initially 250 billion rubles were laid in the model of JSC Russian Railways, now they are not", Alan Lushnikov specified. In the documents of JSC Russian Railways Sakhalin project appears in the category "requiring a separate decision", cost - 589.3 billion rubles. Monopoly planned to finance the construction of the bridge through a concession, including a port (see "Kommersant" on August 21). One of the sources of Kommersant asserts that there are no aspirants yet.

Ramzan Kadyrov, proposed by the head of Chechnya, before the Makhachkala project (see "Kommi" on June 26) has not yet entered either the draft of the trunk plan or the list for investors from the "Belousov list". Also in the latter there is no project of the SCM Ekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk. "But colleagues from the regions who support the project very strongly, discuss it with the Urals business," Alan Lushnikov explained. In the project, he says, there is a capital grant at the construction stage (the size is not specified) and the part that should be paid at the stage of operation. "The regions express their readiness to share with the concessionaire all the effect they will receive from the railway within ten years," the official added. In general, Russian Railways, according to his materials, offered projects in the plan for 3.2 trillion rubles.

Both Andrei Belousov and First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov have repeatedly stressed that they will offer investment-attractive projects to the Belousov List companies. "There is no question of obligatory actions to" push "the business," Mr. Belousov assured. The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Alexander Shokhin, said on Sept. 21 that the projects "will undergo the road show procedure" and the agencies "must show what financial instruments, what financial model, payback periods, in order to interest the business." But the extremely shaky cargo base and the financial model are questionable in the Sakhalin project, and the VSM, according to Russian Railways, pays off only at the expense of the capital grant (see "Kommersant" on September 3). According to the head of the agency "Infoline-Analytics" Mikhail Burmistrov, the proposal of these projects to investors is a "monstrous mistake". He explains that they will not cause irritation and will give Russian Railways a chance to receive short, local projects aimed at improving the efficiency of transport services for the cargo owners themselves-investors. VSM and the bridge, the expert stresses, is, in fact, simply the withdrawal of funds from the business.