Company associated with the minister Tkachev's family doubled its land plots in a year

Agrocomplex, linked to family of the agriculture minister Alexander Tkachev, increased its land plots by more than two times in a year and now occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the largest owners of farmland.
Origin source
Analyst firm BEFL was a new rating of the largest owners of agricultural land. BEFL creates it based on the data from public sources, as well as requesting information from companies. The final rating includes companies under the control of which is at least 100 thousand. Hectares of land. This land can be either owned or leased. The rating of 2016 included 43 companies against 40 participants last year. The areas under their control, increased by 16% compared to last year, to 10.45 million hectares.

First place in the ranking of retained group "Prodimex" Igor Hudokormova. BEFL counted the total land groups together with the lands of Agrokultura. As a result, their total land bank amounted to 790 thousand. Ha. However, the representative of "Prodimex" said "Vedomosti" that Agrokultura - Hudokormova personal project, so consider a land bank of the two companies together correctly. Last year, the company participated in the rating individually, "Prodimex" ranked first with 570 thousand hectares, Agrokultura - 24 th place with a volume of 146 thousand hectares...

The second and third place in the new ratinge with the index 594 thousand. hectares divided "Agribusiness" brothers Victor and Alexander Linnik and "Rusagro" Vadim Moshkovich. According to the calculations BEFL, «Agribusiness», Russia's largest pork producer, has increased its land bank of more than one and a half times.

"Rusagro", one of the largest producers of sugar and pork, has increased its land bank by approximately 20%. "Rusagro" has been actively to increase the number of land, particularly through the purchase of assets of agricultural holdings "Razguliay" which is in a difficult financial situation. In the past year, "Razguliay" took ninth place in the ranking of the largest landowners with land bank of 350 thousand hectares. This year the company has got only 23 th place with a bank of 170 thousand. Ha.

He lost his position in the ranking and bankrotyaschegosya "Ivolga-Holding" - after last year's second place (. 550 hectares), this year the company took only fourth place (511 thousand ha.). Tatarstan holding company "AK BARS" dropped from third to fifth place, although its land bank, by contrast, has grown from 495 to 505 thousand. Ha.

The sharpestjock, with a hit in the top ten, he made associated with family agriculture minister Alexander Tkachev "Agrocomplex them. NI Tkachev. " Last year the company took only 16th place in the same ranking. During the year the company has increased its land bank of more than two times (up to 456 thousand. Ha), being immediately sixth place. In the past year, "Agricultural complex" made a big deal to buy the land in May 2015, the Federal Antimonopoly Service approved the company's purchase of the assets of one of the largest in the last agricultural holdings in Russia - Valinor. The deal included 150-160 thousand. Hectares of land bank Valinor, said RBC's former manager "Agrocomplex".

Possible conflicts of interest

In January 2016 the deputy chairman of the Duma committee on security and anti-corruption Alexander Hinstein ( "United Russia") sent a formal request to Alexander Tkachev, which asked whether the statement wrote about the presence or absence of conflict of interest in connection with the business, which are his relatives. In his address Hinstein referred to the Federal Law №273 «On Combating Corruptionand "operating in Russia since 2009. According to the 273-FZ, a conflict of interest - a situation in which the personal interest of the official may affect the performance of official duties. This self-interest can be considered as an official receipt of property or cash income or other benefits. Tkachev sent to the government notification on the consideration of a possible conflict of interest. Now it will be reviewed by a special commission, which will make its opinion, he explained the representative of the Ministry of the further procedure.

Sam Tkachev in an interview with RBC in June 2015 said that he sees no conflict of interest. "This is not oil and land, the production of milk, meat, eggs, bread ... Average agricultural production. Companies I've created in 1995-1996, they are small, they are already more than 20 years. Do I have to sell? The decision should take relatives ... It is absolutely normal - this enterprise, factories. What is a conflict here? "- The minister explained.