Company billionaire Agalarov punished for poor-quality construction

The Arbitration Court of Moscow on the lawsuit of Rostekhnadzor for regular violations fined the company of businessman Aras Agalarov "Crocus International" for 50 thousand rubles.
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The judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court, Ekaterina Aksyonova, on June 22 supported the requirements of the Interregional Technological Administration of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) on bringing to the administrative responsibility of Crocus International. The company was fined 50 thousand rubles for the fact that it did not chronically correct violations, which were previously identified in the construction of highways.

According to the materials of the Arbitration Court of Moscow, which was familiar to Life, Crocus International did not eliminate until March 20, 2018 violations discovered by inspectors of Rostekhnadzor on December 21, 2017 during the construction of the Central Ring Road at the launch complex No. 1 of the construction site No. 1 located in Podolsky , Naro-Fominsk district and the urban district of Domodedovo in the Moscow region, as well as in the Trinity district of Moscow.

Judge Aksenova also admitted that the company Agalarova did not eliminate the previously revealed violations of Rostekhnadzor and in the design documentation for the construction of facilities on the M-4 "Don" highway.

Inspectors Rostekhnadzor in December 2017 found that during the concreting of bored piles of the trestle of the M-4 "Don" route, concrete of a completely different brand, less durable, was used.

"This violates the requirements of the design documentation for the construction of a highway," Rostekhnadzor said.

Inspecting the compliance with construction standards on the M4 "Don" highway, the inspectors have identified other violations of "Crocus International". It turned out that even with the construction of supports and foundations, they did not use the concrete that was mentioned in the design documents.

- As a result, the thickness of the foundation was 20 cm less, which violates the requirements of project documentation, - noted in the supervisory department.

The documents of the Arbitration Court of Moscow state that, in violation of the requirements of the project documentation, the support No. 21 of the M4 "Don" overpass is 7410 mm long instead of the design length of 9,000 mm. All this can affect the safety of the section of the route.

Life sent questions to Crocus Group representative Julia Parado, which includes Crocus International, but it was not possible to get an operative comment from her.

"Crocus International" billionaire Aras Agalarov is not the first time mentioned in connection with the scandals surrounding the construction of the Central Ring Road.

For example, the claim against the company in April 2018 was made by the auditor of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation Valery Bogomolov.

According to the auditor Bogomolov, he checked the financial activities of state companies and private investors participating in the project for the period 2016-2017.

- The results are disappointing. It turned out that over the past two years, Avtodor and Crocus International, the businessman Aras Agalarov, who is the contractor for the construction of the so-called launch complex of the Central Ring Road # 1, did not fulfill their obligations, which led to an increase in the cost and timing of construction, Valery Bogomolov, the auditor, told his colleagues. - This can lead to a significant increase in the already changed terms of putting the road into operation and the cost of construction.

In the course of checking the activities of Crocus International, it was found out that the top layer of the road surface was poorly laid on the road, and the longitudinal evenness of the road does not correspond to GOST.

"At the same time, the poor work of the structures of Crocus International JSC, Aras Agalarov, was paid by Avtodor in the amount of 40.3 million rubles," the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation found.

GC Avtodor, in violation of the terms of the long-term investment agreement for the construction of the launch complex number 1, according to which the state company has the right to pay an advance to the executor - it was Crocus International - up to 30% (12.6 billion rubles) of the total amount of state financing , was too generous and paid Agalarov's company 14.6 billion rubles, which exceeded the possible limit by 5%.

Chairman of the Board of the Avtodor Group Sergey Kelbakh at the meeting of the Accounting Chamber was then justified that, they say, Crocus International JSC promised to eliminate all violations on the road.

According to the plan of the construction of the Central Ring Road, the launch complex No. 1 stretched across the Moscow region from Naro-Fominsk in the west to the M-4 Don road in the Domodedovo district in the east. It is divided into two parts: a section of the 1-50th kilometer in the territory of Domodedovo and Podolsky districts of the Moscow Region, Troitsky District of Moscow (the 0 km mark is the intersection of the Don route, the 50 km mark is near the Lisintsevo village of Naro-Fominsk District), and also site 2-64-th kilometer on the territory of Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region.

In November 2017, the only small section of the Central Ring Road was opened - bypassing Zvenigorod. Its total length is 76.44 km. The Central Ring Road will run 50 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and almost duplicate the Small Concrete Ring. The road is planned to be put into operation by 2025. The total length of the Central Ring Road will be about 530 km, the total cost of construction of all sections of the highway exceeds 300 billion rubles.