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Suddenly, the clear-sighted antimonopoly service suspected the Ministry of Health in unusually generous preferences for the company "R-Pharm."
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FAS unscheduled the Ministry of Health and suspected him of creating favorable conditions for one of the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service conducted an unscheduled inspection of the Ministry of Health, a source in the market told RBC, and Andrei Tenishev, head of the FAS cartels control department, confirmed. He specified that an audit report has been drawn up, which "reflects the signs of violation of the antimonopoly legislation by the Ministry of Health."

One of the violations of the Ministry of Health is "the creation of preferential conditions for the pharmaceutical company" R-Pharm, "explained Tenishev. He noted that while there is only an act of verification - the case of violation of the antimonopoly law has not yet been instituted, but he did not rule out this possibility,

Tenishev also noted that R-Pharm could be removed and included in the register of unscrupulous suppliers. This did not happen, he stressed. FAS will further understand the situation, summed up the head of the anti-cartel department.

The R-Pharm's press service told RBC that they do not have information on whether the FAS has suspicions regarding the company's participation in collusion with the Ministry of Health or other violations of the law within the framework of these trades. Any requests from the FAS on these facts in the "R-Pharm" did not arrive, the company stressed. R-Pharm did not receive and did not discuss the possibility of granting any preferential conditions for participation in public procurement of medicines, either with the Ministry of Health or with any other state customer. In case of receipt of a request from the antimonopoly authority, we are ready to provide information promptly, "the press service of the company said.

"R-Pharm" is not aware of the inspection of the Ministry of Health, RBC General Director Vasily Ignatyev told RBC. "We have not been informed about anything yet, we have not requested any documents on this case, and we have not had any checks," he said. Ignatiev remarked that it may be possible that "R-Pharm" partially delayed deliveries of medicines at several auctions, but did not enter the register of unscrupulous suppliers. "However, such situations and corresponding penalties are initially prescribed in state contracts. In case of violations, customers, including the Ministry of Health, file claims and fines that are paid in due course, "he said.