Concern Green Mama may be bankrupt

The Russian state-owned Promsvyazbank filed a bankruptcy lawsuit against Oleg and Igor Nasobinykh, which owns a conglomerate of firms operating under the Green Mama brand.
On November 7, the Moscow City Court will consider the claim of Promsvyazbank against Shalfey-2 LLC. The owners of this asset, as well as other companies that have loaned the loan and also appointed as co-respondents, are Oleg and Irina Nasobin.

Among the defendants in the lawsuit are LLC GM Products, LLC Cosmetic-Trade Siberia, Nasobina I.V., LLC Sage 2, LLC Thyme 7, LLC Lavender N, LLC Sheet 3, Nasobin OB, LLC “DC +”, LLC “Cosmetic Trade Ural”, LLC “Design Combine“ Three Bears ”, LLC“ BS ”. The exact amount of financial claims of the bank was not disclosed. It is only known that the total accounts payable of the Nasobins' companies at the beginning of 2017 exceeded 315 million rubles. However, the exact number of financial claims of the bank for them is not disclosed.

Cosmetic brand Green Mama was created by a native of Yekaterinburg Oleg Nasobin in the late 90s in the Czech Republic and France. In the early 2000s, his concern had two factories (one in the Moscow region, the second - in the French city of Montourt in Provence), and its total turnover reached 60 million euros per year. However, due to a number of serious mistakes made by entrepreneurs, the 2008 crisis became for the company, which sold 90% of its products in Russia, fatal. By 2015, sales of products under the brand Green Mama fell to 5-10 million euros per year. In 2011, the plant in Provence went bankrupt and ceased operations. In 2012, he burned down and Russian businessmen blamed the French police and then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy for arson. They did not manage to get insurance payments for the property.

According to Oleg Nasobin, in Russia Promsvyazbank allegedly participated in a raider seizure of the assets of the owners of the Green Mama brand.

“Loans in the Green Mama Group were issued by Sh-2 LLC (the name was changed) and all other companies where I am the founder were charged for the loan. In addition, the bank pledged goods worth more than the loan amount and also pledged given real estate. Both corporate and our personal with Irina.

In short, loan guarantees at least three times the amount of the loan issued. In addition, every penny that fell into the accounts of all these companies was monitored, and the bank knew about the movements of money.

Therefore, raider seizure without passive and even active participation of the bank was not possible. After all, without the consent of the bank, it is impossible to simply take and kill my production company, and in its place on the same day slip your own, which has nothing to do with me? But that is exactly what bank rats did, "the entrepreneur wrote on his blog.

He believes that the bank will not manage to cope with it so easily, and he is preparing to transfer the proceedings to the UK:

"I have a decree on the arrest of real estate in a criminal case, all documents on curves" pledges ", as well as a court decision on the arrest of a trademark. We will not guess forward, but the bank will be choked. In addition to the fighting in the country, this raider seizure due to some specific reasons falls under UK jurisdiction.

As far as I can tell, there are enough grounds for presenting claims to the bank for participation in a corporate raid, and in such conditions I don’t even know which is more profitable for us: to wait for a bank run or to solve everything in the world? "

Recall, Oleg Nasobin is not only a well-known entrepreneur, but also a collector of painting objects, actor, blogger and writer. A native of Yekaterinburg in 2011 published the book "Benvenuto. Documentary Thriller." In it, he talks about his struggle for the recognition of a portrait of an unknown man in 2003 at the French flea market as a portrait of Italian sculptor and 16th century painter Benvenuto Cellini. In addition, the book tells about the struggle of the Russian businessman with the French bureaucracy and the mafia in uniform. In 2013, Oleg Nasobin created and led the blog of Russian President Vladimir Putin in LiveJournal. In subsequent years, he performed with a number of lectures on art in Moscow, published in the online edition of the Russian Nazis "Sputnik and Pogrom", and also starred in episodic roles in the Wachowski movie "Ascent Jupiter" and in the TV series "MacMafia".