Controversial 300 million rubles were found in the "Oboronservice case"

The public court arbitration refused to consider the claim of the company that had bought "Serdyukov's dacha."
Entered into force decision of the arbitral tribunal to refuse Moscow OOO "Sitiinzhiniring" in consideration of his claim for the recovery from the Federal Property Agency 300 million rbl., The company spent on the improvement of the site on the coast of the Azov Sea, where is the VIP-residence, known as the "Serdyukov Dacha". The disputed land, which is seeking to return to the state State Property Management Agency, was sold to a construction company in 2011, as suggested by consequence, at a lower price.

15th Court of Appeals (Rostov-on-Don) upheld the decision of the Krasnodar tribunal concerning the refusal of the company "Sitiinzhiniring" (Moscow) in the consideration of her claim for 300 million rubles. The lawsuit "Sitiinzhiniringa" declares the Krasnodar terupravleniya Rosimushchestva as a counterclaim in the proceedings for recognition of absence of property rights cases OOO "Sitiinzhiniring" on a plot of land on the shore of the Azov Sea area of ​​3.1 hectares. In the disputed area is the VIP-object which is informally referred to as "cottage Serdyukov." Construction company insists on the return of her money spent on the improvement of the site in the Temryuk paradisenot, however, the court considers this requirement unreasonable, since the amount claimed included the cost of being in the area of ​​real estate, which, in the opinion of the court, can not be assessed as "site improvement." Moreover, the Court considers that the lawsuit LLC "Sitiinzhiniring" can not be considered as a counter because there is no interconnection between the requirements stated on the original and counter-claims. Returning the lawsuit LLC "Sitiinzhiniring," the appeals court explained to the applicant that he has the right to re-apply for arbitration on the same occasion, but in a separate process. The information that the company "Sitiinzhiniring" filed such a statement on the website no arbitration in the legal service of the company refused to comment on the progress of the process.

The process of recognition of the claim of the Federal Property Agency of missing property rights profile "Sitiinzhiniring" on a plot of land in the Temryuk district began in March 2012. The disputed land belonged to JSC "material warehouse district (MLA) of the Moscow District Air Force and Air Defense," in 2011 was acquired by "Sitiinzhiniring".The case has repeatedly stopped, in particular, due to lack of legal documents for land, privatization cases and transfer acts seized the Chief Military Investigation Department (GVSU) TFR during the investigation of the case of large-scale embezzlement of property in the implementation of the Ministry of Defense. In October 2012 GVSU reported that in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory officials of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense, which was headed by Yevgeny Vasilyev, illegally withdrew from the federal property and transferred to the subordinate enterprises to lease land area of ​​more than 3 hectares, then here at the expense of Defense Ministry suburban complex was built more than 300 million rubles., and later the site was sold for only 92 million rubles.

In August 2013 Federal Property Management Agency and OOO "Sitiinzhiniring" start negotiating a settlement agreement, according to which the disputed property was to return the Russian Federation, but the State Property Management Agency and the Ministry of Defense involved in the case as a third party, could not agree on how to manage whose dolzhen be land after the return to the state. At the moment consideration of the case again suspended until August of this year in connection with the examination. The experts raised questions about whether the on site exactly those properties that are specified in the sales contract between the OMC and OOO "Sitiinzhiniring" (the two houses of 50 sq. M, bedroom house area of ​​200 sq. M, outbuildings, water supply network), and what area of ​​land is required for their operation. In the course of the process of the Federal Property Management Agency "Serdyukov cottage" does not comment.