Court arrested former director of Urban Group Andrei Puchkov

Former general director of the Urban Group and Ivastroya Andrei Puchkov was arrested by the court: he is charged with abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences. The media linked the case against Puchkov with the unfinished LC "Laikovo". The owner of the bankrupt company, Alexander Dolgin, is hiding in Europe.
Origin source
Savelovsky court in Moscow arrested the top manager of the Urban Group, Andrei Puchkov. This is reported by TASS with reference to the card file of the court. Puchkov was the general director of Urban Group, as well as the company Ivastroy, which was part of it.

According to TASS, Puchkov was taken into custody on charges of abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences (Part 2, Article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The maximum punishment under this article is ten years of imprisonment. In the court's database there is a card of the case against Puchkov AV - the same initials from the former CEO of the Urban Group. According to SPARK, Puchkov left the post of general director of Ivastroi and Urban Group in April 2018.

Against the leadership of Ivastroi, a criminal case was instituted in accordance with Part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code, the newspaper Kommersant reported earlier, citing sources. The publication called Puchkov one of the defendants of the case. The offices of Ivastroi and the Urban Group have already been searched in this case.

According to the investigation, the suspects exceeded their authority to raise funds for the construction of a residential complex "Laikovo", which was not completed. The newspaper at the same time wrote that the cause of the case, in addition to the statements of interest holders could be a complaint of the main owner of the Urban Group, Alexander Dolgin. According to the SPARK database, Puchkov remains a minority shareholder of the developer with a 5% stake.

In June, the Foundation for the Protection of Participants in Shared Construction filed for bankruptcy of all five companies. members of the Urban Group, and in July the arbitration court granted him. Dolgin himself connected the group's problems with "Laikovo".