Credit Suisse arrested assets of Russian oligarchs and companies for $ 5 billion

The bank refused to disclose the names of owners of frozen funds, but assured that Credit Suisse is ready to cooperate with regulators in order to implement the sanctions related to Russia.
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One of the largest banks in Switzerland, Credit Suisse, has frozen about 5 billion Swiss francs (slightly more than $ 5 billion) on accounts linked with Russia to avoid falling under US sanctions, Reuters reports.

Credit Suisse refused to disclose the names of owners of frozen accounts.

"Credit Suisse, wherever it operates, cooperates with international regulators to enforce sanctions, including sanctions related to Russia," the bank's representative explained to Reuters.

Two large Swiss banks - UBS and Julius Baer - also expressed their commitment to compliance with the sanctions regime, but refused to let you know whether the accounts of one of their customers were frozen.

In April 2018, Reuters reported the blocking of salary accounts of several employees of the Swiss branch of Renova, controlled by Viktor Vekselberg, as well as the dollar accounts of the company itself. In June, Forbes reported that Swiss banks (including Julius Baer) had blocked approximately 1 billion francs on Vekselberg's personal accounts.

In early April, the US Ministry of Finance published a sanctions list, which included 24 citizens and 14 companies from Russia. The Ministry of Finance then explained that under the secondary sanctions can be non-citizens of the United States, consciously conducting transactions in the interests or on behalf of those who came under the sanctions of persons.