Crimean banks die out

"Northern Credit" predicted a revocation of the license.
December was ruinous for the Crimean banks. Today, the "Northern Credit" predicted a revocation of the license, a temporary administration was introduced in the WWB. In addition, there are unclear problems with ATMs at the Sevastopol Sea Bank. Considering that there are only 12 banks in the Crimea, "harvest December" can have a very negative impact on people's confidence in the banking system of the region.

Today, the bank "North Credit" posted on its website a message that in connection with "disconnection from BESP, bank cards for payment of goods and services in trade and service networks, as well as for withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks no longer are accepted. " For customers who do not have time to withdraw money from bank cards, the credit institution promises that these customers "will be able to use this opportunity in 2018, after the official announcement of the revocation of the license from JSC CB" Northern Credit ". Information on this will be posted on the official website of the bank, as well as in the media, the bank assured, in addition recalling the rules of deposit insurance.

Such a forecast for the immediate recall of its own license is an unprecedented event on the market, experts say. However, like the December 25 statement filed by employees on December 25 to the police about the loss of leadership. On Monday, a corresponding message appeared on the bank's website. "The vice chairman of the board, Sergei Krylov, as well as a number of employees appointed by the new shareholders of the bank, disappeared. At present, the bank "Northern Credit" filed an application with law enforcement agencies. A pre-investigation check is conducted, "it was noted in it.

On the same issues in the bank became known earlier - on December 22. On this day, the bank reported a malfunction in the processing center, because of which the bank imposed a restriction on the withdrawal of funds - up to 15 thousand rubles. per day per person. December 23 restrictions were set - up to 5 thousand rubles. per day.

JSC CB "Severny Kredit" "- a small regional bank registered in Vologda as a small asset (244 places as of November 1, 2017 according to the Interfax rating). Specializes in servicing accounts and lending to small and medium-sized businesses, is active in the cash collection market. Funded primarily through deposits of individuals. The largest shareholder of "Northern Credit" with a share of 23.22% - the administration of the Vologda region represented by the property relations department, whose financial partner is the bank. Branches and divisions of the Bank are in the Vologda, Arkhangelsk and Yaroslavl regions, in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in Komi. The bank is one of 12 Crimean banks (there are branches of Simferopol and Evpatoria).

In December, this is the third Crimean bank, with which something is wrong. At the beginning of December, BBB clients could not withdraw their funds (see "Kommersant" on December 8), and on December 12, the bank introduced an interim administration with simultaneous introduction of a moratorium on payments to creditors, starting from December 26, depositors began to pay insurance compensation. "Sevastopol Sea Bank" on December 21 explained the impossibility to withdraw funds through ATMs of the bank "the need for preventive maintenance". According to TASS, citing sources, the reason for this is a hacker attack on the bank with the theft of 24 million rubles. However, neither the bank itself nor FinCERT confirm the fact of the attack.

For such a small region as the Crimea, where of the 12 banks of two have already been rehabilitated, December refused too "yielding", experts say. "The chain of events of this kind can negatively affect the population's confidence in all banks of the peninsula as a whole," the source of Kommersant notes from a major bank.