Crimson River of Norilsk Nickel

The company regularly dumps its wastes into the Daldykan river and poisons its inhabitants, as evidenced by satellite images of the American NASA.
Origin source
In early September, in the Krasnoyarsk region ecological catastrophe happened - Norilsk flowing near a small river Daldykan suddenly painted in brown. The cause of PE was immediately called impact Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant - one of the key enterprises of the Polar Division of "Norilsk Nickel", engaged in the processing of copper concentrates. Pointing out that this happens not for the first time, ecologists demanded by environmental authorities to punish the perpetrators.
But it took more than a month, but the reaction did not hear. They let him go, not wanting to mess with a mighty corporation?

The subject of wide discussion river Daldykan began on September 6 when the Community "Typical Norilsk" "Vkontakte", followed by other social networks have the photos - between shores covered woodland flowed crimson red stream. Pictures river reddened instantly captivated news feeds. Until news portals wondered what was the cause of the color of metamorphosis themselves Norilsk clearly indicated: the culprit of environmental illstion can only be Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant.

We were not there!

However, at the enterprise categorically disown charges. Moreover, after two days of PR-service of "Norilsk Nickel" has posted on the official website of the message, which stated that nothing terrible has happened, the water in the river has a natural color. That is, do not believe your eyes. However, it was too late - too wide news of the natural state of emergency spread through the media. As a result, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy personally ordered Rosprirodnadzor conduct an audit into the river pollution. After that, the position of "Norilsk Nickel" became an instant the other - on the same statement appeared online in which the corporation has recognized not only the fact redness of water, but its involvement to it.

As reported, at Nadezhda plant passed a set of works on the reconstruction of the so-called tailings - facilities for storing waste. In early September, held the final work on the installation of the pipeline. At the point of connection of the pipe dams have been made to prevent rarunoff of contaminated water. But - here's the problem so the problem - September 5, the region underwent abnormal rains and the dam did not survive, so that the iron salt and put in Daldykan by painting it the color of blood in the water. In general, we have nothing to do with it, is to blame bad weather, her mother ...

Weather sometimes really able to do great harm. That's only if you believe the data of "Gismeteo", it turns out: 5 September Norilsk no rain was observed. Small clouds in the sky were present, faint breeze was blowing, and the rain was not yet in the east. They are silent about the irregular rainfall and the local news, which, in theory, should have to report a strong downpour.

The same doubts have caused and assurances of "Norilsk Nickel" that got in the river iron salts do not pose any danger to humans and wildlife. "To claim that the iron salts are not dangerous, and even in such numbers - it's too loud statement. Even ordinary harmless salt in large quantities and can cause human disease and poisoning flora and fauna. And the fact that there were rather big amount, says safor himself the color of water in the river, where there was dilution of tailings many times. And then, why it is a question only of iron salts? There, one can assume a sufficiently large bouquet and other salts "- leads the environmental organization" Bellona "Expert Opinion Andrew Zolotkova.

As a result of the behavior of "Norilsk nickel" reminded of the famous saying about the snake and the hot frying pan. However, the loss of reputation for trouble now almost not considered in Russia, money is another matter. Because left to wait, how to react to emergency authorities, especially since, as mentioned above, to investigate the situation with the river ordered by the Minister. The Cost of a blow to the nature?

All evil from the US

So, we had to wait for the environmental agency. But then suddenly the story will be continued. True patriots say: all the evil of America. Unexpectedly in mid-September, the US aerospace agency on its official website issued a statement, which said clearly: water stain before red. To confirm his words, Americans have madefrom space Norilsk surroundings pictures taken at different times. "The satellites have collected images of red dye in the waters around Norilsk to several periods, including in July 2015, July 2014, August 2013,, July 1998 and September 1997. The images of the river in the warm season, as the water does not freeze, "- said in a NASA communiqué.

Immediately made reference to the words of the researchers from the University of Cambridge Gareth Rees, who personally saw the reddened water during your trip to Norilsk in the mid-1990s. As a decisive argument cited satellite pictures of the observations made 9 August 2001 and 10 August 2016. Both marked red liquid streams that come from the host to the "tailings" pipeline. If so, what happened the environmental state of emergency is not a force majeure as it want to submit, and the prevailing trend!

Of course, to believe the overseas structure, attend to what is not known with ecology in a particular region of Russia, is dangerous. Because we sent Rosprirodnadzor Kranoyarskomu edge of the request to comment on whether the water is red in the Nadezhda plant vicinities do so regularly - for certain domestic prirodoohraniteli must keep abreast. At the same time asked to advise whether the polluter and what measures have been installed to it taken - namely Krasnoyarsk officials carried out checks on the fact of the incident. Alas, the answer we have not received.

40 thousand for water

Because it was necessary to apply again - this time in Rosprirodnadzor. Only then head of the Krasnoyarsk department Andrei Kalinin sent a reply. "As part of the administrative investigation established that the production of works on the pipeline neutralized pulp Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant PJSC" MMC Norilsk Nickel "admitted pollution p. Daldykan exceeding quality standards of water bodies of water fishery on the content of aluminum, iron, manganese, nickel and zinc. Legal entity of PJSC "MMC Norilsk Nickel" for the committed offense is brought to administrative responsibilityspine under Part 4 st.8.13 Administrative Code ", -. mentioned in it.

According to the Code of Administrative Violations of the pollution of water bodies, the company must pay a fine of 30 to 40 thousand. Rubles. For a corporation, with its billion-dollar - a drop in the sea. Also with the perpetrator may be required to compensate for the damage caused to the body of water, but the question is which is seen in management.
Because we have a lot more interested in the answer to another question: whether the information is correct by NASA that the water has a chronic red? Indeed, in this case, the problem looks much larger scale, and it should be carried out on the effects of "Norilsk nickel" on the environment in general. Alas, prirodoohraniteli did not seem to notice or question tactfully ignored it. This is not surprising - the Americans can slander his health and "Norilsk Nickel" for the Krasnoyarsk Territory is the most important productive resource.

PSOdnako question, apparently, requires a response. Because while the environmental authority to carry out checks, Rostekhnadzor conducted in parallel his. As a result, it was found:PJSC "Mining and Metallurgical Company" Norilsk Nickel "has a number of violations in the field of safety of hydraulic structures, including slurry pipeline. Where there will be the release of the next time?