Czech business and clinic in Switzerland: what Elena Skrynnik owns

Former head of the Ministry of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik has been hiding business in the NATO country for 20 years. As a former official she earned on beauty, and now she receives money from the state budget.
The Federation complex, located in the Moscow City business center, was until recently considered the tallest skyscraper in Europe. The height of one of its towers reaches 374 meters, there are 95 floors with many apartments, offices and penthouses.

But in 2018, "Federation" ceded leadership to the St. Petersburg "Lakhta Center", whose "height" reached 462 meters. “Dreams come true,” the media sneered, because Gazprom was moving to the St. Petersburg tower. But the dreams also came true for another person in Moscow, who bought an apartment in the Federation worth 700 million rubles. The name of this person is Elena Skrynnik.

Apartments from "General FSB"

Former Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik has not worked in the government for almost 10 years, but every mention of her name causes a violent reaction. Resonance followed after a small note from "Interlocutor" about the expensive purchase, but Skrynnik herself did not want to explain the origin of hundreds of millions of rubles. She told reporters from NSN: “She has nothing to do with me, don't even bother me. All this is not interesting to me. "

Although Elena Skrynnik's apartments have a rather interesting fate. As it turned out, the ex-minister was able to acquire the premises after the trial for their alienation. The fact is that before Skrynnik the office was owned by Zapadny Bank, and he also owned the apartments from 2011 to 2014. And between these periods, the owner of the premises was a minor Muscovite Daniil Levchenko - the son of businessman Eduard Levchenko.

The entrepreneur headed the St. Petersburg City Cultural Foundation and worked on a voluntary basis under the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Andrei Isaev. But in 2016, Levchenko ended up in jail on charges of fraud. According to the investigation, he earned money by fraud, posing as an FSB general. After the bankruptcy of Zapadnoye, its bankruptcy administrator decided to return the assets and filed an application with the Moscow Arbitration Court. Then Levchenko got himself the command "decide", and began to flaunt the identity of the intelligence officer, intimidating the plaintiffs by the court and the police.

The premises went to Skrynnik in pretty good condition, their photographs testify. The office is designed in an open space format - there are many glass partitions, panoramic windows, a marble floor in the corridor, there is even a shower cubicle.

The ex-minister owns the premises to this day, along the way earning budget money on them. Not so long ago, Skrynnik rented an apartment to the Center for Expertise and Coordination of Informatization (owned by the Ministry of Digital Industry). Three contracts cost the budget 200 million rubles.

It would seem that everything is transparent. But there are oddities. The first agreement was concluded on November 14, 2020 for a period of 23 months - until the end of 2022. However, in October 2021, the contract was terminated, Skrynnik received 3.2 million rubles. Now watch your hands. Two months before the termination, "TsEKI" concludes a new contract with the ex-minister - already for 31 million rubles. It takes effect immediately and is valid until the end of 2022. In October, the parties sign a new agreement - for 94 million rubles. In theory, it should take effect on January 1, 2023, after the end of the lease. But in the conditions it is directly written that "the contract is valid from the date of signing" until March 31, 2023. It turns out that the government agency paid twice for the same thing? The interlocutor in "TsEKI" unofficially told us that "the first contract should have been terminated." But no - it continues its action.

There is also something else. In the unified register of legal entities (USRLE), we found two TINs at once, assigned to Elena Skrynnik. There is no doubt that this is one person. The first Skrynnik headed the Ministry of Agriculture, the other runs the law firm Worldwide Effective Solutions, registered in the same Federation tower. But according to the law, a person can have only one TIN for life, it remains, even if he changes his place of residence or surname.

Could Skrynnik earn money for expensive premises in the Federation Tower? Theoretically, yes, because the former head of the Ministry of Agriculture has been in business for many years. Moreover, even the post of general director of the state-owned company Rosagroleasing, to which she was appointed in 2001, did not interfere with this. According to the contract, from 1993 to 2009, she had the right to engage in entrepreneurship, which she herself told in an interview with Kosmomolka.

- I have real estate in France, and I have everything. And taxes have been paid on everything. <...> From 1993 to 2000, I was engaged in my own business, - Skrynnik admitted in 2012. But she was silent that she had a business after this period. And not at all in Russia.

Dreams come true ... in the Czech Republic

On July 13, 1999, the E-Perfection company was registered in the Czech Republic. As follows from the trade register of this country, Elena Skrynnik and Tamara Novitskaya (that is the name of the ex-minister's mother) became the founders of the LLC. The age of both is the same. The address of residence of Skrynnik and Novitskaya is Leninsky Prospekt, 28, in Moscow. According to an extract from Rosreestr (the "Interlocutor" has it), it was Novitskaya who until 2003 owned this apartment with an area of ​​85 square meters.

The share capital of E-Perfection is 100 thousand CZK, and the type of activity is “purchase of goods for resale and sale”.

In the data of the trade register, it is said that in the Czech Republic, Skrynnik lived in Prague on Joseph Famfulik Street. He is one of the heroes of this country, he worked in the gendarmerie, and during the German occupation he joined the anti-fascist resistance. The 11-storey building is located in the north-east of the Czech capital, there are several parks and nature reserves. The "interlocutor" looked closely at the current residents of this house, but did not find the name Skrynnik.

In 2006, the company was liquidated by the Czech City Court, which appointed a liquidator. Usually in the Czech register there are financial statements of companies indicating their revenues and profits, but in the case of Skrynnik, these documents are absent.

Skrynnik retained a foreign asset during the years when she headed the state-owned OJSC Rosagroleasing. From the point of view of legislation, there is no violation of this - thanks to the contract we mentioned. There is one "but".

Skrynnik vs Skrynnik

In November 2012, a big scandal erupted around the figure of Elena Skrynnik. Several State Duma deputies published information that the Minister of Agriculture owns the elite clinic La Prairie in the Swiss city of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva. Skrynnik herself denied this. However, in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, there is evidence that back in 2001 she established the Swiss Perfection Aesthetic Center LLC, whose name is surprisingly similar to the Czech company owned by Skrynnik. The Swiss prosecutor's office took up the case, but in the end it all ended in nothing.

“The Russian prosecutor’s office sent the Swiss an official response that there are no complaints against it,” Oleg Mitvol, the former deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor, who was dealing with this story, told the Interlocutor.

The ex-minister still owns the aesthetic center today. In 2015, he even won three tenders worth 36 million rubles. However, the company has been at a loss in recent years - in 2020 it lost more than 1 million rubles.

Other Skrynnik companies are also assimilating budgetary funds. Among them is the Stemfis Center for Regenerative Medicine, which received more than 300 million rubles from the state. Almost all purchases were made without competition. And during one of the tenders, Stemfis's rival was ... Swiss Perfection Aesthetic Center. One company of Elena Skrynnik against another (the "Swiss" won), no complaints were received about this purchase.

by the way

Elena Skrynnik owns an estate in the elite cottage village "Korabelnye sosny" near Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway in the Moscow region. The area of ​​the residential building is more than 2 thousand square meters. Smaller estates are being sold there for 520 million rubles. Her father, Boris Skrynnik, owns an apartment of 300 square meters on Shabolovka. Interestingly, he bought the house during the 2012 corruption scandal with his daughter.