Damage in the case of embezzlement at the construction site of Putin's residence grew to ₽1.5 billion

The amount of damage in the case of the FSO subordinate company that built facilities in Novo-Ogaryovo increased and amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. The investigation accused the accused of creating a criminal community and is preparing to bring charges against the new defendants.
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The investigation estimated at 1.5 billion rubles. damage in the case of embezzlement on construction in the residence of the head of state in Novo-Ogaryovo; The amount has increased more than six times relative to the original. This was reported i.o. senior investigator for particularly important cases under the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SRK), Sergei Novikov, speaking in the Moscow City Court, which on Monday, June 18, considering an application for an extension of the arrest of the defendants of the case.

The defendants were toughened on 5 March of this year, it follows from the materials of the case, which Judge Andrei Rasnovsky studied; now the TFR considers that they have created an organized criminal community (OPS) using their official position. The investigation is preparing documents on the prosecution of new participants of the alleged TSO, Novikov added.

This is the case of the unitary enterprise "Ateks", the founder of which was the Federal Guard Service (FSO). In 2015, the service ordered "Atexu" erection of "Object 53" - the house of receptions in "Novo-Ogaryovo", for work was allocated 5.7 billion rubles. The work was not completed, and the FSO seized the penalty from "Atax". And in March 2017 violations during the construction of "Object No. 3" became the subject of a criminal case.

Also in the case there is an episode related to the complex of state holidays "Vorobyovy Gory", a source familiar with the course of the investigation told RBC. This episode was previously reported by Rosbalt; according to him, in the case may appear persons from among high-ranking FSO employees. The episode "Sparrow Hills" was in the case initially when excited, but not added during the investigation, the interlocutor of RBC specified.

"At present, the conclusions of the complex construction and technical expertise are received, according to which, the amount of financial violations, and more simply, thefts, exceeds 1.5 billion rubles," Novikov said. He recalled that at the time of the institution of the criminal case, the defendants were charged damage worth over 225 million rubles. "These are violations related to the cost of construction materials, and others," Novikov said.

In addition to three episodes of fraud, the accused are charged with organizing a criminal association; Initially, it was said that the general director of Ateks Andrey Kaminov was his organizer (part 1, article 210 of the Criminal Code), and the remaining defendants were participants (part 2, article 210 of the Criminal Code). On March 5 this year, the accusation was re-qualified for all in part 3 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code, said Judge Rasnovsky. This rule assumes that the members of the TSO used their official position; The maximum term of imprisonment for her is 20 years.

The investigation is now preparing drafts of charges in the final version, Novikov said. "[In them] the composition of the criminal group is significantly expanded by those names that I can not currently operate with, since they have not yet been charged," the investigator said. According to him, the circle of people who are involved in the theft in Novo-Ogaryovo is not limited to even those who are established, but have not yet been brought to trial.

"The investigation is affected by the fact that all objects have the status of specially protected - not from the point of view of cultural heritage, but from the point of view of which persons they use. A significant amount of information in the case constitutes a state secret, both in form 3 and form 2. And some also in the 1st form, "Novikov explained.

The general director of Ateks Andrey Kaminov was close to St. Petersburg billionaire owner of the Forum holding company Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who was arrested in March 2016 in the case of alcohol smuggling. To works in Novo-Ogaryovo, Ateks also attracted several subcontractors from among the "daughters" of the "BaltStroy" JSC included in the "Forum"; their leaders are now also in custody. The CCD and MIA are investigating three cases related to BaltStroy; on one loud case - about plunders on restoration of monuments of architecture with participation of officials of the Ministry of Culture - in October of last year the court passed a verdict.

In the spring of 2017, six people were arrested in the Novo-Ogarevo case: Kaminov, his former deputy Stanislav Kuner, ex-head of the Stroykomplekt company Dmitry Torchinsky, former director of the Stroifasad company Sergei Litvinov, as well as the owners of the companies - suppliers of equipment Andrei Rodionov and Sergei Perevalov. The last two have already left the SIZO, having concluded pre-trial agreements with the investigation. In August, in the same case, the head of BaltStroy, Dmitry Sergeyev, who had just received a suspended sentence on the "restorers' case" was taken into custody. Sergeev, Torchinsky and Kuner are classmates, the source of RBC, who was familiar with the course of the investigation, reported.

Two of the defendants remaining in custody (Litvinov and Küner) went to the deal with the investigation and fulfill its terms; their testimony is evidence of the investigation, the investigator said. Torchinsky admitted guilt, but did not conclude a pre-trial agreement. The only ones who refuse to consider themselves guilty are Kaminov and Sergeev.