Darasunsky mine demanded money from the group "Uryumkan"

At the Darasun mine in the Trans-Baikal Territory, miners are again on strike and starving, with the group of Uryumkan companies Sergei Berbidaev not paying their salaries. In September last year, the same happened at the mine at the "Yuzhuralzoloto" Chelyabinsk oligarch Konstantin Strukov.
Today, in the Trans-Baikal Territory, 33 miners of the Darasun mine went on a hunger strike. By the middle of the day, the number of strikers almost doubled. Workers of the mine are required to pay wages for May and June. The total debt of the employer to miners is 35 million rubles. The owner of the enterprise claims that the bank refuses to execute a payment order to transfer money to the mine from the owner's own funds of LLC "Uryumkan". At the mine itself, it is noted that the bank refuses to transfer money due to the loan obligations of the owner.

Strike of workers of Darasunsky mine (included in the structure of LLC "Uryumkan") started this morning. As they told "Kommersant" at the enterprise, at nine in the morning 33 miners, who informed the administration of the mine in advance about their decision to start a hunger strike, settled down near the building of the mine department. "People demand to pay their wages for May and June," the company said. "When I arrived in the village Vershino-Darasunsky, the number of hungry people increased to 60 people. They are sitting at one of the administrative buildings of the enterprise. People are not going to leave the factory: they are sitting with sleeping bags. They have been allocated a room where they can spend the night, "said Mikhail Gornov, head of the administration of the Tungokochen district, told Kommersant. According to him, the issue of transferring money from Promsvyazbank to pay off debts should be decided within two to three days.
The employer's salary debt, according to him, is about 35 million rubles.

The general director of OOO Uryumkan Vitaly Koidan told Kommersant that in 2017, when the Darasunsky mine entered the structure of the company, negotiations were held between the owner and Promsvyazbank about crediting the mine in the amount of 800 million rubles. "This decision gave a chance to start the enterprise. However, the bank began reorganization, and the issue of lending was postponed indefinitely. All this time the Darasunsky mine lived at the expense of the company's own funds, "Koydan told Kommersant. He added that he does not know for what reason the bank refuses to execute payment orders to the mine from own funds of "Uryumkan". "We wrote a letter to the bank, there is still no official answer. The other day, a credit committee is due to meet, we are waiting for its decision, "Vitaliy Koidan said. According to Mikhail Gornov, the credit committee of Promsvyazbank had already considered this issue last week and refused, despite the fact that the regional governor Natalia Zhdanova applied for a positive decision.
According to Evgeny Rogalev, director general of Darasunsky mine, Promsvyazbank refuses to transfer money due to Uryumkan's loan obligations.

"The bank is insured. "Uryumkan" took loans for $ 50 million, this year they have to repay $ 8.9 million, but the bank expects that the company will not repay this amount, so the funds are not sent to the Darasun mine at all, "Mr. Rogalev quotes Chita .RU".

Promsvyazbank itself stated that the bank has never financed the Darasun Mine project of the Uryumkan Group of companies. However, the bank said that it "is ready to engage in a constructive dialogue and, together with the owners of the Uryumkan Group of Companies, find an optimal solution to the problem."

This is not the first strike at the Darasun mine. In May 2017, more than 80 miners refused to exit the mine to the surface. In September 2017, more than 50 miners went on strike again. At the same time, the company was replaced by the owner: the Chelyabinsk company "Yuzhuralzoloto" sold the asset to the Chita "Uryumkan".

Senior Assistant Prosecutor of the Trans-Baikal Region, Yevgeny Sinelnikov, told Kommersant that on July 16 the supervisory authority introduced the management of the company in connection with non-payment of wages. According to him, the prosecutor's office is deciding whether to employ the employer to administrative responsibility under Art. 5.27 of the Administrative Offenses Code (non-payment of wages). Pre-investigation inspection at the enterprise began the investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Trans-Baikal Territory.