David Iakobashvili invested $ 10 million in Telegram

David Yakobashvili, one of the founders of Wimm-Bill-Dann, invested $ 10 million in Telegram during the preliminary ICO project in January. This is the second Russian investor, who reported on participation in the equity of the messenger.
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One of the founders of "Wimm-Bill-Dann" and a member of the Bureau of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs David Yakobashvili invested in Telegram Pavel Durov during the closed pre-ICO held in January, Yakobashvili told RBC. "Yes, I invested $ 10 million of my personal funds in Telegram in January. Perhaps I will participate in ICO Telegram, which will be held in March, has not yet decided. The company is interesting, developing, they have a good team, that's decided to invest, "he said.

As previously reported to RBC, the other Russian investor Telegram was the founder and CEO of QIWI, Sergei Solonin - the amount of his investments was $ 17 million. "In the next round, ICO is planning to make investments for up to $ 10 million," Solonin said.

Telegram plans to launch a block project and conduct an ICO, it became known at the end of 2017. A short presentation of this project was published on YouTube, however Pavel Durov did not confirm its authenticity. At the beginning of this year, a 132-page document appeared in public access, allegedly signed by Nikolai Durov, the technical director of Telegram and Pavel Durov's brother. It talked about the company's plans to launch its own blockbuster platform called the Telegram Open Network (TON), as well as the Gram crypto currency.

Sources TechCrunch claimed that during the pre-ICO Telegram plans to raise more than $ 500 million, within the ICO - from $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion. If ICO Telegram takes place in this amount, it will become the largest now selling crypto currency. As previously reported by RBC, there were too many proposals from investors from Russia during the preseason, so the reception of applications from the Russians was limited. One of the interlocutors of RBC asserted that the minimum threshold for participation in the presale was the amount of $ 10 million.