David Yakobashvili fears returning to Russia

The businessman refuses to return to Russia after a search in his museum, now he is in France.
One of the founders of the Wimm-Bill-Dann company, David Yakobashvili, will not come to Russia until the investigation is over after the searches that the FSB conducted in his Museum, the Assembly. He stated this to the Russian service of the BBC.

According to him, he has not been to Russia since March and did not plan to come soon: “But because of this story [with searches] I will not come, all the more so until I figure this out. Inadequate things are happening. " The businessman added that he now has no activity in Russia except the museum, which “works on its own”. He also noted that he travels for work to Geneva, London, Congo, Rwanda, and is now in France.

Later, the press service of a businessman called false “the words that appeared in the media that Yakobashvili might not come to Russia because of recent events” did not correspond to reality. As the press service stressed, all the trips of the entrepreneur are planned and these plans have not been adjusted in any way lately. In the coming months, Yakobashvili is not scheduled to visit Moscow, since his main business is not connected with Russia, the press service added. The Russian Air Force Service notes that the publication has a record of a conversation with Yakobashvili, in which he says that searches also influenced his decision not to come to Russia.

On June 18, the FSB conducted searches in the Sobraniye museum of Yakobashvili. The businessman then noted that he was in Geneva at the conference of the International Labor Organization, which was to last until June 21.

A source in the investigating authorities told Vedomosti that the FSB is investigating the case under art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud), in which appears Yakobashvili. The case was filed on the complaint of the former business partner of a businessman in business, Boris Minakhi, who accuses him of stealing the funds of the Yeysk Port Elevator in the Krasnodar Territory on the Sea of ​​Azov.

Yakobashvili - Member of the Board and Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). The organization, commenting on the case of the businessman, said that she was deeply concerned about the searches in the museum: business had once again encountered the use of criminal procedure methods to resolve economic disputes, this is unacceptable. Boris Titov, the ombudsman for the president of Russia for the rights of entrepreneurs, called the case an attempt to exert pressure on the entrepreneur.

Yakobashvili is ranked 145th on the Forbes list of Russia's richest businessmen. His fortune is estimated at $ 750 million.