Defendant in the case of the murder of a retired FSB Lieutenant Colonel arrested in absentia

In absentia arrested lawyer Vladimir Sveta, whom the investigating authorities consider the client to be the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Vasilyev in Stary Oskol in March 2018.
The court, on the petition of the Investigative Committee of Russia (RCF), arrested in absentia and announced to the federal wanted list that lawyer Vladimir Sveta. The investigation considers him one of the organizers of the high-profile murder of Lieutenant-Colonel Konstantin Vasilyev of the Federal Security Service, which was committed in March in Stary Oskol in the Belgorod region. The deceased and the accused were well known in the market of cashier services and, according to preliminary version, could not divide the cash flows from tobacco merchants.

Starooskolskie siloviki declared the 38-year-old Vladimir Sveta wanted on June 15. He was arrested in absentia on charges of contract killings committed by a group of people (Article 105 of the Criminal Code). About this, "Kommersant" was immediately informed by several interlocutors in law enforcement agencies of the region. Mr. Svet officially is a lawyer in the Voronezh lawyers' consultation of the Central District. The numbers of his phones, available in public, did not answer calls. According to the source of "Kommersant" in the security forces, in addition to Mr. Sveta, two more people were among the siloviki, one of whom, presumably, was his guard. Unlike the lawyer, both are in jail.

Konstantin Vasiliev died on the evening of March 14 near the shopping center "Aurora" in Stary Oskol. He got out of the hookah, got into his Mercedes with Moscow numbers near Moscow and at that moment was shot by a killer on the street. Mr. Vasiliev received several bullets from behind, but, as the examination later showed, none of them became deadly. The businessman died of a loss of blood - the injuries just did not allow him to get out of the car. A few hours later the local tramp turned attention to the car, which was planted and without traffic, which raised the alarm.

According to Kommersant's information, the siloviki already undertook several operations to catch potential participants of this murder, but they either lacked evidence, or the probable figurants managed to escape.

One of the versions of the motive for the crime, Kommersant's interlocutors surrounded the victim repeatedly called the struggle for cash flows from tobacco merchants.

The fact is that Konstantin Vasilyev was known in the region not so much for his past (he retired from the FSB in the rank of lieutenant-colonel), but on active participation in the market of "cashing". Tabachniki is one of the key and most valuable cash providers for this business. Vladimir Sveta, the participants of this market characterize as a person who knew how to provide services for cashing "on a very large scale." "In addition, he has close family ties among high-ranking police officials," the source told Kommersant.

In the regional management of the TFR, who understands the case, they refused to comment on the situation, referring to the interests of the investigation.