Defendants in the "piping case" have struck the chords

A year after the "piping case" emerged in St. Petersburg and reverberated around the whole country,"Fontanka" has decided to clarify the fate of firms whose names had been made famous by the investigation. 
Origin source
It turned out that the company, whose leaders are featured in the criminal case, closed or crowded out by larger players. But to say that it is - albeit indirect, but confirmation of the thesis of the market by means of redistribution of bodies, victims are not ready. The plant "Rustrubproma" pipe does not deliver, it does become the creator and producer of the musical group. "Petroc" is no longer involved in the competition of the Smolny, now their wins "ITER" Rotenberg brothers. But the company "Bridge Service" was the only one who has problems with the contracts is not observed even at the background of the fact that her partner is being sought.

"Rustrubprom" worked on the market for 13 years. In 2009 the company bought JSC "Experimental Experimental Mechanical Plant" and launched its site of 2 hectares in Pargolovo pipe production. Until then, the company was forced to lease an area of ​​the industrial zone Parnas. $ 10 million has been invested in the improvement of the enterprise. In addition to the plant, "Rustrubproma 'assets was a company" Siris ", which is engaged in subcontracting etc.okladkoy utilities. She worked on more than a dozen sites on the CADE. It was the "Rustrubproma" and transport division, which brings the tube from the Urals. At the plant in Pargolovo on them wound insulation, and then sold. It was owned by the "Rustrubproma" and a small office on the street Kollontai, 49. There was talk about moving to the newspaper "Construction Weekly", in which 50% belonged to the co-owner of "Rustrubproma" Leonid Sosnovsky.

In 2011-2012, at the JSC "Rustrubprom" started some difficulties related to the conduct of the securities registry. The Central Bank expressed the company's formal remarks, and Federal Financial Markets Service tried to fine it at half a million rubles. Fine successfully challenged in court and decided to abandon of the content of which was considered difficult and expensive. The main owner of "Rustrubproma" Igor Siliverstov partners registered company, calling it "the implementation of system-Rustrubprom GOLD", and initiated the reorganization of the procedure.

"The word" Gold "included in the name, by analogy with the marketankovskih services. Visa Gold-visa-platinum. Thus, more reliable, - said Igor Siliverstov. - We made a company presentation at the largest Russian exhibition "Metal-Expo", which took place in mid-November 2012 in Moscow at ENEA. We wanted to develop new projects. But the company did not last long. Subsequent events are not allowed to develop projects. November 25 opened a criminal case, and the 29th held its first investigative actions. We were forced to close. "

on Kollontay Office sold, share of "Construction Weekly" - too (the new owners become more commercial banks, one of which was of "Ganzakombank", a member of the board of directors is the niece of the President of the Russian Federation Putin Faith). JSC "Rustrubprom" and "Siris" ceased to exist as a result of the merger. A change of ownership and at the factory in Pargolovo. Now it owns a group of individuals whose names are not disclosed. They are hidden in the database "SPARK" system.

Now Igor Siliverstov without having a stake in the factory, working there as Deputy Director. According to pre-the recipient of the plant decided to convert. "Insulated pipes we decided not to do it. thesis about substandard products was laid in the form of accusations that I am, in fact, confirm. Now, the plant produces metal - from door canopies to building farms. The volume is very small, "- he says modestly.

Tsoi is alive

Now the creator of "Rustrubproma" decided, as he says, back to basics. Before the establishment of the company Igor Siliverstov involved in organizing concerts and producing bands. Siliverstov opened in St. Petersburg, one of the first clubs - "Saw." He worked with the group "The King and the Clown", "Junko" and "Stolen Sun". In 2002 he organized the CCM festival dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Viktor Tsoi. Now, after the close of "Rustrubproma", he promotes group "Victoria", which Askhat Khalbaev sings the song "Cinema". It was he and his ensemble "Equinox", which consisted of fellow "Rustrubpromu". podraspalsya it now, but Igor Siliverstov not intend to scatteramb their own creativity.
"I am pleased that all happened. I mean "pipe" case. All my life, we were fighting for a quality product that is worthy of the city. Because of the criminal proceedings is one of the industry has become more clear. The products are now tested a triple degree of control ", - says Igor Siliverstov.

Assumptions that "pipe" case could be initiated with a view to redistribution of the market, the entrepreneur inspired denies. "Every week we see resonance processes. Do you want to say, everywhere someone shares something? In fact - finally, the struggle against bribery. The country's leadership has realized that if this problem is not to engage in, our country will be lost! - He said. - I like the decoy "trumpet" business responsibly declare that really started the fight against corruption. I know the investigative team - a friendly honest people with a sincere desire to overcome evil! ".

Echoes of "Empire"

As a result of the elimination of "Rustrubproma", a new legal entity - JSC "Center of the groups." The history of its creation vague and ZAPUtannaya. The "SPARK" system indicated that the company created as a result of reorganization "Rustrubproma" and two other companies related to it. At the same time it stated that it existed in the past, under the name of "Leningrad". This contradiction is the managing partner of "Kachkin and partners" Denis Kachkin explains the possible error on the part of registration authorities. In fact, he says, "the center of the group", is likely to have been formed by joining "Rustrubproma" (and other firms) to the "Leningrad". The result of this merger is that "Rustrubprom" discontinued operations, and the "Leningrad" was given a new name and form of property - JSC "Group Center".

Anyway, what the "center of the group," and who is behind it, Siliverstov says he does not know. "Fontanka" got in touch with the CEO of the company Svetlana Zhelyaledinovoy, but our questions she could not answer. The man to whom she gave the phone, he said he would discuss with management the opportunity to talk with a reporter, "until the end of the week."

Meanwhile, in the history of the formation of "Center of the groups" is seen the connection with the holding "Empire" Andrey Fomenko. For example, the CEO of the company when it was still called "Leningrad", Valery worked Hlamkin, former manager of a network of business centers, "Senator" (owned by "Empire"). At the same time, in the mid-2000s, Valery Hlamkin headed LLC "Real estate agency" Empire-development ", which, through the LLC" Vesta "half belongs to Elena Inspection, former vice-president of" Empire "holding and the sister of his Andrey owner Fomenko.

It seems that the "center of the group" engages in business activities. And it looks like it is connected with the laying of the pipes. No sooner had the company worked for a year as the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad have already considered the claim to it a small amount of 170 thousand. Rubles. The plaintiff acted Ltd. "FTC Rostra", which is engaged in the production of pipes and fittings. Exacted the money is "the debt and penalty."

Pipes gave Rothenberg

The last major contract with the Energy CommitteeIke firm "Petroc" concluded October 15, 2012 - reconstruction of the boiler house in the street Kharchenko, 4, 206.8 million rubles. After the criminal case the company almost does not participate in competitions Smolny. The only contract in 2013 - "to ensure a complete and working documents adopted by customers" for 386 thousand rubles.. Despite this, the company is working on the old facilities, a term on which the execution - the end of 2014. Their little, but they are large: the reconstruction of heating on the street Rustaveli, North, Tikhoretsk, Svetlanovsky prospectuses and other addresses (678.4 million rubles), construction of pumping station "Moskovskaya Slavyanka" (858.5 million rubles), and, in fact, reconstruction boiler on Kharchenko.

The result of "pipe" of the case was the fact that now, instead of "Petrokoma" contracts "by the Office of the customer," concludes another firm - "ITER St. Petersburg." Supervise her brothers Rotenberg. From January to November 2013 the firm entered into a management contract worth about 400 million rubles. In the last years she mainly worked in contract with thermal powers. It is also noteworthy that in late October, the general director of "ITER" Igor picks up headed "Management of the customer". Management Comments "Petrokoma" "Fontanka" does not have.

In 2013, "Petroc" was reorganized: because it singled out a new company - LLC "Baltstroy", which, according to "Fontanka", designed to display the business owner "Petrokoma" Andrew Kadkin on the housing market and commercial real estate. According to "Fontanka" CEO "Baltstroya" Vyacheslav Ermolaev, "the company is working, and working well, it fulfills all the obligations undertaken." What objects CEO did not say. Perhaps it is a commercial subcontract orders, as any government contract it does not. "Now was formed a temporary pause in the company related to the difficulties encountered on the background information wave - admitted Vyacheslav Ermolaev. - But the global goals and intentions of the company have remained. " Now "Petroc" intends to establish another company - "Stroyinvest" LLC. The data in the Unified about her nno eye, what it will do is still unknown.

Chapter "Baltstroya" also spoke on the further fate of "Petrokoma": "The charges that are put forward until the acknowledgment is not found. My opinion - the information raised in the media, is far from the truth. In this regard, there is no clarity about the future role of the company in the market today. So I would not jump to conclusions. "

Not your pipe case

The only firm implicated in a criminal case, but to stay afloat, was "Bridge-service", owned by Igor Novosad and Mikhail Kuznetsov. Novosad has been charged, and Kuznetsov wanted. Despite this, in January-February 2013 the company won the tender "Management of the customer" for the reconstruction of the gas pipeline of the 1st East Petersburg highway gas supply system (and has signed a contract worth 490.6 million rubles), and in March - the reconstruction of the sewerage network on Vasilyevsky island (361 million rubles). How on the background of the all-Russian scandal owners secured their continued successin the unknown. While many observers would have found this succinct explanation.

Some entrepreneurs are directly related to the "pipe" thing, no doubt, that it was a business event. "There is a system in the field of gospodryada. Where big money. All individuals - stakeholders. And corruption is seemingly impossible to name. Just there was redistribution of the participants in this process. Weaknesses were found in one, strong - at the other. But the fact that this is a commercial operation, there is no doubt ", - cautiously spoke one of the businessmen. To learn how to 3 billion rubles, of which the Interior Ministry accused the theft of businessmen and officials eventually turned into 53 million rubles, "Fontanka" already wrote.