Defense industry with a blocked account: what is the dispute between Alfa-Bank and the creator of Armata about

Alfa-Bank arrested RUB 523.5 million on Uralvagonzavod accounts. General Director of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Siyenko in an interview to RBC called the bank's actions "a blackmail".
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On Tuesday, the Moscow Arbitration court seized the money Uralvagonzavod and its "daughter" "Uraltrac", as an interim measure on the suit at Alfa Bank to the Uralvagonzavod and its subsidiaries LLC "Uraltrac" and OOO "Technopark" Traktorozavod " loan to RUB 523.5 million. This TASS reported the press service of the court. Claim accepted for production, a preliminary hearing on it in court is scheduled for June 5th.

Alfa-Bank operates without warning, he said in a telephone interview with RBC General Director of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Siyenko. According to him, the company is negotiating with the bank for the settlement of the situation. However Siyenko states: "From the contents of the letters which we receive from the bank, I can only conclude one thing: this is pure blackmail." According to him, with a proposal to take the credit the bank itself appealed to the leadership of Uralvagonzavod and now the state enterprise management does not understand what caused the current position of the bank. "We will take legal action to challenge their validity. This process ", - said RBC Siyenko.

On the recovery of Alfa-Bank does not stop debt last Nedie it has notified its intention to file a lawsuit on bankruptcy UVZ. the bank's press service did not respond to a request to RBC. The basis of arbitration claims data from other banks to UVZ not.

In April, the bank filed a lawsuit against the Uralvagonzavod "Uraltrac" and "Technopark" Traktorozavod "under the loan agreement for 6 billion rubles. and $ 39.7 million. A preliminary hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for May 27, according to the data base of the Moscow Arbitration Court. Applications for seizure of property or cash UVZ on this court case has been reported.

Debt 6 billion rubles. It has been delayed for several months, but the company recently fully repaid arrears of 325 million rubles., but the bank showed the full amount of the loan for early repayment, explained the representative of Uralvagonzavod. He added that the actions bl okirovaniyu money on accounts UVZ considers illegal because the bank has received a deposit.

Other details of loans UVZ did not disclose last IFRS the company produced for the year 2012. According to its annual report under RAS for 2014 short-term accounts receivable UVZ increased from 21 billion rubles. in 2013 to 30 billionrub., long-term commitment for the same period increased from 15 to 47 billion rubles. Thus, if in 2013 the company made a profit of 444 million rubles., By the end of 2014, it recorded a loss of 4.8 billion rubles.

Last spring, the government of the Chelyabinsk region has refused the idea to privatize its share of 15% "Uraltrac", the official website of the area. Governor Boris Dubrovsky said that the center engine can be created on the basis of the included Uralvagonzavod enterprise.

Tanks and wagons

Uralvagonzavod, which includes about 40 industrial enterprises and design bureaus - the world's largest manufacturer of tanks. In addition to military products, the corporation also produces railway wagons and other civilian equipment. In normal years, production of civil and military products are approximately equal in crises share of civil production drops to about 30%, he said in January 2015, in an interview with RBC Siyenko.

The most notable development of recent years UVZ - universal self-propelled platform "Armata", on the basis of which the mzhno produce a line of combat vehicles. The first samples have already been transferred to the armed forces, last week they went through the Red Square at the parade in honor of Victory Day.

But in early May, Wall Street Journal reported that the Russian military have reduced the number of "Armat", that they were going to buy from Uralvagonzavod. Deputy General Director Vyacheslav UVZ Halitov in conversation with RBC-TV has denied this information.

In November 2014 the deputy head of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission Oleg Bochkarev said that the cost of "Almaty was" too high. According to him, the contract has been signed, and the technique of the price determined, but "we have to work on."

The claim for the price really is, but you can not ask for high quality goods cost three times less unique, he said in January Siyenko RBC. "Inflation and exchange rate say that we made a good car at the best price, probably in the world", - he stated, without disclosing the price of the car.

Falling demand for railcars. Because of the crisis the Russian carriers should be 30-40 thousand. Cars per year, while the capacity of all Russianagricultural producers account for about 100 thousand. per year, said in March 2015 CEO of the First freight company Oleg Bukin.

Because of this, at the end of April in the forced leave have gone about 5 thousand. UVZ employees, only the corporation employs approximately 30 thousand. Man.

In February 2015, Uralvagonzavod entered the list of 199 backbone enterprises of Russia, who can claim the anti-crisis state aid. On May 12, it became known that Uralvagonzavod has become one of the six Sverdlovsk enterprises that have received government subsidies in the first phase of the federal program to reduce tensions on the labor market.