Defense Ministry official Georgy Vasilyev denominated currencies for half a billion

Rosfinmonitoring investigation about the head of the economic special forces Sergei Shoigu.
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The head of the Ministry of Defense Center, which distributes money to finance secret military programs, was caught hiding his bank accounts, family firms and trading in foreign currency in the amount of hundreds of millions of rubles. Such information was revealed during inspections of Rosfinmonitoring and the military prosecutor’s office five years ago. These official documents were at the disposal of PASMI. However, this information did not lead to a criminal case, nor even to the resignation of a senior official who has a strange carte blanche in the department of Sergei Shoigu.

Last week, PASMI published material on how more than 350 million rubles were stolen from the budget of the Ministry of Defense. A key role in this fraud was played by the leadership of the Center for Special Programs Financing (another name for this unit is military unit 22280). The withdrawal of funds was carried out through fictitious payment orders. For four years - from 2011 to 2014 - the Center’s employees overestimated the limits on the financial maintenance of the military, and removed surpluses through payment of bonuses to “dead souls”.

A participant in this scheme gave an interview to the editors of the First Anti-corruption Media. As the organizer of the thefts, he named the head of the Center for Special Programs Financing Georgy Vasiliev and his two subordinates - Alexander Makarenko and Andrei Kimlyk.

However, the military investigators of Alexander Bastrykin deliberately withdrew employees in military unit 22280 from the number of those accused of a criminal case instituted on the basis of fraud. And now it turned out that just during the theft, Vasiliev on personal accounts made money transactions worth hundreds of millions of rubles, which resembled the legalization of “lost” funds in the Ministry of Defense.

Currency trader

PASMI got a copy of the financial investigation of the Rosfinmonitoring Directorate for the Central Federal District, which was carried out in 2014 at the request of the military prosecutor's office. The check concerned all the defendants in the case of the theft of 350 million rubles in the Ministry of Defense. The purpose of the monitoring was to identify suspicious financial transactions with cash and other property during the period when the theft took place, that is, from 2011 to 2014. As follows from the report of the federal service, the largest transactions of all the defendants at that time were made by the head of unit 22280, Georgy Vasiliev.

“The following financial transactions are noteworthy. Vasiliev Georgy Lvovich for the period you are interested in, made currency exchange transactions totaling more than 63 million rubles (the sale of currency prevails). At the same time, the Rosfinmonitoring database contains information on the operations of Vasiliev G.L. totaling about 495 million rubles, ”the response of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service to the interim military prosecutor of the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces) Konstantin Olkhovatenko said.
What period does the operation for half a billion rubles that Vasiliev spent carried out, the federal monitoring service did not specify. But based on the data for 2011-2014, it is easy to calculate that, on average, the head of the Special Programs Financing Center sold currency at about 16 million rubles a year.

At the same time, in 2014, according to the certificate of the military prosecutor’s office, Vasiliev’s income at the main place of work was 2 million rubles, and his pension was 1.3 million rubles. That is, on average, Vasiliev’s foreign exchange operations exceeded his entire income by 13 million rubles a year.

They should be aware of:
- Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu
- Attorney General Yuri Chaika
- Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov
- Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin

Recall that the average dollar exchange rate for the period under review was 33 rubles. Thus, in 2011-2014, a military official bought currencies of almost $ 2 million, and the total financial turnover of the head of the Center for Special Programs Financing Special Programs Vasiliev amounted to $ 15 million.

Comfortable state secret

By the way, a certificate from the military prosecutor’s office, which “shed” light on Vasiliev’s official income, was also prepared as part of the ARD in the case of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for monetary allowance and wages for military personnel. Information was collected by the supervision department of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office.

They are in the know:
- Chief Military Prosecutor Valery Petrov
- Head of the GVSU SKR Alexander Sorochkin
- head of the DVKR FSB Nikolay Yuriev

Based on this certificate, it follows that the income statement of Georgy Vasilyev has a lot of costly gaps. So, Vasiliev hid information about his bank accounts with a total balance of about 20 million rubles. Moreover, the official refused to report the reason for the failure to provide information about these accounts, referring to a certain state secret.
Active family

Not everything is in order with the declaration of the wife of George Vasilyev - Alevtina Vasilyeva. In a statement on his wife’s income, Vasiliev underestimated the volume of her business, indicating only five firms established by her, and not eight, according to military prosecutors. The companies Chistotel, Istkom, and RVM-Zarya, where Alevtina were hidden, were hidden. Vasilieva was a member of the founders.

Active business activity was also noticed by the daughter of the head of the Financing Center, Alena Vasilyeva. In 2010, the 26-year-old entrepreneur contributed one million rubles each to the charter capital of Zolotaya Niva LLC and Center-Torg LLC. These data were established already in 2015, with the repeated appeal of Chaika's subordinates to Rosfinmonitoring. This time, the request came from the head of the department for monitoring the implementation of anti-corruption legislation of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office, Konstantin Belyaev.

The monitoring also revealed that in 2011 Vasiliev bought an apartment in Moscow for 13.4 million rubles.

“We ask you to evaluate the information sent about financial transactions (transactions) with the participation of the identified defendants in the context of the audit,” the letter concluded from Oleg Krylov, head of the Rosfinmonitoring Directorate for Combating Money Laundering, to the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office.

However, as time has shown, neither Vasily Petrov’s military prosecutor’s office, nor Alexander Sorochkin’s State Internal Affairs Directorate, nor the FSB, nor the Defense Ministry saw anything reprehensible in Vasilyev’s financial operations for half a billion rubles and concealing income. Georgy Vasiliev is still the head of military unit 22280, which finances such special special entities as nuclear forces, chemical troops, the main intelligence department and other structures.