Denis Manturov and Sergey Chemezov sawed budget

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the person of Denis Manturov, will scrape through the guts and find more than 20 billion rubles for the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, and the owner of NK Bank Viktor Grigoriev.
Denis Manturov plans to allocate 20-25 billion rubles for development work for the Czech project of the regional aircraft L-610. An aircraft with 40 passenger seats was created in the late 80s. Most likely, the project will be given to the Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA), which, through the United Engine Corporation, is owned by Rostekh and NK Bank JSC, Viktor Grigoryev. A “rarity” project launched for the sake of large-scale “cut”?

It’s a rather strange initiative to build an airplane according to old, out-of-date drawings and even ask for it as much as 20 billion rubles! Manturov, Chemezov and Grigoriev decided to "grab" easy money? L-610 will stand between the 19-seater L-410 and 64-seater Il-114-300. According to experts, it is unlikely to recoup astronomical expenses, such is the specificity of regional aircraft. But no one was going to pay back?

The first thing is money, and planes somehow later?

It is curious that recently UZGA has already appeared in the billionth project and again with old drawings. And the same heroes flash in history. The Moscow Post wrote about the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to lay out 1.25 billion rubles for the project of a new small aircraft instead of the An-2 "corn carrier".

At first, the tender went to UZGA without any problems, but the management “caught” on the decision to build a new aircraft based on the Viscount V100 project, which the draftsmen “banged” on the patterns of an existing ship - T-101 Grach. The contract was immediately canceled and the tender was concluded with another company.

With the "dummy" of Baikal-Engineering LLC, which belongs to ... UZGA. Obviously, no one would have entrusted the billionth project of a company without construction experience created in February this year, with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles and lacking financial indicators. And Denis Manturov took and entrusted!

By the way, earlier, to replace the An-2, a TVS-2DTS “Baikal” aircraft was built. The new model was taken to exhibitions and the head of Buryatia, "Alexei Tsydenov, prophesied that 150 models would be sent to Latin America, and 200 copies would fly to the regions of Russia: to Siberia, the Arctic, and the Far East. But later the Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that TVS- 2DTS “Baikal” is an experimental model ... It is terrible to imagine how many billions a “cardboard” airplane for exhibitions cost.

It is curious that earlier in the chair of the deputy general director of the plant, which assembled the Baikal TVS-2DTS, Denis Manturov himself sat. Is it not too often the current minister shines in the air "cuts"?

Now a new project? New billions from the immense budget? If the Ministry of Industry and Trade once again signs a contract with the UZGA, how much will Chemezov, Manturov and Grigoriev get personally?

And after all, it doesn’t bother anyone that the Ural Civil Aviation Plant shook from scandals worse than with turbulence. The Vek edition wrote about the crashed Ka-32 helicopter, spare parts for which were made at the enterprise. The disk covering the compressor turbine scattered, and its fragments fell into the engine.

Later, employees of the Sverdlovsk and Perm FSB departments detained a bus with a cache, which carried low-quality simplified parts for helicopters, which were repaired at the enterprise. That is, no one was embarrassed that the parts were produced in obscure workshops using unconfirmed technologies?

A criminal case was instituted, however, the process soon went out. At the same time, two factory employees who escorted the cargo committed suicide: one was found hanged, and the second jumped out of the window. Could anyone help the hard workers? In order not to talk too much?

Later, the UZGA "lit up" in the illegal export of military products, searches were conducted at the enterprise and a criminal case was instituted. The management connected the problems with the attempts of raider capture, and after that the plant "took" the OJSC "OPK" Oboronprom "to the joy of everyone and everything, they say the company will be in good hands.

They are very reliable, because Denis Manturov and Sergey Chemezov managed to do a nice job in Oboronprom, which was liquidated in 2018. Apparently, then long-term friendship began. The chairman of the board of directors was Manturov, and the general director was Chemezov.

Oboronprom received state-owned shares of enterprises free of charge, and bought private shares through third-party companies, it is impossible to estimate how much money is left with such financial leapfrog in closed accounts. No one was interested in the possible fraud of the "comrades". In the same way, no one was interested why Oboronprom is the main supplier for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and why Chemezov openly receives billions in contracts from Manturov. The total amount is 11.4 billion rubles!

Exactly the same "fairy tale" with Rostec, which received 17.2 billion rubles from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. And UEC Chemezova is not far behind - 9 contracts worth 51.5 billion rubles! How many of these “zeros” could Manturov retreat for assistance?

Chemezov can always count on the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade?

But in addition to Rostec, the UZGA belongs to the NK-bank of Viktor Grigoriev, whom the listeners call the "shadow partner" of Sergei Chemezov. Grigoriev is well acquainted with Manturov, as he was the first deputy general director of Oboronprom. An excellent company gathered to cut a couple of tens of billions, which Manutrov would tearfully ask the state.

About the strong connection between the head of Rostec and Viktor Grigoriev, they wrote Documents and Facts. Merchants can be united by the Lithuanian company Avia Solution Group, which, according to rumors, is protected by the Lithuanian state security agencies.

In 2018, it became known that an overseas company could transfer a 10% stake to Viktor Grigoriev in exchange for an agreement with Rostec on the construction of the Zhukovsky airport. Only Grigoriev could "persuade" Chemezov? And in 2015, the Lithuanian company issued more than one and a half million extra-ordinary shares, which, among other things, went to the Cypriot VGE Investments Ltd and the Luxembourg MFO-A Lux S.à rl. And the account with a Cypriot company is open, of course, in NK Bank.

Moreover, until 2014, an overseas “friend” from Cyprus owned 100% of the Toros construction company, owned by Ksenia Grigorieva. Maybe the lady is the wife of a banker? Are there too many coincidences and exits for Grigoriev and Chemezov for offshore assets? Are there billions from “airplane” projects where to hide?

Apparently, it was a great friendship that allowed Chemezov to sell 75% of the Rostekhov holding Technodinamik to Viktor Grigoryev in 2018. Will an old buddy keep an eye on the asset?

Three comrades

Yes, and how not to trust a friend with whom you are both in the fire, and in the water, and "in the raider seizure"? The fact is that in 2018, work on the project of an unmanned vehicle was curtailed. The billionth contract in Kazan was disrupted. Then the Falcon Air company of Tatarstan President Rustem Magdeev sold part of the OKB's shares to companies affiliated with Grigoriev.

Most likely, Chemezov and Manturov wanted to get a multi-billion dollar project, but by the hands of the owner of NK Bank. And everything would be fine, only the Falcon Air has flown a lawsuit. In order to protect himself, Grigoryev suggested that the Director General of the Design Bureau, Alexander Gomzin, sell more shares. Probably, the all-powerful Chemezov would help with the money. But Gomzin took and turned to another investor ...

Chemezov and Manturov could not refuse such a "fat" asset?

And then Gomzin was arrested on suspicion of misuse of subsidies drawn up for the enterprise already in 2014 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, did Prime write about it, “Roll up” the clause for Denis Manturov was not a big deal? Naturally, the arrest almost paralyzed the work of the enterprise and jeopardized the design and scientific activities. Very similar to pressure from ...

Gomzin even drew up a letter against Magdeev and Grigoriev, but is there really no arguing against the tank under the protection of Rostec? Later, the general director was released on his own recognizance, and the Design Bureau received an offer from UZGA to buy up to 100% at the market price. This time, it didn’t grow together, but Gomzin was again arrested ... Moreover, the process of past charges, which were closed, suddenly continued.

According to the "Version", the investigation failed to prove the fact of misuse of funds, abuse of authority and theft of budget money in the amount of more than 900 million rubles. But why did Gomzin again end up in jail?

For example, according to investigators, the general director stole 12.2 million rubles while implementing the Zenits military UAV project, allegedly the money was transferred to Sputnik LLC, but the software never arrived. However, Gomzin said that the equipment was delivered and all acceptance regulations were complied with, and that the product complies with state standards. In addition, Sputnik LLC was checked and no violations appeared.

Isn't Gomzin a "magnificent" three? OKB them. Simonova is really a “tidbit” asset. Gomzin is being "driven" on all fronts, but Grigoriev is not in a hurry to check. Because behind the banker Manturov and Chemezov?

And now, the scandalous UZGA and Rostec will get Denis Manturov’s hands on the billions of a project to create an airplane according to rare drawings? More than 20 billion rubles will be allocated for copy-paste! Chemezov and Grigoriev are riveting planes according to other people's drawings, getting billions under the cover of Manturov, and nobody cares?

Just think, one billion more, one less. And the fact that UZGA produces defective parts is not scary. The plane will crash, Denis Valentinovich will “conjure” and get it from the budget.