Denis Manturov, minister and oligarch

Where do budget billions go?
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Back in 2000, the Kommersant Vlast magazine wrote: “Vladimir Putin began his presidency by proclaiming the principle of equidistance from the oligarchs. One of its main ideologists, German Gref, recently went even further and announced the imminent death of all the oligarchs: "They will end when the budget trough runs out."

Twenty years have passed, but as we can see, in contrast to Gref's forecasts, the oligarchs not only have not “died out”, but even feel very good. Apparently, the “budget trough” that Gref spoke about never ended ...

At the same time, a kind of implementation of the principle of "equidistance" seems to have led to the fact that these very oligarchs appeared even in the Russian Government. The history of the enrichment of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Denis Manturov suggests just such thoughts.

Where did the billions go?

Anatoly Serdyukov, now the chief aviation "specialist" of Russia, gave a lengthy interview to the RBC correspondent. He said a lot, in our opinion, even too much, but the main idea of ​​what was said was to fix that the debts of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) in half a trillion (!) Rubles were made earlier and have nothing to do with Rostec. At the same time, Serdyukov, as a direct member of the Chemezov-Manturov team, with the help of specially selected questions from Inna Sidorkova, tried to shift some of the financial problems to a pandemic - this is now very fashionable. But the insidious virus could hardly have caused the UAC debt of half a trillion rubles ?!

Back in 1760, the great Russian scientist Mikhailo Lomonosov formulated the law of conservation of matter: “All changes that occur in nature are such an essence of a state that, as much is taken from one body, the same amount will be added to another. So, if, where a few matter diminishes, it will multiply in another place ... ". Of course, this law is usually referred to as chemistry, but, as practice shows, it is also true in the financial world. Any accounting reporting is based on the same principles. And, if you look at the problem of the UAC's debts from the point of view of the law discovered by Lomonosov, then you can come to a fairly simple logical conclusion (to which, unfortunately, the correspondent of RBC Inna Sidorkova did not come).

So what do we have? According to Anatoly Serdyukov, we have spent 530 billion rubles on maintaining the UAC. Where did this money go? Maybe for the construction of aircraft? But we know well that even in Russia, the sky is completely in the power of "foreign cars", which were obviously not purchased with the money of the UAC. Maybe to support the labor collectives of the industry? But even here the numbers do not converge - scanty salaries, layoffs of specialists and the like, are clearly not comparable with such gigantic spending. Even the “expensive” but small branch management could not “master” such large funds as wages. Of course, they got rich legally, but not that much...

There is such a minister!

Half a trillion, indicated by Serdyukov, is not the final figure - these are only debts. But there was also direct funding, which was sent on a huge scale to the country's aviation industry, within the framework of government programs. Taking into account this funding, the amount of funds spent is "matched" already to one and a half trillion. What's the output? Hotels, luxury housing, individual wellbeing? According to the conservation law, there must be something if there are no planes?

As we well know, the Ministry of Industry and Trade distributes budgetary funds in the industry. This department is headed by the “long-playing” minister Denis Manturov. Our publication has repeatedly informed readers about his activities, trying to find benefits for the Fatherland, so dearly beloved by members of our Government. But alas ... But, if you dig into the minister's "family values", then there is more than enough personal benefit.

For example, the Russian media did not have time to discuss the news that Denis Valentinovich, at the end of 2019, became the richest member of the Russian government, as a new peak was taken in increasing the welfare of the family of the Minister of Trade and Industry - as reported by the same RBC edition, Vedomosti "Named the Manturov family the owner of an elite hotel in Moscow.

In the article "A very profitable ministry", "Versia" tried to find an answer to the question of how Manturov got such a significant initial capital, which subsequently began to grow with huge annual income. We failed to find the origins of this capital in the period when Denis Valentinovich was not yet associated with state structures. This suggests that in some miraculous way, part of the funds from the huge debt of the KLA could somehow be embodied in hotels, vineyards ..., and, in fact, wine at a price of about 2.6 thousand rubles per bottle.

Is the ministry a good mechanism for your own business?

The ministry is not only an administrative mechanism, it is also a great opportunity to “minimize” costs. As we understand, our "hotelier", concurrently, holding the post of the minister-manager of the Russian industry, manages it so "efficiently" that we manage to free up a lot of space for hotel and other buildings. Recently we told the reader about Denis Manturov's visit to Sevastopol and the unenviable fate of the "Sevastopol helicopter". Perhaps the family members of the current minister have already laid eyes on the freed coast of the Black Sea through some unpretentious chain of firms. It seems that he is not supposed to be engaged in business - for this, the family exists. To clear the territory is another matter. According to the Sevastopol news resource ForPost, Manturov's recent visit to Sevastopol also worried the Sevastopol shipbuilders. After all, their enterprises are also located on the seashore (well, what about without the sea, ships do not travel on land). Given the tendency of the minister's family to the hotel business, Sevastopol residents have something to worry about. Moreover, according to rumors, the future mayor Mikhail Razvozhaev is a protege of Denis Manturov and that is why the Minister of Trade and Industry came to support him just before the elections. Whether after that Razvozhaev will abandon the interests of the city or exclusively his “benefactor” is a big question.

So where is the answer to the minister's welfare? According to Vedomosti, experts interviewed by the publication estimated the market value of the family Chekhoff Moscow Curio Collection by Hilton at 25-30 million dollars (1.8-2.2 billion rubles). And that's not counting the other assets of the ministerial family. So maybe Anatoly Serdyukov, before trying to patch up the holes of the UAC at the expense of the long-suffering Russian budget, try to figure out where the huge money from the country's aviation industry actually went? After all, it was the Mantura ministry that distributed the funds, maybe what has "stuck" to the hands of the minister-manager of Russian industry? There are many questions - there are no answers yet ...

Apparently, the principle of equidistance of oligarchs, formulated by Vladimir Putin in the early 2000s, is clearly not working properly.