Denis Manturov sweet sleep in the rooms for 1.4 million rubles

The Ministry of Industry and Trade spends millions on business trips of its employees, while the head of the department Denis Manturov settles in super-expensive hotels, according to an investigation by Transparency International Russia. In particular, during a business trip to Shanghai, the minister spent the night in the presidential suite worth 1.4 million rubles, follows from the investigation.
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The Ministry of Industry and Trade spent at least 19.3 million rubles only on living its employees in hotels during foreign business trips in 2016–2017, according to an investigation by Transparency International Russia, published on June 25. The authors of the investigation refer to the website of public procurement, where the agency places the acts of work performed. So detailed information about travel, in addition to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, reveals only the Ministry of Education and Science, notes "Transparency International Russia".

The authors of the investigation, with reference to the disclosed data, describe several missions of the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. In particular, according to their data, in November 2016, during a business trip to Shanghai, he stopped in the presidential suite at The Peninsula Shanghai. Day in an apartment of 400 square meters. m cost 1,388 million rubles, said "Transparency International Russia". This room’s guest has a two-story dining room, a living room with a fireplace and a balcony, an office, a guest toilet, a spacious walk-in closet with a radio, a weather panel and a nail dryer, a marble bathroom, a daily fruit basket and a local newspaper, the investigation says. The subordinates of Manturov at the same time lived in the standard rooms of another hotel for 9,500 rubles per day.

Other business trips Manturov, as follows from the investigation, cost less. During a two-day business trip to Zhengzhou China in October 2016, the Minister lived in a room at the JW Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou at a cost of 327,486 rubles per day. In October 2017, he was in Mexico City and spent the night in the presidential suite of the Four Season Hotel Mexico City for 478,782 rubles, says Transparency International Russia.

Manturov, according to the declaration, is among the highest paid government officials. In the Ministry of Finance, the authors of the inquiry on the inquiry were informed that the costs of official travel are fully reimbursed. According to the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev makes the coordination of the departure of the federal minister on a business trip, “but since there are no living standards for ministers, there is nothing to agree on,” Transparency International Russia writes.

Marginal costs of living for officials during foreign travel were established by the Ministry of Finance in 2004. The amounts vary depending on the country of the trip. As noted in the investigation, the ministers were withdrawn from the limits of the limits in 2005.

If we focus on standards, the budget would save 12.5 million rubles on business trips of employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2016-2017, the authors of the investigation estimated.

Before the publication of the investigation, the authors appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office. The supervisory authority handed over materials to the Federal Treasury, whose employees promised to take into account information about the expenses of ministers when planning inspections for the next year. A similar answer was sent by the staff of the Accounts Chamber. Also, “Transparency International Russia” sent recommendations to the government and the Presidential Administration.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, commenting on the investigation, stated that the travel expenses of the department were checked by the Accounts Chamber.