Depardieu quit Russian business

Depardieu's firm went to "Granny". The artist's legacy in Russia will become even smaller.
This week, judging by information from the database of legal entities (USRLE), the "Production Center of Gerard Depardieu", opened in 2013, is now called simply "PC Railway". Renaming is not the only change in documents. The founder of the project is no longer the lawyer Yuri Mosman, who deals with the affairs of the actor in Russia.

Despite the fact that Gerard Depardieu himself is still the founder, the management of his production center was transferred to an organization called the Babushka Film Company LLC, which was registered in 2016. It is owned by another representative of the actor, but no longer a Russian, but a Frenchman - Friille Arno Franz.

Another organization associated with Depardieu, LLC "Vkus France", which specializes in the sale of drinks, was given under the management of "Babushka".

In July it became known that, with the participation of a French actor, the Novosibirsk restaurant "Gerarnya" was being prepared for the opening. The famous restaurateur Denis Ivanov was supposed to become the actor's partner, but the project was never launched.

Gerard Depardieu received a Russian passport in 2013 by decree of Vladimir Putin and became the first in a series of world celebrities who have applied for Russian citizenship in recent years (Steven Seagal, Natalia Oreiro, Roy Jones and others). The last time Depardieu indicated his connection with Russia was last year, when he was baptized in an Orthodox church. True, the ceremony took place in Paris - the artist never made it to our country.