Deputy head of the customs risk control Department of the FCS Georgy Balakin is under house arrest

The deputy head of the customs fraud control department of the Federal Customs Service Georgy Balakin was "handed over" by accomplices from the Far Eastern customs, which the FSB and the Russian Federation have been foiling for several months.
Georgy Balakin, Deputy Head of the Customs Risk Control Department of the Federal Customs Service, was placed under house arrest by the decision of the Basmanny Court. He is suspected of receiving a large bribe, which usually means keeping in jail. According to some information, indulgence towards him was shown because of his willingness to cooperate with the investigation in the scandalous criminal case on the establishment of an OPS in Primorye, which was engaged in supplying goods to Russia at a reduced cost and systematically bribing customs officers.

As reported by Kommersant in the Moscow Basmanny Court, investigators of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (GKRS SKR) applied for a preventive measure in the form of house arrest for the deputy head of the customs risks control department of the FCS. George Balakin is a suspect in receiving a bribe in a particularly large amount (part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Judge Arthur Karpov granted the appeal of the SCR. At home with an electronic bracelet on his leg, a high-ranking customs officer will stay until August 18.

It is worth noting that the imputed guilt of Mr. Balakin, the Criminal Code article provides up to 15 years of imprisonment and a major fine and belongs to the category of particularly serious crimes. Therefore, according to the established practice, investigators always ask the court to conclude the defendant in custody, especially if he, as Mr. Balakin, serves in law enforcement bodies and is familiar with the methods of work of the siloviki. The exception is usually made for seriously ill people who can not be taken into custody, or for those who immediately began to admit to corruption and expressed a desire to expose other, more significant for the investigation of the defendants. According to preliminary data, the investigators did not insist on sending George Balakin to the SIZO for the second reason. However, the TFR does not give comments regarding the loud detention, but it was not possible to contact the lawyers of Giorgi Balakin "Kommersant". In the press service of the FCS, in turn, also remained silent. The phones of the immediate commander Georgy Balakin, the head of the customs risk control department, Philip Zolotnitsky, did not answer yesterday.

By the way, earlier in similar positions they worked in another department of the FCS - analytical. Some time ago, his powers were allegedly seriously expanded by obtaining the possibility of analyzing all customs transactions for their reliability with the right to suspend them. And at the end of last year, in his previous position, Mr. Balakin spoke on behalf of the FCS with answers to "current issues on the automated categorization of participants in foreign economic activity." And speech, in particular, was about the distribution of participants in foreign trade in risk levels. It was this that the management, in which he passed, was recently engaged.
Meanwhile, according to some information, the detention and home arrest of Mr. Balakin was a direct consequence of the development of the FSO, which was engaged in the supply of goods to Russia at a reduced cost.

As Kommersant told, last year in the Far East, in particular in Vladivostok, investigators of the SKD SKR with the support of FSB operatives carried out a series of searches. They concerned the arrival in the seaport of Vladivostok of dozens of containers with fur products, which were documented as cheap building materials. Already this year the special brigade detained the alleged leader of the organized criminal channel of the criminal community - a large seaside businessman Rodion Tikhonov and several of his alleged accomplices. Almost immediately, as Kommersant reported, the businessman began to cooperate with the investigation.

Then the first detained customs officers appeared. First, the handcuffs were put on the deputy head of the customs post "Sea Port Vladivostok" Yevgeny Romanchenko, he was sent under a special convoy to Moscow. As follows from court documents, on February 21, Mr. Romanchenko "gave confessions and took an active position to investigate the criminal case." Apparently, it was these testimonies that became one of the grounds for detaining and sending to Moscow a month later the first deputy chief of the Far Eastern customs, Major-General Sergei Fedorov. At the same time, as his defenders said, he also immediately after the detention went to cooperate with the TFR. It can not be ruled out that it was he who reported about the alleged bribe of $ 500 thousand by Georgy Balakin. If the latter also intends to apply for pre-trial cooperation, it is entirely possible to expect new arrests in the FCS.