Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov turned out to be a successful businessman

In 2017, the official earned 142.1 million rubles. According to him, he earns on the rental of real estate, among its partners - the founders of the networks "M.Video" and "Old Man Hottabych."
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First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov doubled his income in 2017, the official said on Wednesday, May 23. Last year, Aristarkhov reported about 142.1 million rubles, in 2016 - only about 69.1 million rubles. The first deputy minister, who oversees the activities of the Department of Museums and the Department of Science and Education, once again declared the greatest revenue among all ministry officials. Last year, Aristarkhov earned 16 times more than Minister Vladimir Medinsky, who reported about 8.7 million rubles.

As RBC himself told Aristarkhov, the salary in the Ministry of Culture is not his main source of income. The official, he said, owns "a number of shares in the companies" that are engaged in the delivery of warehouse real estate in the Moscow region. "The main source of my income is dividends," the deputy minister summed up.

Vladimir Aristarkhov, according to the SPARK database, is a co-owner of seven companies registered in the Moscow region. The main activity of most of them is the management of real estate.

Business partners of the official, as convinced RBC, are including the founders of the M.Video network. Aristarkhov, in particular, owns 25% LLC "League Development", registered in the Moscow region Khimki and the manager of the shopping center "League".

Another 25% of this company through LLC "Authority" belong to Alexander and Mikhail Tynkovan, as well as Pavel Breev, follows from the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. They are known as the founders of M.Video, the largest seller of household appliances now. In 2017, Alexander Tynkovan and his partners sold almost 58% of M.Video to the Safmar group Mikhail Gutseriev for $ 726 mln. Now Alexander Tynkovan is the president of M.Video and together with Pavel Breev is on the board of directors of the retailer.

Alexander Tynkovan did not respond to RBC's request.

Other co-owners of LLC "League Development" EGRYUL calls Grigory Kozhemyakin and Arthur Popelnyukhov. They own 12.5% ​​of the company. They are known as former co-owners of the "Starik Khottabych" network, which specialized in home and repair goods and went bankrupt in 2014.

Finally, another 25% of LLC "League Development" belongs to the chain of companies Sergey Vasiliev, CEO of JSC "Russian Funds", which is part of the same-name investment group.

Contact with Kozhemyakin, Popelnyukhov and Vasiliev failed.

In 2016, the revenue of LLC "League Develompent" under RAS amounted to almost 119 million rubles., Profit from sales - 74 million rubles., Net profit - almost 56 million rubles.