Deripaska is also crying

According to Reuters, the oligarch refused three business jets Gulfstream, which were leased.
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Businessman Oleg Deripaska has returned three private planes, which he took into leasing, because of imposed sanctions against him, reports Reuters referring to the company Freestream, which is charged to sell these aircraft.

These are business jet aircraft manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace. Two planes are put up for sale at a price of $ 29.95 million for each, the agency writes.

Director Freestream Alizer Ittihadiyeh told the agency that the aircraft belonged to Credit Suisse and Raiffeisen, they were transferred through another company controlled by Deripaska structures under a leasing agreement. According to her, "the top management, including Deripaska himself, flew on planes". "He is under sanctions, his company under sanctions, he is obliged to return planes. He must prematurely terminate leasing contracts according to the sanctions rules, "she added.

The agency connects the sale of aircraft with the impact of US sanctions. Deripaska's representative declined to comment on RBC. In Credit Suisse, Reuters was not provided with detailed comments, Raiffeisen was not commented on because it was a day off in Austria.

Aircraft - three Gulfstream G550 - are registered on the Isle of Man, their owners are offshore companies, the report said Reuters. There is no public information about the shareholders of these companies. Those two planes that were put up for sale for $ 29.95 million each were produced in 2012. Their registration numbers are M-ALAY and M-UGIC. The third aircraft with the M-SAWO number was produced in 2005, the price for it is not indicated, the agency writes.

In late January, Washington published a "Kremlin list" - a list of Russian officials, businessmen and heads of state companies, whom the US authorities call close to Vladimir Putin. Oleg Deripaska is on the list. On April 6, the US Treasury announced sanctions against seven businessmen, including Deripaska, and 17 officials, as well as against companies controlled by them. Under the sanctions was En +.

In early April, it was reported that the owner of Crocus Group Araz Agalarov - another person on the list - was forced to redeem his Gulfstream G550 from an American bank because of getting into the "Kremlin report". The businessman took in him a loan for $ 20 million.

In 2014, Gulfstream refused to serve Gulfstream G650 Gennady Timchenko. This happened after the businessman got on the US sanctions list, published in connection with the events in Ukraine.