Deripaska, Stolyarenko and Bondarenko deprived of citizenship of Cyprus

In addition to the owner of Rusal, former managers of Eurofinance Mosnarbank may also remain without passports.
The number of Russians who launched the procedure for depriving Cypriot citizenship, presumably got businessman Oleg Deripaska. This was reported by the Cypriot newspaper Politis. He is named Oleg Deribaska in the material, also on the list are his son and daughter. According to the publication, the former top managers of Eurofinance Mosnarbank, Vladimir Stolyarenko and Alexander Bondarenko, may also lose their Cypriot citizenship. In early November, Kommersant, citing a version of the Investigative Committee, linked them to a criminal group of fraudsters under the leadership of the former FSB colonel Kirill Cherkalin, who was under arrest.

The Cyprus government has informed investors from the list in person or through related offices, writes Politis. Deripaska, Stolyarenko and Bondarenko did not receive any official notifications of the status of Cypriot citizenship, their representatives said. Vedomosti is awaiting comments from representatives of the Government and the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus.

The decision of the Cypriot authorities to revoke the citizenship of 26 foreigners who received the so-called “golden passports” for investing in the country's economy, Reuters previously reported, citing a statement by the Minister of the Interior of Cyprus Konstantinos Petridis. Among them, nine Russians, wrote the Cyprus Times. Petridis added that the decision affects nine investors and their relatives. Petridis did not disclose the names of the persons involved in the list and their citizenship.

Cyprus does not publish citizenship lists for investments. But in March 2018, it became known that Deripaska received Cypriot citizenship in 2017 in exchange for investment in the country's economy.

In Cyprus, En + was registered with Deripaska, which controls UC Rusal and the large electricity holding Eurosibenergo. UC Rusal, in turn, was registered on about. Jersey.

In April 2018, Deripaska and 9 of his companies, including En +, UC Rusal and Eurosibenergo, came under US sanctions. In January, sanctions were lifted from all three companies in exchange for a decrease in Deripaska's share in En + below the control.

In the same year, En + and UC Rusal re-registered as “Russian offshore” on about. October Kaliningrad region. Special administrative regions on the territory of Russia (there is also Russky Island opposite Vladivostok) were created to support companies that were sanctioned - in return for investments in the country they receive low tax rates and easing control.

Vladimir Stolyarenko and Alexander Bondarenko own the oil and gas company RNG through the Cyprus Eastsib Holding. They have no other assets in Cyprus, their representative said.

A Cyprus passport provides the opportunity to live and work in the EU, to visit more than 150 countries without a visa, to have dual citizenship, wrote in the column for Vedomosti Ksenia Pavlova, senior manager of the EY private customer service department and Irina Romanenko, senior consultant for this department. The Cyprus citizenship program is one of the most loyal: to qualify for it, you must invest at least 2 million euros in the purchase of real estate, bonds or shares. You can’t sell them for five years, after which you can dispose of the assets at your discretion. In addition to this amount, it is necessary to make a non-refundable contribution of 150,000 euros to social projects and funds, the authors of the column pointed out.