Designers of the Russian military base in the Franz Josef Land archipelago remained without money

The project institute Grad, which completed the work for the Russian military base in the Arctic, is trying to get its money out of the contractor, Zabsibgazprom. So far there has been no success in this business and the design institute has started the procedure of bankruptcy.
The partners of the Tyumen structure of the general contractor for the construction of the facilities of the Ministry of Defense in the Arctic and Zapsibgazprom are attacking the company in the courts. In particular, the largest regional design institute Grad was involved in the proceedings, claiming a debt of almost half a billion from OOO Zapsibgazprom-Gazifikatsiya. The company that carried out work on the strategic facility could not get its money, which, according to the staff, led to fatal consequences. The society had to go to liquidation. In the current situation, observers blame the management of Zapsibgazprom and its subsidiaries, which refused to engage in dialogue with contractors, and point to the likely attempts of companies to avoid fulfilling their obligations under the contracts. While entrepreneurs are preparing new claims for arbitration, the conflict participants are waiting for a response from the Interior Ministry, which has already become interested in "possible financial frauds at the RF Defense Ministry site."

The Arbitration Court of the Tyumen region accepted the claim of OAO City Planning, Reconstruction, Restoration, Architectural Works and House Building Grad for the collection of 46.6 million rubles from OOO Zapsibgazprom-Gazizatsiya (a subsidiary of OAO Zapsibgazprom, the general contractor for the construction of the military infrastructure base of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the Franz Josef Land archipelago).

In the application, it is separately indicated that "Grad" asked for a deferment of payment of the state duty due to the difficult financial situation. "In confirmation of ... the plaintiff presents information of the tax authority on open (closed) accounts with credit institutions, certificates of Sberbank, Gazprombank and AB Russia on the lack of funds on settlement accounts."

As a source familiar with the conflict between Grad and Zapsibgazprom-Gasification told Pravda Urfo, the debts on the part of the latter directly affected the current "plight of the company."

"Virtually the entire infrastructure, including ellipsoids, on Franz Josef Land and on Boiler Station, which was built by order of the Ministry of Defense, was built on the projects of Grad. The company has a very large work experience. However, she did not receive any money. The claim for 46.6 million - only the first. Now, I know, the following statements are being prepared. The total amount is several hundred million rubles.

Quite accurately, the failure to pay the works affected the company's financial condition and eventually led to bankruptcy. Representatives of the Grad tried to negotiate with debtors, but Murzin (Mikhail Murzin, general director of Zapsibgazprom-Gazifikatsiya, Ltd. - Ed.) Does not decide anything, and requests addressed to Vodopyanov a year ago (Yuri Vodopyanov - general director of Zapsibgazprom OJSC "- Ed.), Were left without attention. Perhaps now it will be possible to dislodge debts through the court, "the interlocutor, close to the management of the project company, shared the details.

It is worth noting that JSC Grad has a long history and is the oldest design organization in the region. It was founded in 1946. The enterprise, which staffed up to 80 highly qualified specialists, repeatedly received awards from the regional Union of Builders, the Union of Russian Designers, the Governor of the Tyumen Region, the leadership of the City Hall, the regional and municipal dumas. Over the years, the company has designed more than 2.5 thousand different facilities in the Tyumen region, including 70 kindergartens and 100 schools, as well as 7 million square meters of residential and 4.7 million square meters of public space. Among the landmark projects of Grad, in particular, the Yamal-1 and Yamalsky-2 neighborhoods in Tyumen, the Olympic in Nadym, the reconstruction of the Tyumen administration building, the building of the Taraskul sanatorium, the office building of LUKOIL and the Memorial of Memory Square in Tyumen, as well as the object of the Ministry of Defense "North Clover" on the island of Kotelny.

But now the region is losing once the largest design institute, which has already announced liquidation. Moreover, in June of this year, the Arbitration Court of the Tyumen Region recognized OAO Grad as bankrupt in a lawsuit for 320,000 rubles from Olga Suslova. The company was unable to pay off the outstanding debts for the execution of the design work within a three-month period.

The liquidator of OAO Grad was appointed its general director Lyubov Yurchak, according to the information disclosure portal, along with chief architect Ravil Sakhabutdinov, who is the company's controlling shareholder. At the same time, Grad's representatives have already announced a large receivable.

"Grad OJSC" indicates that from the property there is only a receivable, which can be recovered only in court (Zapsibgazprom-Gazizatika LLC - 489 million rubles). There is no cash, which is confirmed by certificates from banks, there is no other property, as evidenced by the balance sheet and a certificate from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, "it follows from the materials of the arbitration.

Let's note that according to the data for the end of 2017 the balance of the company was 3.2 million rubles, having decreased by 52% in 12 months. Net loss for the year amounted to 20.4 million rubles.

Since the end of June, the design organization has introduced a competitive production. The post of the manager was taken by Pavel Veschev. During this time, in the list of creditors who claimed their financial claims, in particular, LLC "Grad" with the demand for 1.7 million rubles. The general director of the company, according to the USRLE, is also Lyubov Yurchak, while Vera Yurchak and Ravil Sakhabutdinov are among the founders. In addition, the requirements were put up by LLC TyumenVodoproekt (18.75 million rubles), LLC Design Institute Spectrum (11 million rubles).

It is noteworthy that the last company from the list of creditors also took part in the construction of the Arctic military infrastructure. "On 01.11.2014 an agreement No. 1291-2 / 2 was signed between Grad OJSC (customer) and Spectrum Design Institute LLC (contractor), according to which the customer instructs, and the contractor takes over the execution of the project estimate documentation for the facility" Construction of stationary facilities of units and units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the island of Alexandra Land (Franz Josef Land Archipelago, Nagurskoye Settlement) <...>. The cost of works under the agreement is 11 million rubles, excluding VAT, "the documents of the court indicate. Payment for Spectrum was never made, and on May 28, the Tyumen arbitration decided to recover money in favor of the contractor.

Let's note, according to the source of the publication close to the management of OAO Grad, new claims against Zapsibgazprom-Gasification can be filed in the very near future. The agency could not find out the position of representatives of Zapsibgazprom's subsidiary. The company's phones did not answer calls. For its part, the publication sent a corresponding request to the company.

It should be added, in addition to JSC Grad, many other Tyumen companies earlier announced their multi-million-dollar financial claims to Zapsibgazprom. Among them, for example, LLC "TSK" and "TSK Building". In these conflicts, it was also about unpaid works at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense in the Arctic. As a result, the likely fraud on the part of the general contractor became the subject of inspection by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.