Detained head of the Development Corporation is related to the supply of weapons to Syria

The detained head of Development Corporation, at whose house many antiques and several safes with money were found, is connected to the supply of Russian arms to Syria on Novorossiysk ship.
The detainee Sergei Maslov in its investigation mentions SRG SSR the RTS . The material contains a photo and a link to the profile in Maslova by Bloomberg , it confirms that we are talking about the arrested businessman.

RTS is investigating the involvement of Swiss companies to finance so-called "Syrian ekpressa" - regular deliveries of Russian weapons to the Syrian Tartous over the Bosphorus - by multi-million dollar transactions in Switzerland.

In the center of the investigation - the ship "Novorossiysk", which was observed in the Bosporus at least twice on the way from Novorossiysk in Tartous. Also on the raids "Novorossiysk" wrote agency to Reuters . Interlocutor in the port of Novorossiysk, confirmed that on board was loaded "trucks". At the same time Swiss journalists have noted that official data on shipments, "Novorossiysk" notie. the RTS reports that with "Novorossiysk" was charged with the ship "Alexander Tkachenko," and brings his photo, which can be seen on the deck of a ship military truck "Ural".

Swiss journalists found out that Maslov financed the activities of the company SVM Holding, which acquired "Novorossiysk" and "Tkachenko" (while the ships were called otherwise) in the Liberian Nexus Maritime Services company for $ 12 million. Maslov has not responded to a call from Switzerland indicates RTS. The fact that the money was transferred just for ships, confirm the receipt of the documents by the Swiss auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The detention and prosecution of fraud

In Maslova week and his deputy in the "Development Corporation" Vladimir Karamanov detained. Later Leninsky court in Rostov-on-Don arrested them until 30 November.

Managers accused of embezzlement of funds in especially large amounts - more than 1 billion rubles. According to investigators, in 2013, they were acting in collusion with the management of OJSC "Bank" National Credit ", placed in the said credit institution in sightBerea revoke the license more than 1 billion rubles belonging to the corporation. Attackers transferred funds to accounts lzheorganizatsy on spurious grounds and kidnapped. "The regional newspaper" reported that, according to some sources, the funds were derived in the offshore and invested in personal projects.

Maslov was detained in a cottage in the village of "Arkhangelsk" near Moscow. According to the participants in the operation, the head of the residence "Development Corporation" more like a museum: the park the owner placed the author a copy of the famous sculpture of Salvador Dali "Rhino", a house wall decorated with paintings by Russian artists, including Ivan Shishkin, a watch collection was housed in a separate room known brands, the cost of some of them exceeded 100 thousand dollars.

For racks with shoes appeared somewhat hidden safes, which stores about 100 thousand dollars. In Maslova garage were Bentley and Maybach, as well as two rare Mercedes. In addition, having the Russian and Swiss citizenship Maslov, according to the security services, it has several apartments inoscow, real estate abroad, and on one of the foreign shipyards built 70-meter yacht valued at more than EUR 50 million.