Developer "Grenelle" will build the plant in Dolgoprudny

The company will invest 22 billion rubles in the construction of the industrial zone in Dolgoprudny (Moscow region). The demand for primary housing is falling for the fourth year in a row.
The territory of the Moscow Stone Processing Plant (IWC) in Dolgoprudny, which at various times was controlled by the structures of Inteko and SU-155, can finally be built up. The Granel Group, which became the owner of the facility, plans to invest 22 billion rubles. in the construction of 37.2 hectares of land more than 400 thousand square meters. m of real estate and a park complex. Consultants warn that the project will have to face a strong competitive environment.

On the site of the IWC in Zavodskoy Street in Dolgoprudny near Moscow, a project will be implemented to create a park zone from the embankment: 12.7 hectares will be allocated for this, and another 416 thousand square meters will be built for another 20 hectares. m. This was told to Kommersant in the Granel Group of Companies (the developer of the project). The housing will have 300 thousand square meters. m, for commercial real estate is allocated 72 thousand square meters. m and the social infrastructure - 44 thousand square meters. The implementation of this project, according to the calculations of Granel, will take five years, and the investment in it will amount to 22 billion rubles. To sell comfort housing there, the company plans in the future for 80-90 thousand rubles. for 1 square. m.

GC "Granel" exists since 1992. The company's portfolio is estimated at 4.5 million square meters. m of real estate, the bulk of which is residential real estate in the suburbs. The owners of the group are Andrei Nazarov and Ilshat Nigmatullin.

ICC exists since 1937 and specializes in the production of products from natural stone. In the 1990s, the enterprise was corporatized, but actively continued to work: its products were used in the construction of many iconic objects: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the stations of the Moscow Metro, the arrangement of Manezhnaya Square and Poklonnaya Gora. In 2006, control of the ICC was awarded to Inteko, which at that time was controlled by Elena Baturina. In 2014, when the control over Inteko passed to Mikayil Shishkhanov, the IWC was sold to Mikhail Balakin's SU-155. But the company did not manage to develop its assets: in 2015 the federal authorities decided to renovate the developer. The owner of the company after the collapse of the developer engaged in politics: now Mr. Balakin is one of the candidates for the post of the mayor of Moscow.

As explained by "Kommersant" in GC "Granel", at the time of acquisition by the company MCC enterprise was in a state of bankruptcy, the developer took upon itself the obligation to pay its debts. According to, Ilshat Nigmatullin (74.9%) and Vladimir Tkach (25.1%), who was the general director and co-owner of the enterprise in the 1990s, are now founders of MKK LLC. According to the plans of "Granel", the production complex of the IWC will be modernized and transferred to the industrial zone in the Transport Passage of Dolgoprudny, which will be located on 3.5 hectares. Managing Partner of Colliers International, Nikolay Kazansky, assumes that the market value of a certain section of the IWC for construction may be 1.1-1.5 billion rubles.

Purchasing demand for primary housing in the suburbs is declining for the fourth consecutive year. According to Rosreestra, from 2015 to 2017 the number of registered equity contracts (DDU) in the region decreased by 43%. In the first five months of this year, the fall was 5% compared to the same period in 2017. In Moscow, for five months in 2018, the number of registered DDUs, on the contrary, increased by 46%. Despite this, the head of key partners of the Est-a-tet Roman Rodiontsev believes that the new project of the GC Granel has a good location: "The plot from the west adjoins the canal of the Moscow Canal, and to the Kotovsky Bay from the north." Metinium managing partner Maria Litinetskaya warns that the competition will be quite high: in the immediate vicinity of it are five residential projects, two of which are formally located in Moscow. "The developer will at least reduce the cost and offer a really interesting concept," - she warns.