DIA got at the foreign assets of Tuva ex-senator and banker Sergey Pugachev

In an exhausting judicial war waged in the West between the Russian authorities and banker Sergey Pugachev, a turning point was the battle that can radically change all future wars for assets.  
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Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) received in the London court the right to sell the two houses of the British Lower Venn Farm estate and mansion Old Battersea House. Both facilities are at the center of the British court's attention because of their supposed membership banker and ex-senator from Tuva Sergei Pugachev. DIA require an English court the money that Sergei Pugachev, according to the agency, brought out of the IIB. The license was withdrawn from the bank for almost six years ago-in October 2010. Then Pugachev left Russia, he moved first to France (where he became a citizen), and then - in Britain. "DIA collectors of" Behind him rushed. A few years later they were able to achieve the arrest of a banker's assets. In July 2014 a London court froze Sergei Pugachev assets worldwide by $ 2 billion.

In itself, this solution is not threatened by anything serious Sergei Pugachev, as his belongings were safely "covered" all sorts of shells and corporate trusts. At least so it seemed to all participants in the scheme. But it turned out that the corporate shield, blocking access to assets that can be overcomeet. This is achieved lawyers Anglo-American law firm Hogan Lovells as a result of a multi-pass combination. In February 2015, the company's lawyers are making a judgment that makes Sergei Pugachev disclose its controlled NZ trusts, for which the British real estate has been wound up.

But in early June of that year, the British authorities are beginning to consider a request for the extradition of Sergei Pugachev home. At the same time the decision on the prohibition to leave the territory of England and Wales. All these actions had one goal - they were forced to leave London Pugacheva. June 23, 2015 Ex-banker "secretly" left for France.

After that, Hogan Lovells lawyers begin a campaign to attract Pugacheva to responsibility for contempt of court. In December 2015 the High Court issues a warrant for the arrest of Sergei Pugachev, and in February 2016 he was sentenced to two years in prison. Thus, the ex-senator was unable to appear in court, and consequently - the right to defend himself in Britain. After that, the lawyers took for breaking trust. They were able to prto overcome the defense of trustees and to get permission to sell the mansion Old Battersea House. Then get permission for its sale representatives of DIA.

The cost of the mansion at the time of its acquisition in December 2011, the New Zealand trust Kea Trust Company, amounted to 12 million pounds. The amount is not impressive, given the fact that Pugacheva is accused of embezzling 531 million pounds ($ 700 million), and in a court order to freeze appears 1.7 billion pounds. Impressive, however, in itself is quite feasible to "opening" of the trust. While we are talking only about the possibility of the sale of assets with the subsequent transfer of revenue in the general bankruptcy estate. But in the next stage it will already go on to name the particular owner of the trust, which threatens a complete loss of confidence (at least Russian capitalists) to the British model of property based on the possibility of effective separation of owners, managers, and those who receive income . The last word in this matter has not yet been told. It will be possible to make the next wave of processes - in 2017.