Dmitry Ananiev sunbathes in Cyprus as an aborigine

Former co-owner of Promsvyazbank Dmitry Ananyev is a resident of Cyprus and resides in Limassol, his representative said in court. Previously, the move of the ex-banker to Cyprus after the start of the rehabilitation of the PSB was reported unofficially.
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Former co-owner of Promsvyazbank Dmitry Ananyev is a resident of Cyprus and resides in the republic, said his representative on February 5 at a meeting of the Moscow Arbitration Court.

The statement was made during the consideration of the PSB lawsuit, taken by the Central Bank for reorganization in December 2017, to ten foreign companies, one of which is Promsvyaz Capital B.V. (through her, the brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyev used to control Promsvyazbank). Arbitration drew Dmitry Ananyev to the case as a third party at the end of last year, but he was not properly notified about this.

Dmitry Ananyev is “permanently located” in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and his real address was provided to the court, the representative of the businessman said. Now Ananyev is a resident of Cyprus, confirmed the representative of one of the respondents - Cypriot Fintailor Investments (owned shares in the PSB prior to rehabilitation). Her lawyers represented a businessman earlier in the High Court of London, he continued. Then, a lawsuit filed against the banker was filed by former wealthy clients of the PSB who bought the securities of the structures connected with the businessman.

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As proof, the representative of Fintailor provided an affidavit (written evidence) to the Russian court, filed with the London court, where Dmitry Ananiev says that he is currently a resident of Cyprus and lives there in Limassol. How long ago it happened, the representative of Fintailor did not specify, but noted: “It seems to me, this confirms the fact that he is not in the city of Salekhard, Khanty-Mansiysk, and somewhere else else.”

Promsvyaz Capital B.V. tried to notify Ananyev about the trial at the address in Salekhard (the ex-banker was the senator from the YNAO from 2006 to 2013). The address was provided by the plaintiff in accordance with the data from a copy of Ananyev's passport. But the courier service could not deliver the shipment, because “the address does not exist, the house was demolished,” explained the representative of Promsvyaz Capital. “Accordingly, apparently, Dmitry Nikolaevich can no longer be registered there, because the house simply does not exist physically,” she added.

Dmitry Ananiev left Russia for London immediately after the Central Bank introduced a temporary administration to Promsvyazbank on December 15, 2017. She almost immediately appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to initiate a criminal case in connection with the bank’s buy-back transactions from NPF a day before the reorganization. In May, it became known that the businessman moved to Cyprus and settled in the Four Seasons Hotel, Vedomosti wrote, citing sources. Four Seasons is located just in Limassol.

Promsvyazbank has claims against former owners: in the arbitration now several claims from the bank against companies that were in the past connected with a credit organization or its owners are being considered. The largest of them was filed at the end of December - PSB demands from the Ananyev brothers, Promsvyaz Capital B.V. and ten former top managers of the bank 282.2 billion rubles. On February 5, a case was considered regarding the cancellation of 30 transactions on the purchase of securities by Promsvyazbank from Promsvyaz Capital B.V. and other former owners the day before entering the temporary administration. PSB believes that these transactions were aimed at the removal of assets from the bank, and requires the return of more than 65 billion rubles

How to become a resident of Cyprus

In order to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus, you need to invest in the primary real estate at least € 300 thousand (plus VAT), follows from the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cyprus. The applicant is not obliged to be present when buying property, as this can be done through representatives. However, he must provide a certificate of no criminal record and a certificate of stable annual income of € 30 thousand, which is generated outside of Cyprus (dividends, stocks, pensions, etc.), and put this amount on a three-year deposit in a Cyprus bank . An investor who has a residence permit in Cyprus must come to the country at least once every two years.

Seven years after obtaining a residence permit, you can apply for Cyprus citizenship, provided that you live on the island at least 180 days each year.