Dmitry Ananyev and Promsvyazbank milked Rusmoloko

Rusmoloko's minority shareholder Valery Glichiyans accused Promsvyazbank head, Dmitry Ananyev, of fraud and the deliberate bankruptcy of the dairy company.
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Minority shareholder of Rusmoloko Valery Glichyans accused the chairman of the board of Promsvyazbank and former senator Dmitry Ananyev of the company's deliberate bankruptcy. And although the PSB called it "an attempt to manipulate public opinion", PSB partners are visibly nervous at the background of constant reports about problems in the credit institution and its owners. In particular, the representative of the company "Nastyusha" had to reassure the holders of the troubled LC Tsaritsino, transferred to the bank recently by Igor Pinkevych.

"The check on Ananiev and other persons is carried out by the department of the UBEP and the Department of Internal Affairs of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow from the beginning of October on the allegation of fraud, deliberate bankruptcy and raider seizure of Rusmoloko," said a source familiar with the situation. in that he organized a fraudulent scheme and artificial bankruptcy of a large milk producer, brought Glichiants out of the founders, "thereby depriving him of a share estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles."

Glichiants appealed to law enforcement agencies after the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court on bankruptcy (bankruptcy) of the company. The entrepreneur "insists on instituting criminal proceedings on fraud and wants to bring the perpetrators to justice and return unlawfully taken away material means." According to Glichiants, the top managers of the bank and the general director of Rusmolok Alexei Ledenev are also involved in this crime.

According to the businessman, Ledenev and a number of employees of the bank allegedly organized a "mirror" structure of the company "Rusmoloko", whose management issued a contractual loan amounting to about 500 million rubles in Promsvyazbank, bought all tangible and non-tangible assets from the old company, and transferred to your employees. As a result, "Rusmoloko" remained without any tangible assets. The press service of Promsvyazbank told Interfax that the bank was the creditor of the company and "in this case it is a dispute within the company."

Valery Glichyants previously headed the Inteko-agro LLC, which was part of Inteco group of Elena Baturina, the wife of former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Today, according to SPARK, Glichiants is owned by the Moscow company for the production of meat and milk LLC Rusmoloko, as well as LLC Rusoboronech. Glichiants also recently acquired 5.9% of Nevsky Bank from its founder Sergei Girdin. The main activity of a businessman is connected with the agricultural sector, as well as he has interests in development in Moscow, a source in the bank told Delovoy Peterburg.

This morning, the agency "Ruspres" reported problems with its one agrarian enterprise, related to Promsvyazbank. The former owner of the poultry concern "White Bird" Igor Barschuk assures that the obligation to pay the company's debt to Rosselkhozbank in the amount of 800 million rubles rests with its new owners from LLC "Semper Idem", which was one of the terms of the sale. "Semper Ida" is considered to be a structure of Promsvyazbank, despite the fact that it is regularly denied by Dmitry and Alexander Ananyev.