Dmitry Kamenschik agreed to retribution

The owner of Domodedovo is ready to compensate for the damage caused by a suicide bomber.
As the "Kommersant", today the representatives of Domodedovo airport announced it has reached an agreement with representatives of the victims in the terrorist attack related to the 2011 criminal case for services that do not meet safety requirements. As part of its investigation into about 40 of the more than 200 victims stated claims for the sum of 50 million to 700 million rubles to the airport to commercial structures, and TFR for compensation for the damage they planned to arrest the airport structures. In the event that the world will get injured obviously smaller, but still large sums. In turn, the owner of Domodedovo Dmitry Mason will be able to rely on the termination of his prosecution and the preservation of property.

It is expected that the agreement reached Domodedovo leadership and representatives of victims in the criminal case for services that do not meet safety requirements (Art. 3 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code), will be announced this afternoon at a press conference. On Monday it was reported that the journalists act TASS Deputy Director for External Relations Denis Nuzhdin Domodedovo Airport and ADVCat Igor Trunov. The theme of the joint statements of the parties has been declared as "dedicated to the conclusion of authoritative experts of criminal law regarding the terrorist attack in 2011 at the Domodedovo airport." And the two previously warring parties were going to report "for further joint action." It is obvious that, without any negotiations, and ended mutual least prior consent, such a press conference would be simply impossible. Obviously, from the representatives of the victims can be expected to consent to the legal opinion on the high-profile case made by heads of departments of the criminal and civil law faculty of law of the Moscow State University Vladimir Komissarov and Evgeny Sukhanov ( "Y" in detail told about it on May 5), which came to a conclusion on the absence of corpus delicti Dmitry Mason in airport activities of the owner and other persons involved, as in accordance with the prevailing legislation in 2011, they could not have not provided their services for one hundred percent inspection of visitors transport object.

Note thatjust a week ago the same Igor Trunov said that about 40 of the victims in the case stated in its investigation of civil claims to the owner of Domodedovo and former top manager of the airport. It clarifies the lawyer, the amounts shown in the statement of claim was calculated individually in each case, and ranged from 50 million to 700 million rubles. In total, it happened several billion rubles. At the same time claims could not stop the flow. Indeed, as reported by "Kommersant", the victims in the case of unsafe services have been recognized by all the 200 people who have been affected by suicide bombing suicide in January 2011, which, according to investigators, and took advantage of the absence of one hundred percent inspection at the entrances to the airport. In turn, the TFR, a criminal case has already started collecting information on companies working in Domodedovo and controlled by the master masons to prepare an application to the court for their arrest for further compensation for victims of damage.

According to "Kommersant" According to sources, now the victims may withdraw their claims after the owner of the complex Domodedovonsiruet them damages. For this is supposed to create a special fund to compensate the victims of which will go according to the received by them as a result of the terrorist attack damage and trauma. Earlier, the chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, speaking to students of MGIMO, has called for the airport owner to pay victims. He even named, citing the experience of the USA, amounting to approximately compensate the family of survivors, -. About $ 5 million should be noted that although the owner and former managers of Domodedovo and does not recognize his guilt in a criminal case, but their willingness to pay can contribute to the cessation their criminal prosecution. In addition, it is clear that in the absence of the victims can not and seizure airport.

In a similar scenario, by the way, it has developed a recent prosecution of another billionaire - Alexei Semin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Criminal Code "AC Management", which owned the burned in Kazan last year, the shopping center "Admiral" (19 people became the victims of a fire).

Mr. Semin and his staff paid COMPENSATIONation to a special fund for victims, and TFR has stopped the prosecution of oligarchs who incriminated the same as the master masons, Art. 238 of the Criminal Code, came to the conclusion that "objective data indicating a direct causal link" between the action (or inaction) of a businessman and of the consequences in the form of loss of life is not there.

In turn, chairman of the charity fund Larisa Chernikov said yesterday, "Kommersant" that it from Mr. Semin at the beginning received 500 thousand. Rub. and another 110 thousand. rub. listed employees of his company. According to Ms. Chernikova, no more revenue from Mr. Semin was not. His company has promised the families of the victims to 1 million rubles. compensation, saying that will assist targeted and asked to compile lists of those who are in dire need of money. According to Ms. Chernikova, such accumulated 50 lists have been transferred. In addition, the company has promised to negotiate a reduction to Pogorevshikh entrepreneurs rents in the shopping center "Altyn". "However, the compensation received only two families. PAfter withdrawal of charges with representatives of the company Semin stopped communicating, "- said Ms. Chernikova She found it difficult to say whether the promised compensation to the victims in exchange for a waiver to Mr. Semin However, such a situation is impossible in the case of the owner of Domodedovo, which.. Unlike Mr. Semin is not abroad, but under house arrest in Moscow.

Lawyer Igor Trunov and TFR declined to comment. The press service of Domodedovo airport, "Kommersant" reported that "all the information will be presented during the press conference." At the same time the source of "b" in Domodedovo claimed that as far as the payments of specific amounts of compensation to the victim is not.