Dmitry Mazurov's "new stream" changed president

GC "New Stream" was led by former vice-president of Gazprombank Andrey Zokin, who, according to Kommersant, can buy 50% of the CC from Igor Makarov. Makarov himself ceded the post of the head of the board of directors of the New Stream to Dmitry Mazurov.
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In the GC "New Stream" (50% each from Dmitry Mazurov and Igor Makarov) and "Antipinsky refinery" (the largest asset of the group), personnel reshuffles took place, the company said.

The co-owner of the group, Dmitry Mazurov, was replaced by Andrei Zokin, former vice-president of Gazprombank. Igor Makarov, who headed the board of directors of the New Stream, left this post, Dmitry Mazurov became the new head of the council.

Zokin will be involved in operational management of the company and increasing the efficiency of enterprises, included in the "New Stream", and Dmitry Mazurov "will focus on strategic issues and identifying priority areas for the development of the company, as well as implementing strategic investment projects," the New Stream said.

Mazurov and Zokin will be engaged in operational management jointly, said a representative of Novoe Potoka.

At the same time, the shareholders changed the board of directors of the Antipinsky refinery: two representatives of the Arety group, Igor Makarov, and Vladimir Kalashnikov, who had an option to buy 25% of the plant, were among the new participants. Alexei Grenkov, deputy director of the department of major clients of the Savings Bank, ) and Andrei Zokin.

The representative of the "New Stream" declined to comment on what the permutations in the company are related to. Earlier Kommersant reported that the new shareholder of New Stream, the owner of the Arety group, Igor Makarov, was selling the stake in the holding, and negotiations for the sale were being conducted with Andrei Zokin.

Makarov bought 50% in the "New Stream" in October last year, the remaining stake was in Mazurov, but the relationship of partners did not work out, the sources of Kommersant explained. Mazurov and Makarov agreed to jointly own and manage the "New Stream", but in fact "Arety" did not receive full-fledged levers of management. Makarov is really negotiating the sale of the stake, RBC's interlocutor said, close to one of the shareholders of the New Stream.

Zokin owns about 35% in the Sakhalin fishery company LLC "Tunaicha", the remaining shares in the company, according to SPARK, are in pledge with the ex-banker. After leaving Gazprombank, Andrei Zokin also retained his membership in the board of directors of VSMPO-Avisma as an independent director, Kommersant reported.