Dmitry Peskov denied the existence of the "private fund of Vladimir Putin"

The businessman Boris Herman, accused of organizing an assassination attempt against journalist Arkady Babchenko, told about the existence of the "private fund of Putin".
The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov today called the insinuations of the statement about the existence in Russia of the "Putin private fund", whose representative allegedly ordered the murder of journalist Arkady Babchenko. "There are no such funds in Russia. Such statements are insinuations and do not correspond to reality - this is serious, "Peskov told journalists on Friday.

In general, the whole story is "nothing more than a crisp cranberry," Peskov added. "I do not know how this will be translated, but the Russian-speaking people will understand me," he said.

On the eve of the trial, a businessman Boris Herman, suspected of organizing an assassination attempt against Babchenko, told the court about the "private foundation of Putin". According to Herman, "Interfax-Ukraine" writes, an acquaintance of his who came to Moscow to "contact the Putin Foundation for the organization of unrest in Ukraine." Herman, he said, immediately reported this to the counterintelligence authorities of Ukraine and later cooperated with the special services. The prosecutor said that the prosecution's party found out about the alleged cooperation of German with counterintelligence only with his words during the trial, but that his statement contradicts both the logic and the protocols of investigative-investigative actions.

Herman named the name of his Moscow acquaintance, the website "Ukrainskaya Pravda" blocked in Russia. "His name is Vyacheslav Pivovarkin. He answers in Putin's fund, in a private fund, for organizing terrorist acts and a military coup in the upcoming presidential elections, he is directly responsible for the whole of Ukraine, "Herman said. According to him, he disclosed this information because he is afraid of the conflict of counterintelligence with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

Babchenko himself, quoting the publication of The Bell, who discovered the only Vyacheslav Pivovarkin in the SPARK-Interfax system, praised journalists who linked the latter to the "general-propagandist Shershnev" through the Russian National and International Security Fund. Major-General Leonid Shershnev (deceased in December 2014) was also president of the nationalist Russkiy fund and editor-in-chief of the Security magazine.

On Babchenko's death after the assassination attempt in Kiev was announced on May 29, but on May 30 it turned out that the attempt was a dramatization of the SBU. On the same day, Boris Herman was detained, and the murder killer Aleksey Tsymbalyuk, hired by him, announced that he had been a participant in the operation of the special services and had accepted an advance in this capacity.