Dmitry Rogozin found switchmen in the case of FondServisbank

The search for billions lost by the bank, Roscosmos began with the leadership of STK Soyuz, and now it appoints the head of the AHO and an ordinary lawyer.
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Roscosmos again shocked by scandals. Now they are also involved in investigative bodies. Instead of looking for those guilty of embezzlement of tens of billions of rubles withdrawn from Roskosmosbank (formerly Fonservisbank), only switchmen are found there. Among them are the head of the AHO and a corporate lawyer, from whom only a mobile phone was seized during the search, and bank accounts were not arrested. Because there is nothing there except salary.

According to our sources, on August 14, 2015, the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia opened a criminal case on embezzlement of tens of billions of rubles from FONDSERVISBANK OJSC (today Roskosmosbank). The money was withdrawn through the provision of obviously bad loans to commercial organizations controlled by the holding company STK Soyuz LLC. This caused significant damage to the state corporation Roscosmos, since this bank is its 100% subsidiary. During the investigation, the amount of damage was adjusted from 55 billion rubles. up to 6 billion rubles. This criminal case No. 103659 takes place on the grounds of a crime under Part 4 of Art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code. Several others were connected to it in one production.

The period of the crime from May 31, 2013 to February 24, 2015. In 2015, the FONDSERVISBANK itself was appointed an interim administration. Our sources note that the investigation itself was conducted strangely. The heads of organizations controlled by the Holding (LLC STK Soyuz) to investigators' questions about involvement in the activities of structures under their control and receipt of bad loans at FONDSERVISBANK in every possible way tried to relieve themselves of responsibility by telling about their activities with financial reports, analytics and the transfer of documents received in Secretariat of the General Director of the Holding. He’s been put on the international wanted list for two years. But his whereabouts, until now, remain unknown to the investigation for anyone, even his deputies. The interrogations of the employees of the Union are striking in their laconicism (1.5-2 pages). At the same time, employees of companies that followed the direct instructions of the “curators” from the Holding were subjected to multi-stage interrogations, which resulted in dozens of pages of protocols. Moreover, they named employees of STK Soyuz LLC, from whom these instructions came. However, for some reason, suspicions fell only on the head of the Holding and some “unidentified persons”. Although, some of the deputy general directors of STK Soyuz LLC from 2000 to 2015 were members of the Management Board, Board of Directors, Credit Council, and FONDSERVISBANK Revision Commission, which, apparently, decided to grant or not to provide a loan. All of these persons are involved in the case as witnesses or as “unidentified persons”.

And so the investigation, as our experts note, found a convenient culprit. These are employees of Automation of Business Processes - Technology LLC, which is almost completely controlled by Soyuz. The General Director and the heads of departments do not know anything and pass as witnesses in the case as unaware persons of criminal activity. But according to our data, they are trying to bring to responsibility the head of the AHO Sergey Evzhenko, who was involved in the purchase of paper, cartridges and other office supplies, corporate lawyer German Kozubin, as well as other persons unrelated to the company's activities. By the nature of his activity, the same Kozubin could not have anything to do with obtaining third parties any loans and did not work with contracts, did not compile and did not check the contractual work of the company and counterparties, did not communicate and did not solve issues with accounting staff on the preparation of financial documents and bookkeeping of client organizations.
It is curious that the General Director of ABP-Technology LLC also held the position of Technical Director of the large construction company CJSC Quadro Telecom Group (part of the Holding, jointly own various assets) and signed various documents (executive documentation, acts of completion, certificates) with those same companies that received bad loans. By the way, according to our sources, the head of ABP-Technology LLC can go through the case as a nominee director.

According to our sources, the situation developed like this: in July 2012, an outsourcing agreement was concluded between ABP - Technologies LLC and the Moscow City Bar Association of Vympel, according to which all employees of ABP - Technologies LLC worked together with the MGCA employees "Pennant". Some of the employees of ABP - Technologies LLC were transferred to Vympel MGKA to equivalent positions. All employees of ABP-Technology LLC and the bar association, worked in the same office and performed common tasks. In the interrogation records you will not find a single mention of the collegium, as well as of its Chairman and Deputy.

And again, the inexplicable behavior of the investigation, for unknown reasons, for him as the college of lawyers of MGPA Vympel itself, as well as the real heads of departments of ABP-Technology LLC, as if there wasn’t. According to our sources, in all extracts on the personal accounts of companies that received non-repayable loans, Vympel MGKA allegedly passes as a beneficiary under contracts for the provision of legal and accounting services. How, then, were those very contracts concluded with their subsequent extension with companies in which directors, in the opinion of the investigators, were nominal? Really, the preliminary investigation body, the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are not interested in establishing the truth in the case? One gets the impression that not a comprehensive investigation is being conducted, but a directed action against pre-selected switchmen. The employees of this Department found, as they think, involved in the crime. However, these “found” could not interact with each other, since they did not know about the existence of each other.

During the investigation, the “culprits” did not find any expensive property, taking into account the enormous damage, the size of which, for some reason, cannot be determined to this day. According to a source who is familiar with the circumstances of the case, on 10.10.2017, searches were carried out in the apartment of the same German Kozubin and in the apartment of his parents. A mobile phone was seized from him, and a computer was seized from work. They were returned after a year and a half. No other valuable property was found. G. Kozubin's settlement accounts were used only for receiving wages. They were not tested or arrested. In addition to the means of accumulation and salary, there was nothing on these accounts. And the man who "stole" a huge amount lives in a budget apartment in the Moscow region with his wife and children, does not have any assets, bank accounts, expensive cars and other luxury goods.

This lawyer has been under house arrest for two years now and has been deprived of his livelihood. Pensioners feed him and his young children today.

In general, for an ordinary person, this whole story may seem like some kind of schizophrenic nonsense. Alas, this scandal is a reality. As well as the fact that the stolen billions of Roscosmos will never return the stolen bill by such methods.