Dmitry Rybolovlev proposed to abandon the football club "Monaco"

According to Prince Albert II, a businessman should abandon a football club if his guilt is proven.
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In an interview with Mediapart, the Prince of Monaco Albert II commented on the situation around the Russian businessman and owner of the Monaco football club, Dmitry Rybolovlev, who was suspected of corruption and influence trading. The prince believes that if the businessman’s fault is proved, he should abandon the leadership of the club.

“We must wait for the end of the investigation. If all this is proved, I think he needs to leave [from the club management], ”said Prince Albert II. "Now we must respect the presumption of innocence, unless he decides to stop his presidency in Monaco, but for now we cannot hurry," he added.

Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev was detained on November 6 in Monaco at the request of the local prosecutor's office. As reported by the French edition of Le Monde, searches were carried out in his apartments in Monte Carlo. All actions were taken as part of an investigation on suspicion of corruption and trafficking in influence, the newspaper reported.

On November 10, a businessman’s representative told RBC that Rybolovlev had returned to Moscow. The interviewee clarified that the businessman was released under the condition of judicial control. The lawyer of the businessman Tom Jacquardi told RBC that in the Monaco Rybolovlev police did not answer any of the questions asked to him. “This is a position that we took over a year ago. We wrote a letter to the judge explaining this position, ”the lawyer explained.

Rybolovlev since 2015 is suing art dealer Yves Bouvier, believing that the art dealer sold him paintings at an inflated price. The detention and interrogation of Rybolovlev were connected with the police’s interest in the contents of the telephone of a lawyer, businessman Tatyana Bersheda. Back in February 2017, the police found on Bersheda’s telephone a recording of Rybolovlev’s conversation with Bouvier and his assistant Tanya Rappo. Following Rybolovlev, charges of corruption and trafficking in influence were brought against the former head of the Ministry of Justice of Monaco, Philip Narmino. He resigned in September 2017, when it became aware of the participation of representatives of his department in the Rybolovlev dispute with Bouvier.

Rybolovlev - the main owner of FC Monaco, he owns 66.7% of the club. Another 33% belong to the Principality of Monaco. Rybolovlev holds the presidency in a football club.