Dmitry Rybolovlev will spend the money of Vneshprombank on football

The former owner of Uralkali and eccentric billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who became world famous thanks to the multi-million dollar spending on works of art (including counterfeit and fakes), does not intend to suspend the financing of Monaco FC.

The money for this expensive toy tycoon can be taken from the funds that he allegedly handed over fugitive ex-President George Vneshprombank Bedzhamov.

Financial well-being of FC "Monaco" is not in danger, I'm sure its general director Vadim Vasilyev.

- Rybolovlev has funded a project at an early stage to restart: exit from the second division to the forefront of French football and prominent position in European football. Since achieving these goals for more than two years the club is self-funded. At the moment, the threat of exit from the project is not a Russian businessman, - he said .

Club 67% owned by Dmitry Rybolovlev, the remaining shares owned by the Prince of Monaco Albert II, whom the Russian oligarch and close associates (unselfish) friendship. In 2012-2013, the budget of the "Monaco" was about 75 million euros per year, but only for the first four years of ownership they Rybolovlev poured into the football team of about 100 million euros. I must say that in Monaco the eponymous football club has long been used to drain money from the rich Russian Pinocchio - in 1996-2007years this club has sponsored another oligarch from Russia, Alexei Fedorychev (owner of Fedcominvest, exported fertilizer from Russia). In the early 2000s, he also proposed a similar scheme to the authorities - to obtain a controlling stake of the club shares in exchange for 150 million euro investment. But then the legal troubles have prevented this deal. Nevertheless, the Principality of Monaco authorities each year still receive 3-4 million euros from Fedorychev structures "on the football."

The beauty of FC "Monaco" is not only in the fact that thanks to him, robbing local aristocrats in exchange for the "roof" of the Russian oligarchs, but also in the money laundering. For example, since the Principality of Monaco is an offshore company in the EU, the eponymous club, speaking in a rich French Open, does not pay 75% tax on income over 1 million euros! The French situation is not satisfied, and in 2013 they issued an ultimatum: either FC "Monaco" starts to live according to general rules or leaves the championship of France. To settle the problem was possible only thanks to one-time fine of EUR 50 million (!) And buy "Monaco "stars French clubs in the amount of 40 million euros (!!). That is, grown rich on potassium export of Russian oligarch, after which remains poverty and ecological disaster, just for the privilege of FC" Monaco "to stay in the tournament France has paid 90 million Euro ! walking as a walk?

In fact, Rybolovlev care of business in the Russian Federation and the move to the West only mean one thing - the billionaire will be milked, milked and milked more times. Require money on clubs, on the picture, on the road and unnecessary in general, real estate and so on. Lasts all this will be exactly as long as the nouveau riche formally still have money (once the liabilities will be equal to the assets, all the rest of his money instantly become "strangers"). The West has long been established and is functioning well on the industry "honest" thieves weaning money from the Third World.

Therefore, from the same football Rybolovlev and I was glad to get away, but you can not. Monaco offered him a roof and you have to pay for it. But how to compensate a constant outflow of money? After all, Fishermaneva has no assets that generate steady cash flow to him. On the revenue came another refugee from the Russian Federation - the head of the bankrupt Vneshprombank George Bedzhamov. It comes originally from the powerful Assyrian clan, and his father back in the 90s of the controlled gambling in Moscow. Bedzhamov managed to untwist Vneshprobank in which the beginning of 2016 was discovered the "hole" of 215 billion rubles. It is noteworthy that the bank their money kept the Russian elite - Sergei Shoigu family, Dmitry Kozak and Alexander Zhukov, Nikolai Tokarev, and many others. Total individual deposits are estimated in the amount of 70 billion rubles and the funds are gone forever.

In addition to the individuals in the bank to keep money Bedzhamova organization. For example, the ROC kept there 1.5 billion rubles, the Olympic Committee of Russia - 8.5 billion, the Russian Foreign Ministry - 6.2 billion rubles, Transneft - about 9 billion rubles. All of these tools are also evaporated. Bedzhamov himself shortly before the collapse Vneshprombank began to invest heavily in Monaco (in addition to the purchase of expensive real estate, cars, planes and boats to depositors' money). From the Russian Federation itI ran ... right in Monaco, whose power suddenly flatly refused to give into the hands of the fugitive Russian justice.

And allegedly it Bedzhamov Rybolovlev prepay 300 million euros. But even more interesting information that fugitive banker allegedly leaked Rybolovlev and intelligence agencies Monaco (consider, EU) all information on depositors Vneshprombank and movement of funds on their accounts. How to write the Russian media, the incriminating evidence can become a very serious tool for bargaining with the Kremlin's inhabitants. It is possible that compromising and money Dmitry Rybolovlev will be used in their own private interests. For example, why not put them into a bottomless vortex of the football club "Monaco"? And Prince Albert II clearly support. In Europe, like the rich and unscrupulous thieves from Third World countries.