Dmitry Zakharchenko was on 5 million dollars cheated

Deciphering the testimony of the banker Gorbuntsov in the “Zakharchenko case”.
Origin source
The legendary MVD colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, who received a “salary” of 150 thousand euros from the “kings of the state order” - the Russian Railways contractors, certainly covered not only the “1520” group. But, as it turned out, not all of his “projects” were successful. PASMI got a transcript of a survey of banker German Gorbuntsov who escaped to London and told how Zakharchenko ruined the criminal case of a co-owner of a Kyrgyz bank, but never received the promised $ 5 million. The details of this story, as well as the story of how a person with outstanding analytical abilities manipulated people and why he was not afraid of Vladimir Kolokoltsev, is in the testimony of Gorbuntsov, which his lawyer Vadim Vedenin took in Cyprus in the summer of 2017.

In the first part of the survey, German Gorbuntsov spoke about his cooperation with members of the so-called KUM group (Krapivin-Ushnerovich-Markelov), and also called the security forces who covered them for very substantial money. Now - a story about the most famous roofer of the largest contractors of Russian Railways:

Good person with analytical skills

“I met in 2004, I don’t remember how, with Valery Razdorozhny, who was the actual owner of a group of companies (I don’t remember the name) served by Inkredbank. As I knew, Razdorozhny delivered for companies from the Gazprom group, Razdorozhny companies were not the smallest, in terms of cash for Inkredbank, the group included the 10 largest customers.

Around 2007 or 2008, I don’t remember a more accurate date when I was in my office at Inkredbank at 12 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, bldg. 2, I was visited by Razdorozhny who initiatively announced that he wanted to introduce me to one of my good friends. Along with him was Dmitry Viktorovich Zakharchenko, previously unfamiliar to me, whom Razdorozhniy recommended to me as “a good person who can be useful to you in life”.

Further, Razdorozhniy left, me and D.V. Zakharchenko talked together on the topic of Zakharchenko’s place of work and his unconditional ability to benefit. I also called Motorin to me, introduced him to D.V. Zakharchenko, and told Motorin that if there are any problems in the area of ​​law enforcement, then Zakharchenko should be involved in their solution. At that time Zakharchenko D.V. worked in the so-called “construction” department of the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (that is, the department that was involved in the identification and suppression of crimes in the construction industry).

From communication with Zakharchenko D.V. it was clear that he was a very competent and competent law enforcement officer, since his speech was only essentially without "water", he had an extraordinary analytical ability. He could make out any situation regarding the problem, compose it into components, indicate strengths and weaknesses, possible ways of strengthening our positions (including by using the administrative resource available to D.V. Zakharchenko due to his work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and many acquaintances in government bodies).

Almost all further communication Zakharchenko D.V. happened with Motorin, Zakharchenko had practically no direct communication with me. From a personal meeting with D.V. Zakharchenko I remembered our meeting at the Zolotye Klyuchi LCD (near Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow) on some issue - I don’t remember. During our meeting, Zakharchenko D.V. explained that he and his colleagues are now conducting a survey in this LCD, that is, there was indeed confirmation that D.V. Zakharchenko related to the construction department.

As I was aware from communication with my friends from among the builders (for example, Dmitry Zelenov, a former co-owner of the Don-Stroy company), D.V. Zakharchenko was a well-known man among them, he could very competently create problems for builders first, and then force them to pay him to “solve” these problems. According to Zelenov, Zakharchenko D.V. thus, “nightmare” almost all construction companies, with the exception of INTECO.

As I became aware in the course of my joint activities with Krapivin, Markelov and Usherovich, until 2009, D.V. Zakharchenko monthly I received from the funds of CJSC Galeon Financial Group € 150 thousand each, both for general patronage of the KUM group’s activities and for the solution of any problems the group was having. Moreover, the solution of problems could be paid separately, the amount was calculated, as I understand it, as a percentage of the profit in the implementation of some kind of “project” with the participation of D. Zakharchenko).

I became aware of this circumstance from a special program, with the help of which the combined (for several banks) cash flows by real beneficiaries were taken into account. As one of the leaders of IPB and STB, I had access to this program, and Motorin, Stankevich and Lefler also had such access.

It was Leffler who drew my attention (after the fact of getting to know D.V. Zakharchenko) that a constant item of expenses appeared in the database - 150 thousand euros per month in cash. I asked Motorin for clarification, who explained that D.V. Zakharchenko receives this cash every month in cash (at the same time, Motorin called himself and Stankevich a person who transfers the money to Zakharchenko), and that the source of their origin is the funds of the KUM group (between me and Motorin called this group the “Russian Railways Group”, since the main source of the funds received to them was it is from the above structures of JSC Russian Railways).

Because of the actual obligations, the financial flows of the Russian Railways Group were controlled by Motorin and Stankevich (as bank managers), and it was they who received in cash and subsequently transferred cash to beneficiaries, then from my communication with Motorin it was somehow implied that cash for D.V. Zakharchenko It is he (Motorin) and Stankevich who reports, but the details of this are unknown to me.

Swiss Bank for Pope Colonel

About 1-2 months after my acquaintance with D.V. Zakharchenko, when he had already established himself as a competent person and, according to Motorin, helped to solve many small and medium-sized problems of our bank and our customers, then during one of visits Zakharchenko D.V. he turned to the bank with a request to help him open a bank account outside the Russian Federation, in some reliable (from the point of view of bank confidentiality) country. I recommended D.V. Zakharchenko open an account in Switzerland, while Zakharchenko D.V. He told me that he would not want to open an account in his own name so that this would not become public by accident, and that his father, Viktor Zakharchenko, would be the nominal manager of the account.

I agreed to help D.V. Zakharchenko in this small (on my scale) request. My personal help was also necessary because Swiss banks have a tacit peculiar form of arrival of new foreign clients: a foreigner can be accepted for service at a Swiss bank only if he is recommended by two Swiss citizens or if he is recommended by an existing client of the respective bank. At the same time, the account is opened not for an individual, but for an offshore organization (Panama’s jurisdiction, BVI), in which the corresponding individual becomes the head (manager) and due to this gets the opportunity to manage the funds in the organization’s account.

At that time, I had an account under my control at the Swiss bank Dresdner Bank LTD, located in Geneva. This bank had a separate office located at Geneva, Rue du Rhone 21, in this office VIP clients were serviced, who, in principle, did not want some kind of publicity of their financial transactions, and all of whose accounts were issued for certain offshore organization. Due to my long service at this bank and good cash flow, I could act as a guarantor for Zakharchenko V.D. when opening a bank account for him.

Further, I and Zakharchenko D.V. agreed on the date when I and his father will fly to Geneva. On the appointed date, I and Zakharchenko V.D. on one of my planes (tail number N25SB or EI-DXW, which was the time at that time - I don’t remember now) from Vnukovo-3 airport flew together to Geneva. Immediately upon arrival, we with Zakharchenko V.D. went to the aforementioned office of Dresdner Bank LTD, where I acted as a guarantor for VD Zakharchenko, in connection with which they immediately re-registered an offshore organization (either Bachelor Group Inc (country of jurisdiction - Panama) or Ancillmar Ltd (country of jurisdiction - Cyprus), more precisely now I’m not ready to say). The process of preparing documents took a short time, in connection with which, when all the paper formalities were completed, then on the same day I and Zakharchenko V.D. together on the same plane they returned from Geneva to Moscow.

After the discovery of Zakharchenko V.D. Motorin asked me to transfer the above bank account in the interests of D.V. Zakharchenko 800 thousand US dollars, as Motorin explained, for general patronage by D.V. Zakharchenko and for solving some problems, while the transfer of money will not be directly to VD Zakharchenko’s account, but through another offshore, personally controlled by D.V. Zakharchenko This transfer from my account was needed in order (as I understood from the words of Motorin), so that at the beginning of the "chain" of the first receipt of funds to the account of V. D. Zakharchenko was a long-time client of Dresdner Bank LTD, which I was. At the same time, it was understood that 800 thousand US dollars would be reimbursed to me by a general offset of cash from banking activities and receipts from the KUM group, which later happened.

As a result, I transferred $ 800 thousand from my bank account opened with Marfin Popular Bank CO LTD to ANCILLMAR LTD account with TrastaCommercbanka Cyprus Branch (Cyprus), I don’t remember the payment date, I will not be able to submit the statement because this bank does not currently exist.

I want to clarify that in the future, Dresdner Bank LTD, which opened an account with Zakharchenko, was connected to Kommercebank Germany, however, all clients from the VIP office (both I and Zakharchenko’s organization) were transferred to the branch of the bank “LGT”, which is located at the same address as before - the VIP-office of “Dresdner Bank LTD”.

The collapse of the case for 5 million dollars

Somewhere at the end of 2008, D.V. Zakharchenko turned to me and asked me to arrange a meeting with my friend Mikhail Nadel (my acquaintance with Nadel took place when the latter purchased an apartment in Moscow for Maxim Bakiev from my Flat and Co construction company , son of the president of Kyrgyzstan). Nadel was known to me as a partner of Maxim Bakiev for Asia-Universalbank. As D.V. Zakharchenko explained to me, his unit accompanied a criminal case on the fact of illegal banking activities of Asia-Universalbank, where Mikhail Nadel was the main person involved, but the latter managed to escape outside the Russian Federation.

I arranged a meeting between Zakharchenko and Nadel in one of the hotels in Kiev, where we together with Zakharchenko took off on a plane I rented from Vnukovo 3 airport around the end of 2008. I was not present at the meeting. I just introduced Nadel and Zakharchenko and went to a restaurant, giving them the opportunity to chat. Back from Kiev we also returned with D.V. Zakharchenko on the same plane, our trip was for one day.

When I and Zakharchenko D.V. returned to Moscow and talked on the plane before going home, D.V. Zakharchenko informed me that Nadel will have to give me 5 million US dollars, which I will have to transfer in full Zakharchenko D.V. At the time of the trip, I did not know all the details of the agreement between Zakharchenko and Nadel and did not understand that we were talking about a bribe because D.V. Zakharchenko will take part in the collapse of the criminal case, where Nadel appeared, and that in addition to Zakharchenko D.V., other officials will also participate in this scheme, on whom the adoption of procedural decisions in this criminal case depends in one way or another. If I knew all this then, I would not have given my consent to this trip.

After some time, D.V. Zakharchenko again addressed me (most likely - during his personal visit to the bank) and said that he couldn’t reach Nadel at all, asked me to arrange a meeting with them again or an opportunity to talk. I contacted Nadel and from a conversation with him I learned that Zakharchenko, at the request of Nadel, organized the transfer of the criminal case against him to some region, and on the way he “lost” all the documents and evidence confirming his guilt, and what exactly Zakharchenko D.V. and wanted to get 5 million US dollars. Nadel pay Zakharchenko D.V. He refused for an reason unknown to me (at the time of our first communication at the request of Zakharchenko D.V. he did not motivate his refusal in any way), I transferred this refusal to Zakharchenko D.V.

After some time, Zakharchenko D.V. again turned to me (most likely - again at his personal visit to the bank) and again asked to arrange a meeting with Nadel. When I contacted Nadel in the presence of Zakharchenko (most likely by telephone), the latter from a meeting and communication with me and D. Zakharchenko He refused, as well as the transfer of the promised 5 million US dollars, accusing me of contributing to D.V. Zakharchenko in his (Nadel) capture.

After that, Nadel and I stopped talking, and I don’t know how this business ended. Zakharchenko D.V. also did not touch on this topic with me anymore.

Collision of partners and a hint from the colonel

On April 9, 2009, Usherovich contacted me, who said that on my initiative we should have a meeting with Viktor Averin. I did not appoint this meeting, because Averina V.S. I saw for the first time in my life at this meeting and had never been acquainted with him, but I heard that he is one of the leaders of the Solntsevskaya organized crime group.

On April 10, 2009, a meeting took place in the cafe "Denis", somewhere at the end of the Mozhayskoye Highway, which was attended by: Usherovich, Markelov Valery Anatolyevich, a man whom everyone called "Taras", Krapivin A.V., Averin V.S. ., Chuvilin P.Yu. and Khokhalkov E.G. (former FSB general). During the meeting, it was announced that someone had stolen some money from Krapivin, and that I personally answer for this. I offered to conduct an audit, and if the allegations were confirmed, then I would agree with the claims presented to me. At the same time, during the conversation I received threats that I attributed to pressure on me. I want to add that subsequently an independent audit did not take place for reasons beyond my control. According to Usherovich, their "accountant" Serebryany already calculated everything himself, and, allegedly, revealed the fact of theft on my part.

Usherovich appeared at Industrial Credit Bank on April 20 or 21, 2009, along with Taras and several armed men. They began to summon employees holding senior positions in the bank and intimidate them. I believe that they pursued the goal of ruining the bank from the inside, removing me from the management staff. At the same time, Usherovich announced to the bank staff that now he is the owner of the bank and transferred the management of the bank to O. L. Vlasov.

April 27, 2009 D.V. Zakharchenko called me and asked for a meeting, explaining that there is a very urgent conversation. Since earlier D.V. Zakharchenko never called me asking for a meeting, I took his call seriously and met him at the Sphere shopping center on Novy Arbat St. (I had met him there several times before).

During our meeting, Zakharchenko D.V. I was informed that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they would either call me or forcibly bring me to Petrovka, where criminal cases are being investigated on the murder of State Duma deputy Yamadayev and on the assassination attempt on Akademkhimbank owner Antonov A.Yu. I informed that I have a summons on 05/04/2009 (to the investigator or investigator, in the police department of the city of Moscow, Petrovka St., 38), and I plan to go there.

However, Zakharchenko D.V. I was informed that the investigation of these criminal cases is completely controlled by A. Antonov, who has a corruption interest in them and directs the investigation against those people whom he considers to be opponents. Antonov owed me $ 106 million for closing my holes in the Stolichniy Torgovy Bank bank, bought from him earlier (the bank was bought with a hole in the capital, which Antonov pledged to close), about which I had a receipt issued and signed by Antonov personally ( I enclose a copy).

In the case of my appearance at Petrovka, according to D.V. Zakharchenko, after interrogation there will be my detention and further arrest, therefore D.V. Zakharchenko I strongly recommended that I leave Russia somewhere, while they will deal with the problem and resolve it. In support of his words, he provided me with a copy of the interrogation of Antonov A.Yu. dated March 16, 2009, in which Antonov A.Yu. He directly pointed to me as the only person possibly involved in the attempt on him. I immediately realized that some kind of provocation was being prepared against me, and I took this information very seriously.
Since Zakharchenko D.V. previously proved to be a very competent law enforcement officer, who comprehensively assessed the situation and gave the correct forecast and solutions, then right after the meeting with D. Zakharchenko I went to Vnukovo 3 airport, where I flew to Moldova on a private plane leased from Vnukovo to wait there for an unexpected problem, and at the same time to combine all this with the management of Universal Bank of Moldova.

At the end of 2011, I informed the investigator of the Investigative Committee of Russia Tutevich about the circumstances of the perfect assassination attempt against Alexander Antonov that I knew of, after which I myself had been assassinated in the city of London. The assassin shot me point blank eight times, and I miraculously survived. I am sure that the same people are behind the organization of the attempt on me in London, the theft of my property, and the falsification of criminal cases in Russia: Krapivin-Usherovich-Markelov, as well as their many accomplices. They initially thought out and implemented a plan to steal my assets. Their goal was to either imprison or kill me.

Threats to the family and manual bells

During my stay in Moldova, a well-coordinated raider attack began on my business, the purpose of which was to seize all property controlled by me. So, on April 28, 2009, Usherovich called my wife L.V. Gorbuntsova and asked her to drive to the bank. During the meeting, he demanded that she sign some documents, the contents of which are unknown to her. At the same time, two unknown women came to the bank with a book of registration of notarial acts. Subsequently, I found out that these were powers of attorney to dispose of financial assets legally owned by my wife, but in fact I was their owner. Whether there was a notary among them, I do not know.

With Usherovich B.E. This meeting was attended by four middle-aged people of a sports physique, whom B. Usherovich introduced her as members of the Solntsevo organized crime group. After a short conversation, Usherovich B.E. demanded that the shares of Incred-Invest CJSC owned by L. Gorbuntsova be rewritten to the person indicated by him After a categorical refusal and unwillingness to consider this issue in the absence of her husband, B. Usherovich he began to insult her with obscene expressions, switched from normal Russian to "slang speech" and made it clear that until she signed all the documents he needed, they would not let her out of the office alive.

In addition, he began to threaten her life and the life of our son (Gorbuntsov V.G.). In particular, Usherovich B.E. He promised to kidnap or kill her, and to fabricate a criminal case against his son (Gorbuntsov V.G.), using corrupt communications in law enforcement agencies and imprisoning him, planting drugs on him. Also Usherovich B.E. He promised to burn the house belonging to the Gorbuntsov family, located in the village of "Gorki-1."

After that, I repeatedly received threats of physical violence against Usherovich personally and me and my family, he also said that I should not contact law enforcement agencies, as Kolokoltseva V.A. (at that time, the head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow) they raised him from the Depur of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and now he is “manual”.

I considered the threats of physical harm to me and my family to be real, because Persons threatening me have extensive connections in the criminal and law enforcement agencies and could bring threats to the end.

Later, already from Moldova, and later from London, where I was forced to leave, after the raider attack on my Universal Bank of Moldova bank, I tried to somehow organize the process of returning stolen assets through arbitration, litigation and through appeals to law enforcement agencies. I talked with my former employees of the banks Motorin, Mendeleev, Stankevich and others, from whom I received a little information about the state of affairs and about the attitude of Krapivin, Usherovich and Markelov to this.

From them I learned that D.V. Zakharchenko was originally a member of the Markelov team and was purposefully introduced to me and the goal of subsequent influence on my decision-making. His warning of my impending detention was clearly planned and implemented in order to seize my property. In reality, there was no threat to my security and freedom. This was also confirmed in my subsequent conversations and meetings with the Antonovs, who informed me that they did not consider me the customer of the assassination attempt against A.Yu. Antonova.

In addition, being in London in the process of communicating with Rinato Usaty (a citizen of Russia and Moldova, who organized the raider seizure of my bank in Moldova), I became aware that Sugrobov’s people were directly involved in completing the screening of my statements to law enforcement agencies in Moscow and, in particular, Zakharchenko. Rinato Usatii also made it clear that Denis Sugrobov is a member of Markelov’s team, and all applications will be closed. He positioned himself as a close person of the leader of the Solntsevo organized crime group Averin, as well as a member of the team Krapivin, Usherovich and Markelov.

While in London, as I said, I continued to communicate with some of my former employees, whom I considered decent, as well as those whom I did not consider as such, and from them I learned that after my departure from Russia Markelov and Mendeleev were instructed Zakharchenko to prevent the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of my abduction of Sokolniki Sports Palace CJSC, which owned several real estate properties.

From my lawyers, I learned that, as part of the audit, on my statement on August 6, 2013, the investigator of the 4th department of the Central Intelligence Directorate of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Internal Affairs for the Eastern Administrative District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Moscow, Senior Lieutenant of Justice D.V. Zubritsky a decision was made to institute criminal proceedings on the grounds of corpus delicti, provided for by Art. 159 h. 4 of the Criminal Code. However, already on August 7, 2013, the deputy prosecutor of the Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Advisor to Justice A. Svintsova the decision was quashed due to the fact that the decision to institute criminal proceedings was premature. According to my information, Zakharchenko was directly involved in "stopping" this business. "