Domestic pop stars have raised fees for corporate events

Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan and Stas Mikhailov become market leaders.
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Russian pop stars raise fees for performing at corporate parties, and they are now comparable with the fees of foreign artists. . Thus, according to the agency "En Concert" if before the crisis, fee Dima Bilan was € 25 thousand, but now it has reached € 50 thousand fee Leonid Agutin increased from € 35 thousand to € 100 thousand, having caught up with the market leaders... - Grigory Leps and Philip Kirkorov (about € 100 thousand. for the presentation).

However, according to the agency, in connection with the financial crisis increased the price range between average performers (€ 10-15 thousand. For performance), and high-end (from € 35 thousand). While the former are forced to reduce prices, because the demand for them has fallen, the second not only slow down the price, but even increase them.

In connection with the failure of the middle segment of the market from January 2015 corporate events have become more active to order foreign performers in the price range € 25-30 thousand. (Thomas Anders, "Boney M», Bad Boys Blue). This follows from the statistics provided by "Izvestia" booking agency.

The international agency Attack Concerts, Buckingham specialized in foreign artist, Noted that corporate events are increasingly choosing foreigners, because they have more modest needs than those of domestic stars.

- Among other things in their favor is the fact that they are cheaper for the delivery, - told the agency. - They often use economy class on flights, do not require business lounges at the airport and did not bring with them so many assistants. Request the local artists have long been a byword.

According to managing partner of the concert agency "En Concert" Cyril Chibisova, since the beginning of 2015 there was a trend, either dial the corporate motorcade from 5-6 inexpensive local artists, the total fee which is placed in the € 15-25 thousand, or call one foreign. Executive standing € 25-30 thousand.

Director of the popular Russian musicians recognize that wishing to organize a concert at a private party cheaper to work with foreigners.

- Of course, we are not talking about Robbie Williams, who, for example, costs $ 1 million, however, say the most famous Italians can take for very little money, &; the director of Stas Mikhailov Sergey Kononov.

New prices Agutin, according to the artist's agent, did not cause a decrease in demand for its private concerts.

- Leonid Agutin busy season, he gives 10 performances per month - said administrator actor Tatiana Larina.

Hardest crisis hit the participants of the project "Star Factory" and "The Voice" - Anton Zatsepin, Elena Terleeva, Pierre Narcisse, Cornelia Mango and others whose fees for concerts did not exceed 250 thousand rubles..

- Now they are almost lost orders, - said Kirill Chibisov. - Previously, they could have up to five statements per month, is now in the best case, these artists are invited to the concert 1-2. Therefore, some performers that level lowered their financial needs.

The crisis hit even for some first-tier performers.

The agency "123-show» «News" said that the amount of work in a number of Russian singers have fallen, so they agree to receive fees in rubles, down to jump in exchange rates. "Buranovskie grandmother" (ensembles of eight people) agreed to sing for 350 thousand rubles Evgeny Osin -. 250 thousand rubles, Danko -. for 160 thousand rubles..

According to a booking service TREDA, Alina Chuvashova - singer, participant of the second season of "The Voice" project, is ready to work for 50 thousand rubles, singer Julian -.. 60 thousand, a finalist of the Russian "Star Factory-3" Alexander Kireev is powered by 25 thousand ., and the recent star, favorite of Alla Pugacheva and member of the "Factor a" Sergey Savin agree to play for 100 thous. rubles.

As already wrote "Izvestia", the opposite situation in the concert business. During the financial crisis venues forced to shift to domestic artists and musicians from the CIS countries. The number of concerts of foreign stars is reduced - if in 2013 in Moscow hosted the show 18 world celebrities, then in 2015 their number was reduced by half, and tickets are more expensive by 20% over six months. Thus, the average ticket price has increased by 1.5 thousand. Rubles, and now stands at 9.1 thousand.