Doping without borders: why the Russians are banned from the Olympics

Athletes from Russia should be removed from competition, including the Olympic Games-2016, according to World Anti-Doping Agency. Its investigation came to the conclusion that the Russian authorities had falsified the results of the doping tests.
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Remove from the Olympics

An independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (the WADA) on Monday urged disqualify the All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) and prevent all Russian athletes to participate in international competition as long as it is proved that the Russian athletes do not use doping. This was announced by the leaders of the anti-doping investigation WADA at a press conference in Geneva.

The Commission called upon to disqualify athletes including the duration of the Summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Timely reaction to the Russian officials will VFLA avoid disqualification at major competitions, stress the authors of the report, led by Richard Pound.

Among other recommended measures: withdrawal of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory WADA accreditation dismissal of its director Gregory Rodchenkova and lifetime disqualification dozen coaches and athletes. Among these names - Olympic champion in 2012 and world champion in the women's 800m Maria Savinova and bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics the same distances Catherine poistogova. In addition, the WADA recommended that life disqualify runners Bazdyreva Anastasia, Tatiana and Christine Myazin Ugarov and coaches Alexei Melnikov, Vladimir Kazarin Vladimir and Victor Mohneva Chegin and expert on international anti-doping work of Sergei Portugalova.

WADA committee recommendations are optional, but one of its members, Richard McLaren, told BBC BBC that he expects that they will be adopted by the International Federation of Athletics (IAAF). The Federation has already announced that it will consider the suspension or expulsion of its members VFLA.

Allegations of doping

The report was prepared on the results of the investigation, which took about 11 months. The reason for it was the beginning of the show in December last year, the first channel of the German TV documentary, in which Russian athletes and officials accused of massive use of doping. According to the journalists, Russian athletes have been forced to allocate 5% of their income to cover the bribes from sports officials who were engaged in falsifkatsiey doping tests. Confessions made in this disqualified until 2023 thrower Eugene Pecherin and deprived of the title for doping London Marathon winner Liliya Shobukhova 2011, which stated that it paid € 450 thousand. For hiding his positive doping test.

Promulgated on Monday 323-page report - only a part of the commission's findings, said Pound: two more part of the investigation will be published before the end of the year. In the future, the case will Interpol investigation will be headed by a representative of the French police van Renault Ryumbek.

Government intervention

According to Pound, everything points to the fact that in Russia there is a doping program, supported by the state. "I do not think that there may be some other explanation - he said at a press conference. - It can not be, to the Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko did not know what was going on. So, he's involved. It is possible that we are dealing with the legacy of the Soviet system. "

Ministry of Sports directly interfere in the activities of the anti-doping inspectors, told the CommissionPetition anti-doping laboratory staff and athletes. "When the Commission asked who gave laboratory indications of manipulation of the specific tests, laboratory staff said:" There is no need [to name names], because all instructions came directly from the Ministry of Sports ", - stated in the report. Laboratory staff were forced to conceal the positive doping test of Russian athletes at the request of the authorities, according to the commission.

Director of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Rodchenkov personally ordered the destruction of 1,417 doping tests before the WADA test in December last year, according to the inspectors. This was done three days before the arrival in Moscow of the audit. "After the arrival of experts found that in the laboratory are stored only 3 thousand samples, despite the fact that it can be stored for 8-10 thousand samples..", - The report says. Experts Committee noted that these actions are "forever" destroyed the possibility of the Commission to find out whether the positive samples in the laboratory.

In addition, WADA said that Moscow laboratory regularly visited coiki FSB. Commission officials say that its director was forced to meet with a representative of service on a weekly basis. One of the laboratory staff also said WADA representatives of tapping, which allegedly led the security services. The Commission found that the staff dealt with FSB officers after attending seminars WADA. In addition, one of the laboratory staff admitted that intelligence agencies monitored the activities of the inspectors and during the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

"Direct intervention in the affairs of the laboratory Russian authorities questioned its independence. Many samples that were taken in the laboratory, should be recognized as suspicious, "- concluded the WADA.

The Commission concluded that "widespread inaction" on the part of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Russian Anti-Doping Agency "RUSADA" actually led to sabotage the Olympics in London in 2012. Both organizations have ignored the data on the use of illicit drugs by Russian athletes. "As a result, the Olympics were in London in a Tsense sabotaged because of the participation of those athletes who were not allowed to compete, "- said representatives of WADA.

The reaction of Russia

Minister Mutko briefly commented on the agency "F-Sport" findings of the investigation, "the commission concludes its work, which was created by WADA. She gave the document, which describes the various things and provides conclusions on the basis of which made certain recommendations. Do not be confused, the Commission has no right to dismiss anyone. We will give a press release on the results of the press conference. " Later, "Interfax", he said that the destruction of doping tests in Moscow laboratory was conducted in accordance with the rules of WADA. "This was done with the knowledge of WADA, which is a flat circular. There is a procedure, later: "With such a moment of the sample store". For the rest there were no instructions, and they were destroyed, "- he said.

And about. President Vadim VFLA Zelichenok said "F-Sport" that the recommendation to disqualify the Russians against the rules of organization IAAF. "This issue should be considered by the Board of organization, which withIt is cost in November. We have no one to say that it is included in the agenda of the meeting ", - he said. According Zelichenko must be proved that the violation is committed by the federation, and not individual competitors. The new leadership of the federation to abuse not involved, as he said.