Down with shame: what Tinder competitors are afraid of

InterActiveCorp will conduct IPO of The Match unit, which unites dating sites, OkCupid and Tinder. Analysts estimate the capitalization of the new company at $5.7 billion, of which $2 billion is the Tinder's share.
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The American company InterActiveCorp (IAC) before the end of 2015 will hold IPO of its unit The Match, combining popular dating sites, OkCupid and Tinder. Analysts estimate the possible capitalization of the new company at $ 5.7 billion, of which $ 2 billion - share Tinder. This mobile application has changed the attitude of people towards online dating and conquers the market with the same pressure, which crushes under her Uber taxi transportation. In Russia Tinder became popular relatively recently, and, according to its domestic competitors, yet little has changed. Maybe, Tinder just do not take the Russian really?

Hot, winter, your

Tinder burst into Russia through the Olympic Sochi: before, during tremendous growth in the number of its users in the US, Canada and Europe, in our country, the application has been almost unknown. Free campaign organized by the athletes. The excitement began with the owner of a gold medal, American snowboarders Jamie Anderson. In an interview with US Weekly she spoke about Tinder frenzied popularity among athletes because of the lack of other entertainment in the Olympic Village. "The proximity of thebschenie during the Olympic Games is the only kind allowed doping "- laughed Anderson, adding that in the end was forced to remove the application to focus on training.

Later, CEO and one of the founders of Tinder Sean Red in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter said the two Olympic weeks the number of application users in Russia has increased by 400% (in the statistics of downloads on iTunes and Android such an insane increase in the growth rate, however, is not visible). But the relationship is undeniable: the previous surge in downloads Tinder occurred during the three-day Coachella Festival in California. "Wherever people gather Tinder, they leave a unique imprint in the form of a growing number of new users to the local population. This is similar to the spread of the virus, "- said Red.

This is not surprising: one of the main conditions for the selection of candidates dating Tinder is geolocation: The application allows you to get to know and meet with those who are here and now, in a radius of several kilometers. During events it allows the service to move onie the claimed priority Me "for sex and flirtation" and become the likeness chat or social network where you can quickly find satellites for companionship, parties or joint visits to some events. Unlike traditional online dating sites Tinder not obliged to indicate their intention to "looking for a husband," or "partner for flirting" - it simply provides a list of all its members, is now close and the relevant search parameters. Communication in this case is only possible if there is mutual "Laika".

Step left, step right

Tinder app was launched in 2012. Often mistakenly referred to as a startup, and the creators are actively supporting this misconception. In fact, Sean Rad initially worked of, a subsidiary of the holding company IAC, whose revenue in 2013 was $ 780 million (according to the company from IBISWorld, which is about 27% of the global market of online dating revenues). IAC appointed CEO of Red's Tinder, but the application is always held corporation. In a press release on the results of the IAC in 2014 it said that during the existence of Tinder has been downloaded40 million times per day it was done up to 1 billion "flipping".

Tinder interface is extremely laconic. When registration page is linked to a profile on Facebook or Instagram, you can select only one title picture and write about yourself no more than 100 characters. Users of the basic version has only two customized candidate selection criterion - the age and sex. You can adjust the radius of geolocation, but it still does not exceed 150 km. Next Tinder offers "flipping" of potential candidates: the right - like the left - no. In the case that "likes" as possible, but not necessarily, open a chat.

This is another secret Tinder popularity: it has removed many barriers in the way of people who want to get acquainted through the Internet. Most of the old services required to fill in a long questionnaire with the indication of the set quite intimate details. Himself output to a dating site for sex or marriage for many people was a little social suicide: if you go out naked in the area, and read in the eyes of the people around you - to the extent necessary to reach despair, to seek a partner in the grayWiese Me? Questionnaires on such sites were a shameful secret, and filled them basically under false names. Today my friends are married because of services like Tinder and wedding toasts for the mobile application.

"On the marketing front they were able to do what they could not before, perhaps, anyone - to show the audience that the topic of dating might not be ashamed to be fashionable. For that all market participants are willing them a standing ovation, "- says CEO Mamba Jaroslav Sergeev.

Old men do not belong here

Tinder was not the first simple service for singles with geolocation. In the category of "decent" applications for a long time I enjoyed great success OkCupid service, also owned by IAC: it is considered a more serious application, it has a full user profile. In the "hardcore" category popular app Grindr - uncompromising service strictly for sex. There Gaydar app for gay, JustLunch for business people looking for interesting people for a meal together, and manyothers.

Tinder success brought not so much the idea, as the right management in the spirit of the early Facebook. Tinder presents itself as a fashionable toy: it does not have the stigma of sex services, but rather a virtual subway car, where you can smile casual companions, but to speak only when answering smile. "You have to Tinder?» - Ask now, as once about the social network. «Tinder in the first place put the marketing and so was able to compete with better quality, but the bored audience sites" - says Maksim Khramov, head of RBC owned project.

In any paid service dating enclosing a virtual model of the bar or a private club, which is free to start up attractive young women or young men. But over time, in this model there is a crisis: it is impossible to prohibit fee-paying users to write and provide signs on the most attractive group, but this group is very tired from too much unnecessary and unpleasant signs of attention. The Tinder for this is the filter that gives the ability to control what is happening, a mandatory conditionViy communication is, if not sympathy, the mutual acceptance.

The most attractive group Tinder cherish: pay $ 9.99 per month for services Tinder Plus is, Americans older than 30 years in the US service users under the age of 30 years - $ 19.99. In the UK, the difference is even greater: £ 3.99 per month for users under the age of 28 years and £ 14,99 for the rest. In Russia, the paid services are not running Tinder: apparently, our market is not among the priorities.

No Tinder, nor IAC is not called the exact number of subscribers at the moment: their representatives prefer to speak about the viewing, downloading, the number of "likes" and etc. Even claiming an unprecedented increase in the number of subscribers in Russia, representatives of the Tinder speak only about growth as a percentage.

Love, and pay

Long before the arrival of Tinder in Russia formed a fairly large market for online dating. Yaroslav Sergeyev assesses its overall audience of 10 million per month, and turnover - 1.3-1.5 bln. in year. Calculate the exact share of the market participants is difficult: the majority of users have profiles on two or three different sites.

The leader in the number of registered Ankeand daily attendance is Mamba, it has long been an international project, 30% owned by Mail.Ru Group. In addition she has LovePlanet with smaller audiences and powerful mobile applications, there Badoo Mamba founder Andrey Andreev, smaller TopFace, «Fotostrana" etc. Almost every service has a stable and loyal audience and earnings: Paid on questionnaires, premium status in the search engines, the ability to see friends in common and so forth.

«Tinder on the Russian market - a phenomenon entertaining, but globally it may not affect anything," - says Sergey Sigita, a former project manager Wamba Dating, Mamba international representation. Agrees with him Maksim Khramov: "In fact, it provides a single chip -" swipe. " In terms of functionality all that was in Tinder, on Badoo did five years ago - he says - the popularity of projects such as Tinder or Hot or Not, the time, in the absence of clear functional benefits of the interest in them gradually fades away. "

"The farther away, the more the market of online dating is becoming a niche, - says Jeanne Tikhonov, director of development Respond to more200 questions it is not as easy as the flick off left or right, but it gives you the highest possible chance to build a strong relationship, Tikhonov said. "The emergence of Tinder in Russia did not affect the people's need for a serious relationship and starting a family. Consequently, it had no effect on our service, "- she adds.

Perhaps this feigned fearlessness Internet increasingly goes mobile devices, and in the area of ​​equal Tinder on the world market is currently not: none closest competitors ten times less. Before my eyes - a vivid example of "Yandex", who at the time did not pay attention to mobile search and quickly began to lose bitterest rival Google. Perhaps the solution is that Tinder and is not going to compete with online dating services.

Indirectly, this shows his tough attitude to the "old people", which, moreover, he had very little: 52% of users Tinder - these are people under the age of 25. People 30 years after Tinder not needed, because most of them have the exact purpose and application - to find a partner, start a family, and a huge pool aimlessly "laykayuschih" userFirst it looks much more promising. Perhaps, the IAC wants to create a group of interconnected applications and services, a new social network, loyal audience, which can then be monetized by all available means. However, this is only a theory, and Tinder is not refusing the money now. According to Barclays analysts, in 2015 paid services service can earn up to $ 12 million per quarter. If the IPO at the end of the year will be successful, Tinder will be even more dangerous for all competitors.