DSBW Tours leaves the market of tour operators

One of the oldest tour operators in Russia leaves the market because of financial problems.
In the tourist market a new major collapse: one of the oldest tour operators of Russia - DSBW Tours - announced its departure. This is the fourth tour operator in the last two weeks, which turned out to be in a quandary. At the end of June, the Matreshka Tour stopped its activities, while the tour operators Aurora BG and Natalie Tours faced financial difficulties.

The tour operator of the DSBW Tours has suspended its activities. About this in his account in Facebook, wrote the owner of the company Karen Goncharov. According to him, the company can no longer fulfill its obligations to customers and the bank. Mr. Goncharov points out that all the company's liabilities are insured in IC "Invest-Strah" and IC "Orbita" for the total amount of 100 million rubles. According to his calculations, this money is fully enough to compensate for the cost of unsolicited services. Mr. Goncharov did not answer calls.

DSBW Tours is one of the oldest tour operators. The company exists since 1991. According to the official website, the organization operates through two legal entities - LLC "Tour Operator" DSBV-Tours ", LLC" Continent DSBV-tour "and LLC" DSBV-Tours-Group ". The founder of the first two structures is Karen Goncharov, the last one is Valery Porohovnik. DSBW Tours has traditionally specialized in tours throughout Western Europe and Scandinavia.

DSBW Tours is the fourth tour operator, faced with financial difficulties recently. Last Sunday, a decision to suspend their charter programs took the St. Petersburg tour operator "Aurora BG". According to the representative of the transport committee of the association "Tourist Information" Dmitry Gorin, with the cancellation of tours, about 1,5 thousand customers of the company collided. Another 400 tourists are now abroad and should be removed within the next two weeks. According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), "Aurora BG" faced difficulties due to the increase in the current year of the cost of transportation to Bulgaria, which led to the cancellation of tours and the withdrawal from the market in June of the tour operator "Matryoshka Tour", previously the head structure of "Aurora BG ". Despite the fact that the tour operator formally has not yet announced the suspension of its activities, according to ATOR, half of the tour operator employees were dismissed.

Complexities also arose with the tour operator "Natalie Tours": last Friday the company announced a sharp reduction in the charter program. Yesterday it became known that tourists encountered difficulties and bought packages from the company, including scheduled flights: some of the booked hotels were not paid for due to financial disagreements between Natalie Tours and its foreign counterparts.