Duty-free purchases via the Internet will become impossible since 2020

Officials promise that then they will reduce the amount of duty.
The Federal Customs Service (FCS) sent to the Ministry of Finance a proposal to impose a duty to purchase any value in foreign online stores, told the "Vedomosti" two federal officials. A comprehensive proposal was sent to improve cross-border Internet trade, a representative of the FCS confirmed. The budget will add 25 billion rubles. a year, and Russian Internet trading will make it more competitive.

Now in Russia, taxes are not imposed on parcels, the total value of which for the month is a maximum of 1000 euros, and weight is 31 kg. Over the amount of duty - 30%, but not less than 4 euros per 1 kg. Russia's partners in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) have already agreed to gradually reduce the maximum amount: according to the Customs Code of the EAEA from 2019 to 500 euros, and from 2020 to 200 euros. The Ministry of Finance has offered 500 euros since July this year, the government has not yet approved the idea.

Reduce the threshold to 200 euros - only part of the solution, 95% of Internet parcels - within 30 euros, says the deputy head of the FCS Timur Maksimov. And according to the "Post of Russia", in 2017, out of 283 million foreign parcels more than 200 euros, it cost only 0.02%. The main task is to create equal conditions for Russian and cross-border Internet trade, otherwise it's easier for Russian companies to work on the model of foreign Internet sites, Maximov explains.

The main contribution to the growth of Internet trade in 2017 (+ 13%) was made by the cross-border (+ 24%) with the growth of the Russian by 8%, gave the CB data to the Association of Internet Trade Companies (ACIT). 36% of Internet purchases accounted for cross-border trade in 2017: Russians bought the most in China - 53% (in monetary terms), the EU - 22% and the United States - 12%.

All goods from online stores for personal use, explains the offer of the FCS representative of the service, should be sold as commercial goods, the customs payment should be reduced from 30 to 20% and a combined rate, for example not less than 1 euro per 1 kg, and collection in 20% for commercial goods is cheaper than 200 euros. On cross-border trade, it is necessary to extend the requirements of technical regulation, so that even here the imbalance is removed. The business conditions are equalized, and consumers will have someone to file claims, they will be protected and from criminal liability - for example, for buying a GPS tracker for a cow, this was the case, says Maximov: the store will be required to obtain permission to sell it.

Zero the threshold and reduce the duty of the FCS, said its representative, proposes a year and a half to the business, the "Post of Russia" and the FCS were prepared. The threshold needs to be reduced gradually, to receive feedback after each step from consumers, the "Post of Russia" and express carriers, said Alexei Sazanov, director of the tax and customs policy department of the Ministry of Finance (the representative of the ministry said), and talk about zeroing - not before 2020.

Russian Internet retailers are interested in lowering the threshold. ACIT offered to introduce VAT from foreign Internet trading. Russian online retailers withdraw infrastructure abroad, warned the CB (costs lower, no certification needed), and traded from border areas without customs clearance.

For 2017, the budget because of this lost 130 billion rubles., Estimated the chairman of the Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Andrei Makarov. The FCS believes that if its proposal is accepted, the budget will receive about 1.5 euros from departure.

The difference in the marginality of Russian and foreign Internet trading is due to regulation only - about 30%, says AKIT President Artem Sokolov, and with the growth of VAT to 20% it will increase. Cross-border trade has become a commercial sales channel, he explains, rules similar to those in Russia should be applied to it.

Reducing the threshold can reduce cross-border orders of the population and negatively affect the work of national postal and courier services, warns representative AliExpress and Tmall in Russia (owned by Alibaba), as well as cause the growth of counterfeit through the countries of the Customs Union. The risk that parcels are redistributed to other countries is minimal - due to the growth of logistics costs, argues the official.

The structure of Alibaba - Cainiao will invest 500 million rubles. the warehouse in Domodedovo, reminds the representative of the online site: the warehouse will work with Tmall and ship up to 100,000 orders at peak times. Cainiao stated that it creates global hubs for delivery - including in Moscow.

Warehouses in Russia, perhaps, an outlet for major players, believes the deputy director general of the operator of customs payments LLC "Multiservice payment system" Andrew Czesko, another way is to reconfigure the logistics to countries with a more loyal customs regime. A separate category for online shopping, in his opinion, will help control the traffic of goods that are driven by small online stores under the guise of goods for personal use.

While there is no effective solution to take into account the number of parcels received by one buyer per month, lowering the threshold without changing the technology of charging duties will almost block the customs clearance, a representative of the "Post of Russia" warns: along with the FCS, the duty collection technology at the time of purchase . Reduce the threshold to 200 euros need not before 2021, insists the representative of the "Post of Russia", you must also set a limit of 200 euros per one postal item without taking into account the value of goods, changes must be introduced simultaneously in all countries of the union.

The contribution of Internet trading at retail is insignificant, introduction of duties will not lead to serious consequences for the economy, says BCS chief economist Vladimir Tikhomirov, but will negatively affect consumers who are saving on such purchases.