Ekaterina Tikhonova is looking for an employee to send greeting cards

The Innopraktika Foundation, which is headed by the daughter of Vladimir Putin, will hire the author of congratulatory texts.
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The description says that the potential employee will have to write birthday greetings and greeting card texts. The candidate is required to have excellent knowledge of the grammar and stylistics of the Russian language, text preparation techniques, goodwill and responsibility. The employee must have experience in writing congratulatory texts and be a confident user of the Telegram prohibited in Russia.

You can work remotely by agreement. The salary description is not specified in the job description. The fund is ready to pay such an employee 2,500 rubles for one approved text, an employee of the personnel department of Innoprakty told the OM correspondent who responded to the vacancy as an applicant. However, the author of congratulatory texts will receive even less on his hands - the tax on personal income, which the employee has yet to pay, is included in the indicated amount. Each month, a copywriter should write approximately 5-10 congratulatory texts. Thus, this employee will monthly earn only 12,500–25,000 rubles before taxes.

After OM talked to the personnel department of Innopraktiki, the vacancy from HH.ru was deleted.

The National Intellectual Development Support Fund for Young Scientists was established in 2012 by Moscow State University. The director of the fund is Katerina Tikhonova, whom the media has called the youngest daughter of Vladimir Putin since 2015.

In 2018, the Tikhonova Fund earned 488 million rubles. The largest customer was Rosneft. In the same year, “Innopraktika” from her received a contract for 354 million rubles for the development of a “technology for assessing the properties of reservoirs using multiscale data."