Elderly scientist Alexei Timirev was placed in jail on charges of treason

The owner of the design bureau "Intellectual robust integrated systems" was suspected by the Chekists in issuing the secrets of power supply to the obsolete diesel-electric submarines of the Varshavianka project.
Representatives of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of Moscow intend to soon make a visit to the Lefortovo detention center 64-year-old resident of Novocherkassk Alexei Temirev. The head of the small innovative enterprise "Mechatronics" and co-owner of the design bureau "Intellectual robust integrated systems" is charged with treason. According to some reports, it may be about transferring to the defendant secret information concerning the power supply of submarines.

About the fact that a new suspect has appeared in the Lefortovo SOZO, who is charged with the state treasury, a member of the Moscow Unitary Council, Yevgeny Enikeev, according to him, learned from lawyer Alexei Temirev. "I was in the Lefortovo detention center on July 21, 23 and 25," Mr. Yenikeyev told Kommersant. "According to the rules, we are always accompanied by an isolator who gives us explanations and makes sure that everything goes according to the rules. These three days with us was the head of the department of the regime, Alexander Khanov. Every time I asked him: are there any new arrivals? They told me about Kudryavtsev (an employee of the Central Research Institute of Oil, also accused of state treasury), but added that there are no others. At the same time, the journal, in which all the persons who entered the detention facility are marked, under various pretexts our escort did not show. And it was only on July 27 that a well-known lawyer called me and asked if I had seen her client, Temirev, who was arrested by the court of Lefortovo on the 19th day in Lefortovo. She also said that the arrested person has severe chronic diseases, which, with insufficient help, can lead to very sad consequences. " As a lawyer told a human rights advocate, the suspect has a stent in his heart, he practically does not see, he has a stomach ulcer and a hernia that requires surgery. Allegedly, the arrested person even lost consciousness in the soul.

"We are going to visit the arrested person, learn about his state of health, the conditions of his stay. We will also find out why the officers of the detention center hid information about the arrival of Alexei Temirev and whether there are grounds for filing a complaint, "the human rights activist added.

The lawyer did not answer phone calls yesterday. In turn, the willingness to support the defendant said the authorized representative for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Rostov region Oleg Dereza. "If the relatives of the detainee, his lawyer or he himself writes a statement, we will begin to understand the details of what happened. At the moment, no one has asked for help, "he told Kommersant.

Officially, the reasons for the arrest of Alexei Temirev are not called, because his business is classified "secretly". However, several sources in the defense industry claim that Mechatronics problems could arise after the leakage of classified information on "very delicate developments in the development of weapons and military equipment for the Navy." The company is actively working on the naval line: for example, Mechatronics has created a system for monitoring and diagnosing battery batteries (SKD AB), which is installed on diesel-electric submarines of project 636 Varshavianka (manufactured at the St. Petersburg Admiralty Shipyards). The installation of this equipment allows you to determine the technical state and issue a forecast of AB in real time.

Doctor of Technical Sciences Alexei Temirev is not only the head of Mechatronics, he is also a co-owner of the design bureau "Intellectual robust integrated systems". The organization specializes in the production of electrical systems and systems: propulsion systems, ship electric drives, static converters, monitoring and diagnostic equipment.