"Electronic University" hovers between Moscow and Vladivostok

The Supreme Court decides where to judge the former rector of the FEFU.
The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (Supreme Court) has not yet decided the issue with the instance in which the criminal case of former rector of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Sergei Ivants should be considered. He and his five alleged accomplices are charged with a waste of 53 million rubles. when implementing the program "Electronic University". The Appeal Board of the Russian Armed Forces returned to the new trial the complaint of the accused, who are trying to transfer the case from the Pacific Navy to Moscow: most of the accused and witnesses are in the capital. Some defendants are completely denied guilt, others partially admit it.

At the meeting of the Appeals Board of the RF Armed Forces, lawyers of the defendants Alexey Zalesov and Yury Mikhailov spoke. They insisted on postponing the proceedings from the Pacific Navy Court, based in Vladivostok, to the Moscow District Military Court. Lords Zalesov and Mikhailov referred to the fact that 53 witnesses live in the jurisdiction of the capital court, while there are only 23 witnesses in Primorye. The lawyers claimed that five out of six defendants have housing in Moscow, and in Vladivostok there is only Sergey Ivanets placed under house arrest. In addition, the defenders say that the offense committed to their agents was completed in the capital. As a result, the panel sent the trial to a new hearing by the Supreme Court. It can take place in early spring.

Sergei Ivanets is accused of organizing two episodes of a particularly large embezzlement (Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). His accomplices mention three former pro-rectors of the FEFU who supervised the economy of Viktor Atamanyuk, who was responsible for science, and now lives in Tomsk, Alexei Tskh and worked on behalf of the university with federal agencies Igor Sirotin. Together with them accomplices of the crime the investigation calls the ex-general director of the LLC "Modern University" Sergey Karlyavin and his former deputy Nikita Smurov.

According to the investigation, 53 million rubles. the accused were wasted while implementing the program "Electronic University". It implied a digital modernization of FEFU and assumed 647 million rubles. budget investments.

As a result, there was to be an information system covering all areas of FEFU life - from campus management to accounting and data storage. In 2011, the university signed a contract for its execution with the Moscow LLC "Vintegra Projects", the structure of the IT holding Wintegra. Subsequently, this company was renamed into the LLC "Modern University" and, according to Sergei Karlyavin, was sold. According to Kartoteka.ru, Konstantin Klimov is the general director and sole owner of the company. In parallel, he runs the Krasnodar "Vin Bospora" LLC.

The implementation of the system was to be carried out in five stages. By September 2015, work stopped at the third. The administration of the university signed acts of its acceptance, and the FEFU transferred about 80 million rubles to the contractor. It is these papers in 2016 that interested employees of the sixth department of the GSS of the KKR located in Khabarovsk. They came to the conclusion that 53 million rubles. of this amount were overpaid. Initially, law enforcement officers charged Sergei Ivants with embezzlement, but also with the organization of abuse of official powers (Article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The investigation was based on the testimony of the pro-rectors of Atamanuk and Tsk, allegedly saying that Sergei Ivanets ordered them to make all necessary accounting "entries" for forged securities . Then both refused this testimony and now, according to Kommersant's information, they only admit that they signed the documents recognized by the investigation, without going into their essence.

Other defendants consider themselves completely innocent. For example, Nikita Smurov insists that he was responsible only for the technical part of the project and never dealt with his finances. In his entourage they say that the "Electronic University" was ultimately completed, and the university underpaid almost 50 million rubles for it. OOO tried to get this money through the arbitration court of Primorye, but without success. On January 26, the RF Armed Forces finally recognized the company's claims as insolvent.

According to a source familiar with the course of the proceedings, the defendants of the case do not understand where the damage amounted to 53 million rubles: according to them, as a result of the examination, an amount of 17.8 million rubles was received.

The second episode of embezzlement, incriminated to Mr. Ivants, concerns the payment to Mr. Sirotin of more than 1 million rubles in total. salary for a fictitious, as the investigators believe, work in the university. On this fraud, investigators told Mr. Atamanyuk, who concluded a pre-trial agreement. In the end, he also became a figurant of this story, along with Ivants and Sirotin, after which the agreement was dissolved.