Elementary, Putin!

How the president's friends took over his patrimonial home.
Villa of Sh. Holmes near Vyborg is not the only real estate property belonging to Putin's associates and associated with it.

Manor on the island

Last week, the Dozhd television channel reported that the Selgren estate, located on the island of Boat in the Gulf of Finland near Vyborg, which had appeared in one of the series of the film "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson," for several years now belonged to the family of the late St. Petersburg businessman Oleg Rudnov, a friend Vladimir Putin.

According to the documents, real estate today (personally and through the firm "North") is managed by the son of Oleg Rudnov Sergey. It is he who rents a private island for the strangers, where the estate itself is located, and piers for yachts, and a helipad for the visit of the president, which, according to local residents, sometimes happens here. But vpritoirku actually Finnish mansion in 1913 at 745 square meters. meters otgrohali twice the larger area of ​​the replica - to have where to place Putin, if he suddenly comes on.

Mansion in St. Petersburg

Obviously, the president's friends in general liked the Soviet television series about Holmes. In any case, as the "Interlocutor" found out, the house of one of the twin brothers from the "Treasure of Agra" also came under their control. Koganmikhel's neo-gothic mansion on Stony Island in St. Petersburg in 2006 was taken over by Kinex-Holding, closely associated with another friend of Putin, Gennady Timchenko. However, a little later the building on the embankment of the Krestovka River passed to the company "Euroresource", registered by the way, at the same address with the "North" Rudnov. Extracts from Rosreestr to this mansion are now classified, but at the disposal of "Sobesednik" was an archive document, which confirms this. In it, the building is called the "Representative Office".

On the Internet, the Kleinmichel mansion is called the Reception House of the presidential administration. But this is only partly true. Belongs to "Euroresource" not directly to the Kremlin - it would be too much in English, - and offshore British Virgin Islands "Piper Partisipation Corp.". The specific owner of the offshore is unknown, but it is not necessary to be Holmes to open this casket of Agra: Svetlana Kolesnikova, the former top manager of Putin's close to Russia, manages the firm. As you know, the main shareholder of "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk - in a warm relationship with the Russian president, and with Rudnov, and with their other acquaintances. So today only one organization is officially registered in the office - NP "Support of children's sports" by Sergei Roldugin, who was a partner of Rudnov senior for the company "Volna".

House in the village

However, few people out there who owns Putin's friends. Adult people are entitled. And most importantly - money. But the deductive method suggests that there is not so much chance.

The next house of the Rudnov family, however, did not become a decoration for the shooting of Sherlock Holmes, but the Putin family has a more direct relationship: he used to belong to her. 11 years ago the patrimonial house of Putin in the Tver village of Pominovo was owned by the same friend of President Oleg Rudnov (now they are owned by the son of a businessman by right of inheritance). That's only living in the neighborhood, Vladimir Kuvarin, whose wife was Putin's distant relatives, personally told the "interlocutor" that the previous owner lost this house after the new mansion was provided by the President's managerial staff, not Rudnov. And she handed the keys not to the nominal buyer, but to the administration of the Zavidovsky Reserve, where the state residence "Rus" is located.

This is not a historical farmstead and not even a cine mansion - an ordinary wooden 34-meter hovel on a modest 15 sq.m. Not the place where a non-poor St. Petersburg entrepreneur will simply feed mosquitoes. But the president, apparently, is dear to the president as a memory. And Rudnov ...

It seems that Sergey Rudnov today under Putin acts as Mrs. Hudson at Holmes, or Barrymore under Sir Henry. Is that instead of tea and oatmeal serves him a little more teleghenic dishes.